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Nice New Launcher in 2019 - NN Launcher 5.6
NN Launcher is a nice new native style launcher, base on latestAndroid™ launcher, NN Launcher has many cool and valuable launcherfeatures, make your phone brand new modern look. NN Launcher(NiceNew Launcher) suit for ALL Android 4.1+ devices; NN Launcher isFREE, and being the most customizable launcher, simply perfect!Hope you will thumb up this 2019 new launcher, enjoy❤! ★ NNLauncher features: 1. Support many launcher themes, icon packs, andwallpapers, all are FREE. 2. Android N style launcher drawer:vertical or horizontal style, with recent used apps, cooltransition animation, and A-Z quick app location bar, veryefficient 3. Hide apps, even lock app to protect privacy 4.Gestures support: swipe up/down, double tap to turn off screen, etc5. Unread counter/notifier for SMS, missed call, email and all apps6. Support lock launcher desktop to avoid mess up by kids 7. Searchapps/web just from launcher 8. Built-in useful tools: Torch,Battery saver, Cleaner, etc 9. Weather and news in launcher mostleft page (side page) 10. Contextual menu when long press icon inlauncher desktop 11. Big icon support 12. Support scrolling multidock pages, support dock icon number option 13. App manager;Storage manager 14. T9 easy search 15. Many launcher options suchas grid size, icon size, transition effect, etc to config yourlauncher as you want! 16. Support classify apps to foldersautomatically Note: Android™ is a registered trademark of Google,Inc., this is not official Android launcher product. ❤Hope you willenjoy NN Launcher(Nice New Launcher), feedback are welcome! we willupdate actively to make NN Launcher better and better, thanks
OO Launcher 🏆 for Android O 8.0 Oreo™ Launcher 5.8
🏆 OO Launcher is an enhanced Android™ O Oreo™ style launcher, withmany useful enhanced oreo launcher features; just try this cool,modern FREE launcher! OO Launcher intent to let users taste latestAndroid O Oreo(Android 8.0) launcher features without upgrade, feellike you are using Android O Oreo. 🏆 FIRST and BEST Android O stylelauncher in play store with simple and customization, mind blowinglauncher, get and try it you will love💜 it! ★ OO Launcher features:1. 🔥 Many Android O launcher features: - Swipe up to access allapps drawer - Vertical drawer with recent apps. (OO Launcher alsosupport horizontal drawer) - A-Z fast scroll bar in launcher drawerto help you find app quickly - Android O style animation; Roundicon pack supported 2. 👕Many themes, icon packs, and wallpapers 3.🔐 Hide apps and lock apps, also support Private Folder, to takecare your security and privacy 4. Gestures support, swipe up/down,pinch in/out, two fingers gestures 5. Double tap screen gesturesupport 6. 🔔 Unread counters for SMS, missed call, email; Alsosupport all apps' notification reminder (notifier) 7. Quick contextpopup menu when long press icon in launcher desktop 8. Lock desktopsupport 9. Search apps or web right away from launcher 10. 🚀Built-in useful tools: Torch, Battery saver, Cleaner etc 11.Weather and news in launcher side-page 12. Various search barstyle: pixel launcher style, native style, enhanced style 13.Circle/round icon pack, oreo icon pack, Android 8 icon packbuild-in 14. OO Launcher support Night Mode (dark theme) 15. OOLauncher support Dock background configuration 16. 🔧 Many manyoptions to make your launcher as you like, such as: - Grid size,icon size selection - Many transition effect - Show/hide searchbar, dock, status bar - Ability to edit icon and icon nameindividually - Fixed/float wallpaper - Desktop icon label shadowsoption - Muti dock pages ★ 🎨 Note for launcher icon pack creators:OO Launcher support ALL the icon pack features, to let OO Launcheruse your icon pack from YOUR icon pack's dashboard, please: a>Use intent action: "com.ol.launcher.APPLY_ICON_THEME" b> Andfill intent field "com.ol.launcher.theme.EXTRA_PKG" with your iconpack's package name c> Fill intent field"com.ol.launcher.theme.EXTRA_NAME" with icon pack's name Note: -Android™ is a registered trademark of Google, Inc. This is notofficial Android Oreo launcher - Oreo is a registered trademark ofNabisco, Inc. 💜 If you like OO Launcher(Android O 8.0 Launcherstyle), please give us a rate to encourage us, thanks a lot !
