National University of Singapore Apps

IPTeam Polyclinic 1.0
Download the IPTeam polyclinic application now& learn about the different services provided in thepolyclinic. This application demonstrates that doctors do not workalone, but as part of a healthcare team. This ensures the importantelements of care are competently performed.What you will find in the application:• 3 main Learning Sections: Nursing, Allied Health &Diagnostics• 9 Topics in Nursing• 4 Topics in Allied Health• 2 Topics in Diagnostics• Detailed introduction to each Topic with ‘Ask’ & ‘Quiz’options at the bottom of your screen• A list of 5 suggested questions to ‘Ask’ & aid your learningexperience• Go ahead & attempt our Quizzes at the end of each Topic
Around NUS 7.0
Download the Around NUS application todiscover about National University of Singapore (NUS) - from what'sexciting to what's yummy. The application also comes with detailedmaps of NUS' Kent Ridge Campus, University Town, Bukit Timah Campusand Outram Campus, enabled to determine your current and otherlocations in NUS.What you can find in the application:• An insider's guide to NUS' signature events and iconiclandmarks• A listing of clubs and societies for students• A foodie's dream – a campus dining guide coveringcafes/restaurants, food courts, fast food joints, kiosks andcanteens• Facilities and services available on campus• Travel information to help you navigate around the campuses• Searchable directory listingkeywords: nus,around,map,national university of singapore,aroundnus,guide,student
RC Dining @ UTown 1.2
NUS UTown Hall Food is an applicationdeveloped for residents of uTown Halls to view food menu as well aspromotions. This application also shows the snapshot of each foodstall/outlet for residents to check the queue status.Features:1) Able to check menu of today and coming one week.2) Able to check the current active and future promotions.3) Able to see the snapshot of food stall/outlet in real time.
NUS Foodie 1.3.6
NUS Foodie is an application featuring adirectory of food outlets on campus, shows crowd volume to helppick which outlet/canteen to go or order food for take-away/pickup(if service is offered by the food outlet) etcThis pilot project is a collaboration between NUS Living Lab,Office of Estate and Development (OED ), Office of Housing Services( OHS ) and the student community.FEATURES• Search for food by Keyword• Advanced search options such as Halal• Location based searching of nearby food stores• Displays real-time canteen snapshot to view the crowd at thecanteen• Recommend top rated food stores
Crowd Trails 2.2
Discover, create, socialise and share yourtrails.Crowd Trails is a location-based social app for creating andsharing geographic trails. Like a digital tourist guide or heritagetrails guide, it features a database of trails for you to choosefrom. Trails are created by the people for the people, so you cancreate trails while on the go and share them with your friends.Whether you are a tourist or a heritage enthusiast, you cancontribute to make these trails bigger and more exciting by sharingyour own experiences, uploading new media, and liking or writingcomments about other people’s stories, giving life to unknownplaces.
SM2 Chem 1.1
The Dictionary app is designed as a learningtool with detailed information for the SM2 Chemistry students.It contains Chemistry terms in both English and Chinese, alongwith definitions and audio pronunciations.It also includes a Periodic Table with data such as relativeatomic mass, melting point and boiling point, density andadditional properties for each element.Finally, it offers a practice quiz mode for students tofacilitate their learning.Students reading the following modules are encouraged todownload this application to supplement their individual learningpurposes:- SM2 ChemistryThis mobile application is a joint project between theDepartment of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, and School ofComputing, both from the National University of Singapore.Keywords: NUS | Department | of | Chemistry | Faculty | of |Science | SM2 | Periodic | Table | Quiz | Terms | Dictionary |Syllabus | English | Chinese |
Animol 1.1
"Animol" is a video sharing and eLectureappwhich content has Chemistry movies with molecular animations."Whyimagine, when you can visualize with molecular scaleanimations?”Media will cover Fun Experiments, however, alsoundergraduate leveltopics within the four main branches ofChemistry (Inorganic,Organic, Physical and Analytical). New mediawill be availableregularly and users can be informed via pushnotifications.Chemistry undergraduates are encouraged to downloadthisapplication to supplement their individual learningpurposes.This mobile application is a joint project between theDepartmentof Chemistry, Faculty of Science, and School ofComputing, both fromthe National University of Singapore.keywords: NUS | Department | of | Chemistry | Faculty | of |Science| Molecular | Animations | Movies | Fun | Experiments |Inorganic |Organic | Physical | Analytical | Undergraduate
Road Hazards Reporting 1.0
Welcome to the “Road HazardsReporting”application by Safety Studies Initiative (SSI), FacultyofEngineering, NUS. The purpose of this apps is for road userstoreport any hazards such as incidents or near misses theyobservedon the road so as to help us identify any patterns that maylead tosafety improvements. Currently the apps is intended forreportinghazards within NUS campuses. Data sent will be used forresearchpurposes only.
