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ISS Live - HD Earth viewing and NASA library 3.1.1
ISS Live allows you to watch live video feed of the Earth fromInternational Space Station directly on your android phone ortablet. ISS live offers you an exciting experience where everythingis thoroughly thought and designed, the complete app that showsEarth video streaming about 400 km above it, with a lot of optionsfully customizable.You will have available a stunning live HD videostreaming to your device screen, directly from the InternationalSpace Station cameras.The app has integrated the native AndroidGoogle Map in it, where you can follow the ISS orbit around ourplanet, zoom, rotate, drag, tilt the map. Also, you can choosebetween different types of map, like Satellite or Terrain, and aninformation window is also presented with data such as ISS speed,altitude, visibility, country above which ISS is right now,latitude and longitude. Everything is customizable from settingsmenu.- This app is Google Cast-enabled, so you can enjoy the spaceright on the big screen of your TV by using your Chromecast deviceor anything else that support this technology.- Take picture of thestunning views you like the most and share with your friends. Viewand manage your previously saved screenshots at any time with thebuilt-in explorer.- Get notified when sunrise/sunset events occurby the app notification system, set it to not disturb you duringspecific hours as you wish- Use the app as an ISS tracker. Tracksatellite position on map with the very precise ISS tracking systemand see it's position on map in real time- Use our online chatsystem to discuss with fellows that are interested in satellites,ISS, space, astronautics- Know when you are going to see asunrise/sunset with the advanced prediction system of ISS Live-Pause the live feed if you want to preserve your bandwidth, resumeit at any time- Watch the outsanding real time video transmissionof the earth- Access to tens of thousands of NASA multimediaarticles (it includes audio/image/video about space, spacewalks,launches, NASA, SpaceX, ISS, planets and much more).- ISS Streetview, a virtual tour inside International Space Station.You havefour different source of live video streaming:1. Live HD camera - awonderful HD video streaming view of our planet2. Live Standardcamera - this is not HD, but it shows a live streaming of the Earthand from time to time details of the ISS, like tests, maintenanceand communication with Earth3. NASA TV - is the television serviceof the United States government agency NASA (National Aeronauticsand Space Administration).4. NASA TV Media.Note:When ISS(International Space Station) is on the night side of Earth, thevideo image is black, which is normal.Sometimes video is notavailable due to transmission issues or when the crew is changingcameras. In such cases, usually you will have a blue or ablank/blue screen. In few minutes the transmission should return,so, please be patient. This is not an app issue.The app that offersyou everything you need if you are a space lover or want to enjoybeautiful view of our planet.
Flash Alert 1.0.1
This cool app will let you see your phoneflashblinking when a call or sms is received. It is extremelyhandy whenyou are in a meeting and don't want to disturb, or atnights whenyour phone is on silent.It has a lot of very useful features that you will enjoy.Among the features are:- Flash on call and sms- Set your flash speed- Minimum battery level- Inactive hours- Stop flash when volume button is pressedMore features have to come.
London Traffic Cameras 2.3.1
PLEASE READ BEFORE DOWNLOADING:Images are not live, they are arecent (few minutes old) snapshot of traffic conditions. Video isthe same, a short recent recorded loop which shows trafficconditions.This app lets you browse London's (UK) road trafficcameras and get images and short traffic flow videos from more than800 traffic cameras. The images and videos are refreshed every fewminutes and are delivered to you directly from Transport forLondon. The app is very intuitive and we believe it will delightyou, the best app of its kind for London commuters.Key features:-Choose between video or image- Choose map view type- List viewmode- Add to favorites- Search your camera- Share traffic images-Tap camera image to refresh- Switch On/Off traffic layer infoIf youhave any suggestions, please, write them in comments, we willconsider them for future releases. Stay tuned for new updates.NOTE: - At times, some of the cameras might be out of service dueto maintenance, bad weather conditions or some other reason.- Weupdate the app periodically with the fresh feed, so that you alwayshave access to all the traffic cameras from Transport forLondon.Images are provided by Transport for London (Powered by TfLOpen Data).This app is not affiliated with Transport for London inany way. By using this app, you agree that you are responsible foryour actions on London roads.
Toronto Traffic Cameras 1.0.6
This app will let you browse Toronto's (Canada) road trafficcameras and get fresh images from about 300 cameras. The images arerefreshed every few minutes. The app will show what is going onwith the live traffic in Toronto region. Available traffic Camerasare for the following highways as well 400, 401 403, 404, 410, 427.This is handiest and most intuitive application for traffic cams inGreater Toronto Area (GTA).Key features:- Choose map view type-List view mode- Map view mode- Add to favorites- Search your camerain map mode- Search traffic cams in list mode- Share trafficimages- Tap camera image to refresh- Switch On/Off traffic layerinfoIf you have any suggestions, please, write them in comments, wewill consider them for future releases. Stay tuned for new updates.NOTE: at times, some of the cameras might be out of service due tomaintenance, bad weather conditions or some other reason.
APOD - Space Images 1.5
Browse NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day with this intuitive andpowerful app. Each day a new astronomy picture of our fascinatinguniverse, accompanied by an explanation written by professionalastronomers. Features: - Intuitive interface - Access more than7000 APOD images, since 1995 - Search the image you need - Sortspace images by newest or oldest - Swipe supported between images -Save APOD to your gallery Set image as your wallpaper Double tap togo full screen and zoom image Share APOD with friends