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Fruit Destroyer 1.1.5
Kill different kinds of fruit (currently only two types) and spendyour points on unique weapon upgrades!Survive waves of the angrymutated fruit as long as possible!Compare your best score withother people from around the world!Send any game bugs, issues andsuggestions to
Teleport Ball 1.0
You control the paddle. When you hit the ball, you will switchsides and your score gets increased, but the speed of the ball getsalso! Try to survive as long as possible!Slim game-design withchangeable theme-colors.This game proves that a simple game doesn'tautomatically mean that the game is actually easy: simple but hard.
BattleStats for Battlerite 2.2.1
*NEW* Leaderboards.This app currently gives you the followinformation about a profile:- League (Solo/2v2/3v3)- Division-Win/Lose- Global Rank- Winrate- Champion Main(Most playedchampion)- Champion statisticsIf you have more ideas about whatshould be implemented in the app, send an email
RoyaleStats for Fortnite Battle Royale Stats 18.3.2
The top Fortnite Battle Royale stats app on the Google Playstore!View the statistics of any Fortnite Battle Royale player forall platforms (PC, PS4 and XB1)Use the Fortnite Battle Royaleleaderboard feature to track the top rankings!Features:* Lifetimestats so you can track how you have improved in Fortnite BattleRoyale over time!* Solo stats to see your stats in Solo play* Duostats to see your statistics in Duos* Squad stats so to see yoursquad’s performance in Fortnite Battle Royale* Leaderboards so youcan track your performance and rankings against the best!* Gamedata is available for all platforms! (PC, PS4 and XB1)* Weaponstats* Map and chest locations* In-game item shop* Skin leaksHow doyou rank against the competition? Track your statistics and theperformance of other players on the leaderboard so you can stayahead of the game!RoyaleStats collects Fortnite Battle Royale themost updated real time data!View your stats and rankings on the gofor all platforms* PC* PlayStation 4* Xbox OneRoyaleStats puts youone step closer to the top of the leaderboard!Special thanks toGarren Animations.Send bugs/suggestions to
RealmMaster for Realm Royale 1.0
Classes, abilities and weapons for Realm Royale. Guides arecomingsoon including much more!Features:- Class- Ability- Weapon-Guide(coming soon)