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SMM WildFlowers
The National Park Service invites you to take along a virtualbotanist the next time you visit the Santa Monica Mountains. Withover 1000 plants and 7500 photos, this App offers both novice andadvanced wildflower enthusiasts the opportunity to identify commonand rare plants while exploring remote areas of the Santa MonicaMountains. Visitors can choose several basic flower characteristicson the App’s interface like color, size and shape. Based on thosecharacteristics, the App presents several possible photographs tocompare to the actual flower. Flowers that are more difficult toidentify often come with several photographs so that visitors canconfidently make an identification. The App is based off of theaward winning website “Wildflowers of the Santa Monica MountainsNational Recreation Area” ( An easy wayto experience the content of the App before deciding to download isto visit the online version at the Park’s Follow "Plan Your Visit" then “Things To Do” then“Look For Wildflowers.” There you will find a link called “MobileWeb Version - Smart Phones” that leads to the version of theWildFlower website that closely resembles the content of the App. Adirect link to the mobile version is also available on the App’swebsite. Or, here is the address: App resides entirely on your device, so the content generallyloads more quickly than even the highest speed connection allows.An important benefit of this is that if you are out in remoteplaces without a cell signal, you can still access all of the App’scontent. One consideration when downloading the App is that it islarge and takes up about 500MB of the device’s storage. This is dueto the large number of included photographs. About a 500MBdownload. This is BETA version 11. As BETA SOFTWARE bugs might bepresent (note: no bugs have been reported by users in the last twoyears). Updates in 2019 have focused on bringing the app up todate: . - Under the hood work to address issues that have surfacedfor recent versions of Android. . - Minor improvements to theappearance of the app for recent versions of Android. Otherchanges: . - Changes to the App's installation permissions (nowonly 'Storage' is required). . - Add new option "Don't Exit On LastBack". . - Add new option "Make Easier To Swipe". . - Modest tweaksto the app's menu. . - Flowers and photos unchanged since 2016, butupdates to some of the text.