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Molana Tariq Jameel Bayan 1.2
Pakistan is a country that thrives in Islam and its teachings. Itis undisputed that the time goes by Muslims succumb to thetraditions of other countries and way of life, which is differentfrom their religion, but there are people like molana tariq jameel,who will always remember his true ambitions.Molana Tariq Jameel isone of the most prominent scholars of Islam in Pakistan hededicated his life to preaching Islam and ask people to return toGod the Almighty and looked follow prescribed their religion in thetrue spirit.Tariq Jameel was a child who continue their education,His father wanted him to a doctor. Molana Sahab started MBBS.Maulana eventually changed his mind and begin to pay more attentionto research Islam. Molana tariq jameel decided, one day his MBBScourse in the middle of the road and dedicate his life to serveIslam and travel around the world and invite so many people aspossible to the religion.Molana tariq jameel bayan latestapplication consists of an enormous assortment of molana tariqjameel free bayanat, molana tariq jameel bayan videos, maulanatariq jameel special bayans, tariq jameel bayan karbala, tariqjameel bayan 2015, tariq jameel new bayan, moulana tariq jameelbayan about namaz, moulana tariq jameel bayan about parda, maulanatariq jameel bayan allah ki shan, maulana tariq jameel bayancollection,tariq jameel bayans, long bayans, short bayans,funnyIslamic storiesDisclaimer:Contents provided in this app are hostedon public domains and is the copyright of their respective owner.We do not claim rights on any file provided in the app.We justprovide an organized the way of surfing.
Latest Mehndi Designs 2018 1.8
Mehndi is a very essential part of our culture. The people inBangladesh, India and Pakistan also apply Mehndi on hands and feetfor special occasions. Apart from its traditional forms many newstyles have recently developed. These designs certainly add a touchof culture and ethnicity traditional festivals.Mehndi designs oftwo types - the Indians and Arabs. Although Indian designs are morecomplex, are bolder designs Arab. Peacocks, mangoes and flowers aresome of the most common figures that are used in the designs ofIndia. Traditionally, the groom's name is cleverly hidden in thepalm of the bride amid elaborate designs. Moreover, the images ofthe entire bridal palanquin processions groom in the wedding. Abride design generally extends the elbow or even more. Anothercommon practice in indigenous ideas bride is the representation ofsacred images, such as om, swastika and Lord Ganesha. Each hand isfull of beautiful designs and almost all parts of the handempty.Arabic Mehndi designs are quite different. Usually there isnot much complexity in these drawings, large contours are drawn andthe interior is full of lines and dots. Flowers and shaped handledesigns are most commonly used. Quite in contrast to Indian motifs,Arabs do not cover the whole hand. A part of the hand is leftblank. The beauty of these designs because these spaces thathighlight the bold designs. Arab designs are applied popularly tofestivals and functions.The most popular model is known fromprevious merger between Indian and Arabic Mehndi styles Indo-Arab.Bold Arabic numerals are drawn first, and the interior is filledwith complex Indian designs. These hybrids are very eye-catchingand unique designs. More and more people prefer the models fromthat elegant look, but ethnic and traditional.The culturally Mehndiapplication is very important ,latest arabic mehndi design, latestbridal mehndi design, latest and beautiful designs of mehndi,latest mehndi design pictures , design henna latest mehndi, latestcircle mehndi desigs, mehndi designs 2018, mehndi designs for hand2018, simple mehndi designs, pakistani mehndi designs 2018, latestmehndi designs hd, latest eid mehndi designs photos, latest mehndidesigns in Pakistan.
Pashto Stage Shows Dance and Song UAE 2020 1.5
Many people are looking for fun and stage dramas entertainmentpakistani pashto stage show,pashto videos songs,pashto songs,pashtodrama videos,pashtu stage shows dance,pashto new dance 2020,pashtostage drama,pashto videos dance,pashto dance on pashto saaz,pashtonew stage show dubai dance,pashto drama pashtomaza 2019 pashto newvideos songs,pashto hd video songs is best to entertain peoples.Disclaimer: Contents provided in this app are hosted on publicdomains and is the copyright of their respective owner. We do notclaim rights on any file provided in the app.We just provide anorganized the way of surfing.