SYM MO 2D 3.0
SYM MO provides the following informationforeight simple molecules. These molecules are :1. Nitrogen2. Oxygen3. Hydrogen Fluoride4. Carbon Monoxide5. Water6. Borane7. Ammonia8. MethaneFor each of the molecules mentioned above, thefollowinginformation are featured in the application:- Lewis structure- Symmetry elements list- Symmetry elements depicted on the molecule- Point group- Molecular orbital (MO) diagram- Molecular orbitals- Bond order- Molecular electronic configurationStudents reading the following modules are encouraged todownloadthis application to supplement their individuallearningpurposes:- CM1111: Inorganic Chemistry 1- CM2101 - Physical Chemistry 2- CM3231: Quantum Chemistry and Molecular ThermodynamicsThis mobile application is a joint project between theDepartmentof Chemistry, Faculty of Science, and School ofComputing, both fromthe National University of Singapore.
SYM MO 3D 1.0
SYM MO provides the following informationforeight simple molecules. These molecules are:1. Nitrogen2. Oxygen3. Hydrogen Fluoride4. Carbon Monoxide5. Water6. Borane7. Ammonia8. MethaneFor each of the molecules mentioned above, thefollowinginformation are featured in the application:- Lewis structure- Symmetry elements list- Symmetry elements depicted on the molecule- Point group- Molecular orbital (MO) diagram- Molecular orbitals- Bond order- Molecular electronic configurationStudents reading the following modules are encouraged todownloadthis application to supplement their individuallearningpurposes:- CM1111: Inorganic Chemistry 1- CM2101 - Physical Chemistry 2- CM3231: Quantum Chemistry and Molecular ThermodynamicsThis mobile application is a joint project between theDepartmentof Chemistry, Faculty of Science, and School ofComputing, both fromthe National University of Singapore.
NUS Survey 1.3
NUS Survey App is now written forAndroidphones to record survey results and export them to yourcomputerfor further analysis. It does not require InternetConnection whileyou are conducting the survey interviews. Theresults will bestored on the phone until you connect it to yourcomputer viaiTunes to upload the results to your computer. Furtheranalysis canbe done on the results in excel.
Food(lg) 3.0.0
Food(lg) is a food journaling, nutrition tracking and analysis appon your diet, by simply taking pictures of what you have eaten.Powered by a deep-learning framework that learns the food type fromimage ‘pixels’, and based on standard nutritional guidelines andfood composition data from the Health Promotion Board (HPB),Food(lg) calculates your daily nutrient estimates with thejournaled entries for achieving a well-balanced diet. A socialhall-space lets you share your luscious photo entries, fabulousfood reviews, favourite dining places with the community,complementary to the logging experience. Join food(lg) to start onyour food log journey today! FEATURES * Dish Recognition: Designedto learn from images, enabling us to intelligently identify thedishes in your photos * Calories Estimation: Based on the servingsize, we calculate and estimate the intake energy of yourphoto-captured dishes to help justify your diet plan. * FoodJournaling: A visual diary of your weekly and daily diet, forreviewing your next goals. * Nutrition Analysis: Get access tonutrition food facts for planning what to eat. Food(lg) is acollaborative project by the Interactive & Digital MediaInstitute (IDMI) & the School of Computing Database ResearchLab, from the National University of Singapore.
Symplicity VCard 1.0.2
Symplicity VCard - Generates a unique QR Code for takingattendancewith Symplicity workshops.
