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Trial By Survival 1.30
You have been banished to the wasteland to prove your innocence.Your Trial By Survival has begun. How will you survive?Trial BySurvival is a post-apocalyptic, top-down action RPG set in a zombieinfested world long after civilization has collapsed. Navigatethrough lush destructible environments to find what you need tosurvive. Scavenge ammunition and supplies from other characters.Build and level weapons to confront the inevitable danger thatlurks after every turn. Use the character enhancing perks to finetune your playing style and evolve your tactics as the gamedevelops around you to escape permanent death. Every game is aunique story that writes itself and will keep you on the edge ofyour seat.**Features**-Multiple Game Modes - Survival Mode andArena Mode-Permadeath-Procedurally generated map - every game isunique-Destructible environments - Break down walls, blow up cars,set the world on fire-Move freely around randomized levels,fighting through indoor and outdoor encounters-Scavenge loot fromreal life players around the world-Glitch the dog will help defendyou, fetch things for you and keep you company-Build and level upover a dozen unique weapons-Customize your playing style with acharacter enhancing Perk system-Great Comic/graphic art style-DualStick or Drag/Tap Controls
Meowch! 1.61
Can you maneuver down the roof of abrownstonewhile evading the clutches of the cat lady? Or from theheights ofa skyscraper without a gust of wind blowing you offcourse? Anddon't forget, Animal Control will be waiting on theground tosnatch you up unless you find a place to hide... Meowch!Navigate36 unique levels through three stages, each with newchallenges anda distinct visual style for hours of fun.
Godspeed Commander 1.0.5
Build the deadliest spaceship and become the Top Commander in theGalaxy. Hand pick your crew to take into battle and gain an edgeover your opponents. Battle your friends and strangers in intensereal time multiplayer combat. Godspeed, Commander!*Command 10 shipsfrom 4 different classes, the Trainee to the powerfulDestroyer*Equip your spaceship with more than 50 components from 7systems*Intense gem matching combat you can’t put down*Upgrade yourspaceship to be more deadly. Personalize your spaceship with over100 colors and textures*Create a custom character with over atrillion variations*Hire crew members with dozens of differentabilities to fortify your strategy
Meowch! 1.65
Can you maneuver down the roof of a brownstone while evading theclutches of the cat lady? Or from the heights of a skyscraperwithout a gust of wind blowing you off course? And don't forget,Animal Control will be waiting on the ground to snatch you upunless you find a place to hide... Meowch! Navigate 36 uniquelevels through three stages, each with new challenges and adistinct visual style for hours of fun.