Latest Winter Dresses 2017 1.4
Winter requires designing and colors are hiding under the thicklayers of fur or smart leather jackets, but this winter, girls whoare smart and comfortable enough, especially amazing winter outfitsto keep warm without sweaters. Girls can through the exciting rangeof tops for girls I can navigate matched me perfectly with tightleather pants and cotton pants in bright colors. Worsted sleevesare full of surprising colors for women of all ages. Boniche set isvery popular in the winter designer selection. Tapas turtleturtleneck sleeve gauze pads are often brings winter morning.Internal thermostat for women are available in different designsand colors.Winter is to provide the best parties of the year toenable for the week before Christmas, we have bright and colorfulwinter clothes that can be your partner parties through the coolingnight. Classic black dresses with lace or embroidery works arestoned in this season. Winter works warm lace dresses is alsopreferred by many women.Be very cold winter night and frost, alwayswear on a quiet designer or stylish hat to protect against thestrong winter wind, winter dress design,stylish winter dresses,truworths winter dresses, little girls winter dresses, winterdresses for teenage girls, girls winter dresses 7-16, latest winterdresses designs, latest winter fashion for 2016, winter dressdesigns Pakistan, winter dresses trends.
Latest Urdu and Pathan Latifey 1.0
In this application you can find large collection of pathan latifay, urdu jokes mazahiya , funny jokes of pathan and sardar,husbandand wife jokes,punjabi jokes,comedy urdu latifay and many more.
Latest Evening Dresses 2018 1.5
For formal occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays orsocial events, long evening dresses are always more fashion optionsand benefits among women weigh against other styles. The use ofthis type of clothing can greatly improve a woman of elegance andpraise your figure. Choose carefully the full-length evening dressand make sure that there is absolutely personalized for yourbody.Long evening dresses, elegant, but always make you lookbeautiful. When chosen correctly, these dresses can pay moreattention to its best features when diverts attention from theirshortcomings to create. Sometimes son long evening be used totransport, prom nights. In addition, you can change your plumedance held in a beautiful evening gown. It's great when you wearthis dress is sleeveless, V-neck and deep reservoirs. As anaccessory, just add a belt at the waist decorated.Long EveningDresses can also be used in semi-formal and informal events. Forexample, in a festival, wearing a sleeveless dress with a compositestrip V-shaped The appearance of this type of dress has animpressive embroidered bodice, if your pressure. Long dresses arealso available for all kinds of events such as birthday parties.The design of the dress can be like a cocktail similar. Choosedress color with caution. The color should suit your skin color andoccasion.Before choosing the right clothes, you should spend sometime, the choice of different styles, shapes and colors. In truth,they say, each color long evening dress with simple designs arebest suited for the terrible moments, as a multicolored dress withsparkling jewels and decorated is the wealthy ideal for fashionevents of high-end devices. If you have no idea about the theme ofopportunity, you'd better decide on long black evening dresses,elegance and timeless elegance can add to your style andpersonality, evening dresses size, dress evening long, dressesformal evening, evening dress prom, gown evening dress, eveningblack dress, evening black dress,latest evening dresses, eveningplus size dresses, evening dress wedding, evening cocktail dress,evening cocktail dress, cheap evening dresses, evening dressesdesigns.
Lovely Girls Frocks Designs 1.4
In this world of fashion frocks designs are growing day by day andget to the people all their effects. It is true that the human mindwas vulnerable to changes in fashion and lasting change is here tostay.This application contain frocks designs latest collection2015-2016 for girls, new frocks design collection 2015 -2016 inPakistan,anarkali style and long frocks designs collection,latestfrocks designs in sri lanka, frocks designs cutting,frocks newstyles of umbrella, Indian frocks designs 2016, fancy party wearfrock designs latest collection.
Latest Dr Zakir Naik Lectures 1.3
Zakir Naik born October 18, 1965 is an Islamic preacher from Indiaand was considered an authority on comparative religion, perhapsthe most influential ideologists he is the founder and president ofthe Islamic Research Foundation. Disclaimer: Contents provided inthis app are hosted on public domains and is the copyright of theirrespective owner. We do not claim rights on any file provided inthe app.We just provide an organized the way of surfing.