NUS Card 1.0.7
The NUS Card is a mobile app that displays a digital version of theNUS card for students, staff and alumni. Features: - Generates aunique QR Code that can be scanned to record the attendance forsupporting events. - Scans an Event QR Code generated by supportingevents to to record the attendance.
NUS Campus Explorer 1.2.6
The must-have app when going to the National University ofSingapore(NUS)! NUS Explorer provides user-friendly andintuitiveinstructions for self-guided campus tours. Our app curatedallrelevant information regarding the school, frombuildingdescriptions, opening hours, contact numbers, and muchmore. Theapp provides the route for visitors and their families togo on ourUniversity Town Campus Tour with engaging audio guides onthecampus map with GPS. 1. Curated Campus Sites: Instantly havethelatest happenings on campus, necessary information on placesofinterest, and view fun pictures and videos uploaded by ourothervisitors and students on your mobile phone 2. Audio Tours:Listento recordings on the background of locations along the tourroute3. Mini-game: Check-in at checkpoints around the tour routeand getgreat prizes! 4. Offline Maps: Use offline maps with GPStonavigate around the campus without using data or WiFi Saygoodbyeto wandering around aimlessly, boring tours, andguidebooks... andhave an awesome tour!
NUS SUITE 1.4.0726.1
To simplify everyday tasks and transform the way you spend yourtimeon campus.
NUS Executive Education 3.5.2
The NUS Business School Executive Education offers acomprehensiveportfolio of open-enrolment and customised programmesto developand equip leaders of today and tomorrow. This companionapp helpsto augment the learning experience of enrolledparticipants byproviding real-time access to Executive Educationprogrammematerials, readings, calendars and speaker biographies.Through theapp, participants can optimise their networkingopportunity byparticipating in forums, messaging and communicatingwith facultyand other participants. The NUS Executive Education appisspecially designed for enrolled participants and will requirelogincredentials issued by NUS Executive Education. To learn moreaboutour programmes, please visit our or email Key Features - My Course: Access yourcoursecontent, even when offline. - Notification: Receiveinstantnotifications of messages and other events. - Messages:Quicklyfind and contact other people in your courses. - CalendarEvents:Shows event details. - Forums: Participate in conversationsanddiscussions
NUS iFix 1.3
Submit fault reports and manage service requests. • Take photos toreport a fault or submit a service request • Get notifications onthe progress of the requested service • Leave compliments orfeedback for services performed
NUS AlumApp 1.3.3
NUS AlumAPP serves as a directory for alumni-related information,news, events and privileges. It enables alumni to easily navigatealumni services and engage in the University’s events andinitiatives. Download the NUS AlumAPP and stay connected today!
VARS 0.4.2
The aim of this project is to create a mobile application wherevirtual reality (VR) 360 and augmented reality (AR) can be used asan innovative teaching and learning aid for non-engineeringstudents to learn to: • identify different structural elements inreal life setting, • explain the difference between the differentload types, • comprehend load transfer pathways in structuralsystems, • visualise deformation and failure modes of structuralelements under different loading conditions, and • identify thedifferent materials used in different structures.
NUS Hostel Dining 2.0.6
NUS Hostel Dining is the official app to use by the residents ofdining halls. Key features include: - Scan QR - Meal credit balance- Tracking meal transactions made at the dining counters.
NUS Timesheet 2.2
NUS Timesheet is an easy-to-use application that you can use totrack your hours worked as part of the NUS Student Work Scheme(NSWS). Available to all NUS full-time students hired under theNSWS, NUS Timesheet allows you to quickly record the hours workedand submit the entries to the hiring department for paymentprocessing. Key Features: - Start/Stop Timer with one tap to recordhours worked. - Keeps track of your weekly hours worked to keepwithin your maximum working hours during term time/vacation period.- Real-time information on the status of your claims so you knowwhen you will be paid. - Support both hourly-paid jobs as well astask-based jobs with multiple deliverables. Download the NUSTimesheet now and enjoy the benefit of the new automation process!Support email -
Welcome to uNivUS – NUS’s official mobile app, where students&staff get access to useful information and services atyourfingertips! The uNivUS app seek to provide a single touchpointtoyour NUS life and enables you to stay connected with theNUScommunity, anywhere and anytime. Features include: +HealthDeclaration + Push Notification/Alerts + News & Eventfeeds +Exam Result + NUSafe Stay with us as we bring you moreexcitingfeatures in subsequent releases.
