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NYC HRA Document Upload 2.3
Want to do more than upload documents? Check out our new mobile app‘ACCESS HRA.’ You can check EBT balance, Recent payments, Upcomingappointments, Documents on file as well as Upload requesteddocuments. NYC HRA Document Upload is a simple way for people inNew York City to provide copies of important eligibility documentsconnected to their SNAP/Food Stamps or Cash Assistance case in just3 easy steps. Use your mobile phone or tablet to quickly photographand submit documents such as pay stubs or a utility bill. Saveunnecessary trips to a local HRA office. Share your informationsafely. Document images and data are protected. No paper copiesrequired. Supports English, Spanish, Arabic, French, Korean,Russian, Simplified Chinese. Disclaimer: Do not submitapplications/recertifications or periodic reports through HRADocument Upload. Documents submitted through this service aresubject to review. Submission does not guarantee success orcontinued access to programs administered by HRA. Final eligibilitywill be determined by HRA upon receipt of all required information.HRA stores your information securely. We protect your informationfrom unauthorized access, alteration and destruction. HRA is notresponsible for voice/text/data or any other type of costsresulting from using this service.
ACCESS HRA mobile - your benefits on-the-go! View Case Details andEBT Balances The Cases section of the app lets you view the currentstatus of your case, the EBT balance for each of your benefits, andany upcoming Recertification dates. View Appointments TheAppointment section of the app lets you view appointments that areupcoming, missed, or completed. It also lets you add a reminder foryour appointment to your phone or tablet. View Payments ThePayments section of the app lets you view upcoming and pastpayments for your case, such as payments made to your landlord,utility company, or to your EBT card. Upload Documents The Uploadsection of the app lets you upload and submit documents needed foryour case to the Agency. It also shows a list of documents that youalready uploaded. Each document you submit stays on the list for100 days from the date it was submitted. Note: Uploaded documentsmust be of good quality for the Agency to review. Submittingdocuments does not mean that your documents prove the eligibilityfactor. Please visit the My Documents section to check if theAgency accepted the documents you submitted. Only documents thatare listed in the My Documents section were accepted by the Agency.View Accepted Documents The My Documents section of the app letsyou view a list of documents the Agency received from you aboutyour case. Each document that you submit and is accepted by theAgency stays on the list for 60 days from the date it was accepted.Profile Information The Profile section of the app provides youwith the contact information and notification preferences you havepreviously provided to the Agency. You can also update thisinformation once every 24 hours. Additional Information You canalso get real-time notifications on your smartphone about yourcase, such as when your case ‘Recertification’ is due, confirmationof an online application submission, upcoming appointments,required documentation and E-notices. ACCESS HRA mobile isavailable in English, Spanish, Arabic, French, Korean, Russian, andTraditional Chinese.