Dushman K Bachon Ko Parhana Hy 1.5
This song mujhe dushman ke bachon ko parhana hai is an answer tothe cowards who come greatly armed to eradicate scrupulouskids.This application is fanatical to sweet and naive kids ofAPS.Tribute to APS Students A Beautiful Tribute to APSShuhadaDisclaimer:Contents provided in this app are hosted onpublic domains and is the copyright of their respective owner. Wedo not claim rights on any file provided in the app.We just providean organized the way of surfing.
Secret Videos Camera Recorder 1.2
Secret Videos Camera Recorder is a hidden camera for professionalvideo recording and is the most excellent utility in the androidsouk obtainable for secret videos recording. Secret video camerarecorder uses your cell phone as a secret small spy camerarecorder, detective video recorder, streaming video recorder,screen recorder, mini hidden camera, hidden video recorder android,hidden cameras for home and record your ambience at the same timeas creating a phone call. A well placed hidden camera can monitoran area in your home or business and reveals intruders and catchthe thieves in law! You have the possibility of other, and trapsworkers in places they should not be!
Latest Mehndi & Wedding Songs 1.4
Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your lifewedding day are full of love joy celebration, and of course music.Many people may even say that the wedding is not a wedding withoutmusic The first dance is not only the first wedding dance theirfirst dance as husband and wife the choice of songs not postponefor their first dance to the last minute. While it is importantthat you really the song that you want to choose, it should not bethe only selection criterion. Consider the context of first danceand the lyrics of all the songs that you feel is important toanalyze for their first dance this application contain the mostpopular,wedding and mehndi ceremony songs wedding and mehndireception songs first dance wedding songs black wedding songs lovesongs modern wedding songs mehndi and wedding dance and songs ofPakistan and India. Striking designed interface. Disclaimer:Contents provided in this app are hosted on public domains and isthe copyright of their respective owner. We do not claim rights onany file provided in the app.We just provide an organized the wayof surfing.
PTI Songs For New Supporters 1.2
PTI listen to songs in Urdu ,Punjabi and Pashto and remain unitedto improve Pakistan a new and good collection of songs.PTI songsapplication contains differentPTI Videos. PTI gets request songsand listening to music and watching Tehreek Insaf Pakistan. Thisapplication contains a collection of songs, motivational PTI largecollection of videos PTI songs. Increase your love with PTI andPakistan. Enjoy playing PTI heart songs. Kids' dance on PTI songs,Banay Ga Naya Pakistan, the songs, video, Pakistan Tehreek e insaf,Imran khan songs with videos, Imran khan all songs, Imran khan ptisongs, pti Pashto, the songs, the songs attaullah, pti songs 2015,the songs inshallah, new PTI Song went viral.>> Stunninggraphics>> User-Friendly>> Easy to useTell us youropinion Rate this application and disseminate this app to everyonethrough.Disclaimer:Contents provided in this app are hosted onpublic domains and is the copyright of their respective owner. Wedo not claim rights on any file provided in the app.We just providean organized the way of surfing.
Pregnancy UltraSound Prank2016 1.1
Nobody says that pregnancy is easy. Despite this, a grim assessmentof this episode in the life of women, however, pregnancy is a fullexpectation of the arrival of a new family member.However, thetechnology has also reached out in which every pregnancy a joyfulwaiting.Through ultrasound during pregnancy pictures, the couplewill be allowed to have a look at what your child will lookultrasound pregnancy scanner, ultrasound app for pregnancy real, anultrasound app for pregnancy, ultrasound pregnancy scanner real,real pregnancy scanner,ultrasound pregnancy scanning boy orgirl,ultrasound scanning during pregnancy.Disclaimer: Pregnancyultrasound scanner cannot truly distinguish if you are pregnantIt's just a hoax.
Happy New Year Quotes 2017 1.1
New Year is coming out with a bang, an explosion of happiness andjoy and a lot of surprises and expectations.There are many peoplewho are looking for a happy new year quotes on the Internet in thisapplication you can find splendid good quotes for new year,happynew year sayings,happy new year wishes, new year wishesquotes,happy new year 2017 quotes wishes so you can share and sendto your loved ones and you can broaden the love and appreciation tothem.