SS S9 Launcher for Galaxy S8/S9, J8 A8 launcher 5.7
🏆 SS Galaxy S9 Launcher is being the best Galaxy S8 | S9 stylelauncher, it bring the launcher experience of Galaxy S9 to ALLAndroid™ 4.1+ phones, it also bring you many value-added launcherfeatures. SS Galaxy S9 Launcher is inspired and developed based onlauncher of the latest Galaxy S8, S9. And with the perfect supportfor Icon Pack so that you can customize your own custom tastes. 🏆SS Galaxy S9 Launcher give your phone the greatest user interfaceand user experience of Galaxy S8 | S9 Experience, Surely whensomeone takes your phone, it just look like super-awesome Galaxy S9phone. Just try this COOL and HIGH quality SS Galaxy S9 Launcher,make your phone stylish ! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ SS Galaxy S9 Launcher features: - 🔥Latest modern Galaxy S8, S9 Launcher style, very cool visual design- 🔥 Support for Galaxy S, Galaxy J, Galaxy A series devices and ALLother Android 4.1+ devices - 👕 Support many various themes and iconpack, SS Launcher even support almost ALL third-party icon packs -SS Launcher also build-in Galaxy S8 icon pack, Galaxy S7 icon pack,teardrop icon pack and square icon pack - Gesture support: doubletap, swipe up/down, pinch in/out, two fingers gesture - Many onlinebeautiful wallpapers - 🔔 Unread Counter/Notifier support for allapps - 🔐 App Hide, App Lock support - Galaxy S9 style search bar,search all in one place - Built in handy tools: Booster, Cleaner,Torch etc - 😊 Eye Protection feature - Night Mode supported - Iconsize, grid size, icon label options - 15 desktop transition effect- T9 quick search app - Weather info widget - Support Edit App Iconindividually - Desktop Lock feature to avoid being messed up - 🚀Battery Saver, Storage Manager to help you manage phone well - Manymore... , explore by yourself :) - (Note: we have removed doubletap to turn off screen feature, because it require very sensitiveAdmin permission, we take care your phone's security) Notice: -This is not Samsung official product. - Samsung, TouchWiz areregistered trademarks of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. - Android™is a trademark of Google Inc. ❤️ If you like SS Galaxy S9 Launcher,please rate us, this will encourage us to make SS Galaxy S9Launcher better and better for you, thanks a lot
King launcher 🏆 4.3
King Launcher is a multi style launcher, with many enhancedfeatures, it built-in 5 launcher themes: Android™ O 8.0 launchertheme, Galaxy S8/S9 launcher theme, i OS11/Square/Teardrop launchertheme, you may choose what you like! King Launcher has multi styleand many features, may be the most powerful launcher in Google Playstore, KING of launcher. All features are FREE to use, get and tryKing Launcher, it will bring much value to you ! 👍King Launcherfeatures: - Built-in Android™ O 8.0 theme, Galaxy S8/S9 theme, iOS11 theme, Square theme, Teardrop theme, you may choose what youlike. - 2000+ other free beautiful launcher themes and icon packs -Many online free and cool launcher wallpapers - Native latestAndroid™ P 9.0 launcher style, modern and cool - 4 Drawer style:Vertical, Vertical with category, Horizontal and List style - Allapps sorting by alphabet, by installed time, by mostly used or bycustomized sorting - Drawer color support Light, Dark, Transparent,Blur wallpaper or custom color - Hide App to make clean and tidy -Lock App to protect privacy - Lock Desktop to avoid kids mess upyour desktop - Booster help to boost your phone with one click -Cleaner and App Manager help manage phone storage - Battery Saverhelp to reduce charging times - Many gestures support: swipeup/down, Pinch in/out, double tap, two fingers gestures - Manylauncher options to set grid size, icon size, search bar, font -Many amazing transition effect: Zoom in/out, Cube, Stack, Wave,Windmill etc - Notifier/Unread counter for unread SMS, missed call,email etc - Handy tools box: Torch, T9 search, Switch, Turn offscreen etc - Weather info widget, photo frame widget, clock widgetetc - Many more... explore when you using King Launcher Android isa registered trademark of Google, Inc. 👍 We hope King Launcher willbring values to you, Please rate us if your like, your commentswill encourage us to make King Launcher the most powerful launcherand the best launcher, thanks
ii Launcher for Phone X & Phone 8 4.7
