Nanite Solutions Apps

sPaces 1.8
sPaces is a community based real time parkinginformation and location based social networking system!
Ann Lite 1.9.98
Where can I find a Cotton Bed?Where can I get Medicines?Where can Ibuy a pair of Sunglasses?I need to buy groceriesI want to eatPongal / Vadapav.How can I send a list of shops that sell Shirts inGandhinagar to my friend?Also find:ATMs, Mosques, Watercans,Electronics, Bike repair, Automobiles, Doctors, Beauty Salon,Dentist, Haircut shop, Pub, Andhra meals, Tyres, Groceries, Bakeryproducts, Condiments, Whiteboard, Stationaries, Clothing, Shoes,Temples, Books, Fruits, Hospitals and Clinics and more...Where Ican get a Spikebuster for my Computer?Can I call the shop toconfirm availability?What are some good schools in my area? How arethey rated? How far are they?Where is the nearest Applianceshop?Where can I find kids toys, Coconut water, helmet, Shavingrazor, ? Where can I find a laundry in some area and drivingdirections to it?Ask ANN!"Annveshan" a.k.a Ann is the tool tosearch for products from Shops an businesses around you.Just typethe product name and you will see results. Click on a Shop to getdirections, Give them a call or Chat with them. Give them a rating,view other peoples ratings and more. If you own the shop, you canclaim the shop.Ann is a "Crowd Sourced" application which means"givers are the gainers". The more your contribute, the better youmake the society around you. You can locate shops and addinformation about the shops like products, services, phone numbers,contact people, email, and more...For any feedback or suggestions,please write to*** ANNVESHAN (ANN) IS ACOPYRIGHT OF NANITE SOLUTIONSYou may not use or register, in wholeor in part, Nanite Solutions, Annveshan, Ann, or any other Nanitetrademark, including Nanite-owned graphic symbols, logos, icons, oran alteration thereof, as or as part of a company name, trade name,product name, or service name except as specifically noted in theguidelines
Dish’em 1.1.20
App enables direct communication withrestaurants to search, filter, grab and redeem at consumers’convenience. Key features:View offers based on preferences such as veg only, <1km,expiring in 30 min, desserts, for couples, take-away, wearing greenpants, etc.Redeem via QR code scan or offer code.Pay direct to the restaurant.Provide instant feedback on service/food quality, andShare offers with family and friends.
DishemMerchant 1.3.15
App enables direct communication withconsumers to publish and redeem, at restaurants’ convenience. Keyfeatures:View consumers’ preference around your location such as e.g.<3km radius, price range, gender, age group, take-away only,birthdays, etc.).Turn-off offers anytime, instantly.Redeem via QR code scan or offer code.Receive payments directly from consumers.Receive instant feedback on service rendered, andBuild consumer loyalty lists and publish only to targetconsumers.
ATM Finder 1.2
Find ATMs anywhere
Petrol Bunk Finder 1.0
To find near by petrol bunks