Cardiovascular Physiology 1.037
Ebook exclusively for NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine students.
This simulation game is designed to help people makebetterdecisions by recognizing their natural cognitive biases. Thegamebuilds in real-life situations where people make decisions onadaily basis. Playing this game provides an engaging avenueforlearners to think critically while have fun in the process.
ARMolVis 1.2
“ARMolVis” is an Augmented Reality Molecular Visualiser foreverydayproducts. Users can hover over 2D photos of severaleverydayproducts and the corresponding molecule that ispredominant in thatproduct appears in 3D on the device. Chemistryis all around. Theapp will allow users to identify the chemical’sname, formula and 3Dstructure of several everyday productsincluding food, householditems, stationery, hardware and health.The 2D photos are availableat and canbe manipulated so that the 3Dmolecule can be viewed from variousangles. This mobile applicationis a joint project between theComputer Centre; Department ofChemistry, Faculty of Science andSchool of Computing, all from theNational University of Singapore.
NUS AR Experience 1.0.1
Fun with Augmented Reality in NUS! Hover over the image oftheNational University of Singapore (NUS) logo and observe the3Dobjects in action!
Yale-NUS College myInfra 3.0.15
Reporting and tracking of Yale-NUS facility related issues.
NuPOV 4.0.4
NuPOV is an AR visualization app for users to view andmanipulatemolecular models. Visualize and learn how moleculesundergo certainreactions, and interact with it to understand theprocesses behindthem.
NUS nBox
Access your organization’s data securely anywhere, anytime withnBox, which safely synchronizes files among your mobile devices,Macs, and PCs. When you use NBox to synchronize and share files,you know that you are not putting organizational assets at risk byusing applications and cloud storage services that have not beensanctioned by your employer. Simply put a file into NBox and it isimmediately available on all your devices via the cloud. Mark filesas favorites and they will be stored on your mobile device so youcan work with them when you are not connected to the Internet.Share files or entire folders with fellow employees, or audiencesoutside your organization safely and securely. The data is storedwithin your IT organization rather than in an outside cloud. Withyour files stored in NBox, your data is automatically protected,preserved, secured and managed throughout its lifecycle and isalways available. Lost your mobile device? Replace the device,download this app and all your data is back. No restores, no systemcheckpoints, no calls to the helpdesk; just you, your device andyour data. NBox makes life easier: No more full email inboxes, nomore wrestling with heavyweight content management applications, nomore struggling to share large files. Just put the file into NBoxand it will be available securely anywhere, at any time, on anydevice, and easily shared via a link rather than sending the entirefile. This app offers Mobile Device Management (MDM) functionality,via the Android Device Administration API. The DeviceAdministration API provides device administration features at thesystem level. These APIs allow Administrator to set securitypolicies (e.g. enable password, set a minimum password length) inaccordance with the enterprise requirements. To be able to useDevice Administration API, this app requires the BIND_DEVICE_ADMINpermission. Supported Clients: Android phones, tablets
ELNA by AM.EI 1.5
The mobile application was developed to provideeducationalresources to healthcare individuals who are looking toincreasetheir teaching acumen.
The AUGMent 1.2.3
The purpose of this app is to use augmented reality (AR) asaninteractive teaching pedagogy for users to better understandmentalhealth symptoms such as hallucinations (auditory, visualandtactile) while learning mental health nursing. Thisexposurehopefully will enhance users’ learning therefore improvingtheirempathetic response towards people who areexperiencinghallucinations. You may download the AR marker forVisualHallucination 1 in thislink:
NUS Undergraduate Admissions 2021.2
NUS Admissions Mobile Application seeks to provideinformationpertaining to Undergraduate Admissions in NUS. You canaccess ourPublications, check out the latest news on NUS and alsobe updatedon upcoming events in NUS. For prospective students, youwill alsoreceive notifications when application opens for yourrespectivecategory of high school qualifications indicated in yourprofile.
