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Enter total amount on your bill, pick a percentage to tip, and thensplit it among all people. It's that simple. Completely free, noads, no locked features, no in-app purchases. Supports bothrectangular and round watches running Android Wear.
reddit offline (no ads) 2.4.4
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Download contents from reddit when you have Internet, and read themwhen you don't. Everything in this app was designed with offline inmind. Being able to use this app when there's no Internet is thetop priority when making any design decisions. It currentlypre-downloads text posts, images (including gifs, videos, and imguralbums), and reddit comments, for offline use. You can alsoschedule the app to download at specified times during the day.This app is COMPLETELY FREE and has NO ADS! The limited screen-sizeon handhold devices are too valuable to display ads. (In-apppurchase is for optional themes.) We are actively working on thisapp. Please visit /r/RedditOffline for discussions and featurerequests.
Multi Hand Blackjack 5.0.3
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Multi-hand Blackjack, supports up to 3 hands (or up to 3 players inmultiplayer mode): triple the action, triple the excitement, triplethe fun! This game uses real cards from 1 to 8 decks (can beconfigured in settings). It's a great way to practice yourstrategy, or enjoy some couch time with friends using the localmultiplayer mode. ♣ Choose between Serious and Fun Mode. Practiceyour skills or just have fun! ♣ No annoying banner ads and pop-upads! Only optional ads that rewards chips. ♣ Single player or localco-op. Plenty of fun without the need for Internet connection. Thisis the full version. It's completely free!
Simple Dice 3.2
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Simple 2D dice simulator, serves your needs without crazy batterydrain. ★ Dice are fully customizable: you can have an unlimitedamount of each! ★ Friendly interface: tap anywhere to roll; rolltotal is also shown upside down for your friend! ★ Premium soundeffects: featuring a handful unique dice rolling and coin flippingsounds, and a narrator voice to read out the count on your dice!Items supported: + Any number of six sided dice (from 1 to 6) + Anynumber of multi-sided dice (with customized range) + Any number ofcoins (heads or tails) + Any combinations of above! It's completelyfree: ♥ No annoying ads. ♥ No locked features. ♥ No in-apppurchases. ♥ No system permissions required.
SNH48 Showtimes (unofficial) 4.2.0
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This is an utility app for SNH48 fans to easily get information onshow times: - Recent and upcoming show information: Show name,team, date and time. - Toggle visibility and highlight shows. -Auto search for past shows on YouTube. - Local Time is provided inreference to Shanghai's timezone. This app is fan-made. It has noaffiliations with SNH48 Media Group.