NUS NextBus 32.1
Download the NUS Next Bus application to get up-to-the-minute busschedules and be informed well ahead of the next bus’ arrival time.The application also comes with detailed maps of the bus stoplocations and the user’s current location within NUS. What you canfind in the application: • The bus stop nearest to your currentlocation along with map and distance to the bus stop. • Lists downall the bus stops on campus sorted according to the nearest onefirst. • Arrival time and the next bus arrival timing of all thebuses in each bus stop. • And last but not least, all respectiveinternal bus routes – reference from each bus stop – at a glance.
NUS Carparks 2.0.4
Download the Nus Carparks application to getup-to-the-minutecarparks availability information within theNational University ofSingapore (NUS). The application also comeswith detailed maps ofthe carparks locations and the user's currentlocation in NUS. Whatyou can find in the application: • List ofcarparks in the campuswith location maps as well as real timeinformation on the numberof parking lots available. • Searchabledirectory listing for usersto find out the nearest carparks to aparticular location. • Listsand sorts carparks by closest distanceto the current location or auser-selected location. • Lists andsorts carparks by the mostavailable lots. • Integration with GoogleMaps to display drivingdirections to a particular carpark.keywords:nus,carparks,map,national university ofsingapore,nuscarparks,carparks availability
See it? Say it! (Duke-NUS) 2.0
See It? Say It! is a platform which centralise all thedifferentreporting channels across Duke-NUS. The applicationenables staffto report any concerns timely by sending photos anddetails of asituation which they have witnessed, experienced andobservedthrough their mobile phones. It also comes with detailedemergencycontacts of the different areas within Duke-NUS. Haveproblemlocating emergency contacts for reporting of the differentareaswithin Duke-NUS? Click here for a complete glance: • Generalrisk:For reporting any concerns pertaining to Duke-NUS • Safety:Foraccidents, incidents, safety concerns and locations of firstaidbox and automated external defibrillator • Security: Forsecurityconcerns such as suspicious parcel • Fault reporting:Formaintenance issues such as faulty light or water pipe • ITsupport:For applications, network, other IT issues and enquiries•Whistleblowing: For reporting alleged wrong doing andsuspectedfraud and alleged research misconduct • Grievances: Forreportingany grievances
NUSmart Dining v1.5.2102221
Queue no more! Pick up meals straightaway when you pre-order andpayfor them with the all-new NUSmart Dining app.
NUS Housing WiFi Buddy 1.8
NUS Housing WiFi Buddy is the NUS APP to assist NUS ResidenceandGuest to find the NUS hotspots and get the connection easily.Usercould submit the support ticket and service rating for theWiFiservice and help NUS to improve the service together. Appalsopublish the NUS information and Notification to announce thenewevent/campaign at NUS. Let’s get excited and download theNUSHousing WiFi Buddy Today!
NUS career+ 3.9.6
The NUS career+ is a mobile application jointly designedanddeveloped by the National University of Singapore (NUS) andJobTechPrivate Limited. The team behind the application’sdevelopmentconsists of 8 NUS alumni from different cohorts andfaculties andwas guided by the head of NUS School of Computing. Themobileapplication will advise students and alumni on theireducation andcareer planning by providing real-time data insightsfrom theSingapore job market. In addition, job opportunities willalso berecommended based on the student’s or alumnus’ skillsprofile. TheNUS career+ makes use of Big Data and Natural LanguageProcessingtechnologies from JobTech to provide real-time analysisof theskills demand in the job market, so both students and alumnican beempowered with useful information for their education andcareerplanning. By logging in to career+ with NUS email, studentsandalumni will get access to information such as theirpersonalisedskills profile. The career+ skills profile enablesusers to tracktheir skills acquisition journey by automaticallyconsolidatingskills learned from past academic modules or jobexperience. Withthis profile, users are guided to their careergoals through theapp’s recommendations. For alumni, users canselect a career goaland the app helps to create a personalisedlearning and careerpathway to reach that goal. For students, userswill be recommendedmodules to help patch up the skills gap in orderto land theirfirst job in their desired career domain.