🏆 ii Launcher is Phone X launcher style and i OS 11 launcher stylewith many useful, smart & personalized features. ii Launcherhas no apps drawer, very easy and handy to use, it provide TidyIcons innovative feature to help you make your desktop tidy andclean. 🏆 If you are looking for easy yet powerful i OS stylelauncher, this is the best for you! 🔥 ii Launcher main features: -👕 Many build-in themes, and support almost all third-party iconpacks - No apps drawer, all apps listed on desktop or tidied tofolder, OS11 launcher style - Tidy Icons innovative feature, helpyou make the desktop tidy and clean with just one click, you alsohave the option to put 5 days not used apps to Rarely Use folder -Support auto classify apps to folders - 🎨 OS11 launcher style iconshape, unify icons - Gestures support: swipe up/down, pinch in/out,multi finger, double tap, etc - 🔐 Hide app, lock app: Protect yourprivacy - Many options: Customize your launcher’s icon size, gridsize, font etc. - OS Search: Last used app、searches including apps,contacts, etc. - 🚀 OS Booster: Clear the memory to make your phonerun faster - Battery saver, CPU cooler - 🔔 Unread SMS, missed callnotifier/counter - Support OS11 launcher wallpapers - Desktop lockto avoid messed up - Support lock screen and Phone 8, Phone X theme- Space Cleaner, Storage manager - T9 search - QuickTorch/Flashlight - Quick switcher, i os10 launcher style - OS11screen lock ❤️ Hope you will like this high rating II Launcher forPhone X & Phone 8, please rate us and recommend ii Launcher toyour friends, thanks
Pi Pie Launcher 🏆,PP Launcher, Android 9.0 P mode 2.6
PP Launcher(Pi Pie Launcher) is inspired by Android™ 9.0 stylelauncher, with huge value-added launcher features, PP Launcher letyou experience Android 9.0 style launcher features even you don'tupgrade to Android P 9.0 yet. PP Launcher(Pi Pie Launcher) isavailable for ALL Android 4.3+ devices! 👍👍 PP Launcher(Pi PieLauncher) features: - Android 9.0 style launcher theme - Android9.0 P style drawer, Horizontal or Vertical drawer for your choice -Handy Android Pie 9.0 style launcher gesture: swipe up to open allapps drawer, swipe down go back to desktop - Many beautiful themes- Compatible to almost ALL third-party icon packs in Play Store -Android Pie 9.0 style folder - Gestures support: swipe up/down,pinch in/out, two fingers gesture, etc - Apps sorting: by a-z, byinstall time, by customize order - Notifier/Unread counter; evenshow notifier in folder and drawer - Useful tools: battery saver,space cleaner, booster - Cool desktop screen transition effect -Hide app, App lock - Night mode - Weather widget - Eye protectionfeature - Torch/Flashlight feature - Edit individual app icon -Support icon gestures - Drawer color option; drawer blur wallpaperoption - Multi scroll-able dock, you can also config dockbackground - Grid size, icon size, icon label color option - Searchbar style configuration - Infinite scrolling support in apps drawer- Support folder in apps drawer - Lock desktop - Color wallpaper -Change font - Private folder - Lock hidden app Notice: - Android™is a registered trademark of Google, Inc. This is NOT officialAndroid 9.0 style launcher product, it is inspired by Android Pie9.0 style launcher, with huge value-added launcher features ❤️ ❤️About Native X Launcher Team: Native X Launcher Team focus onmaking various style launchers, providing you latest and usefullauncher features, hope you will like one of them: 💡 PP Launcher:Android 9.0 Pie style launcher 💡 OO Launcher: Android 8.0 Oreostyle launcher 💡 NN Launcher: Nice New launcher, base on Android7.0 Nougat style launcher 💡 SS Launcher: Galaxy S9/S8 stylelauncher 💡 ii Launcher: Phone X and Phone 10 style launcher 💡 KingLauncher: All-in-one launcher, you can config it to ANY style, cool👍👍 If you like PP Launcher (Pi Pie Launcher), please rate it to letmore users know it, thanks
OO Launcher Pro🏆 (No Ad💎, 1.99$ Sale🎁) 1.2
🏆 OO Launcher Pro is an enhanced Android™ O Oreo™ style launcher,with many useful enhanced oreo launcher features. 🏆 NO Ad versionof OO Launcher! Get and try this cool, modern launcher, you willlove😍 it! ★ OO Launcher Pro features: 1. 🔥 Many Android O launcherfeatures: - Swipe up to access all apps drawer - Vertical drawerwith recent apps (Also support horizontal drawer) - A-Z fast scrollbar in launcher drawer to help you find app quickly - Android Ostyle animation; Round icon pack supported 2. 👕Many themes, iconpacks, and wallpapers 3. 🔐 Hide apps and lock apps, also supportPrivate Folder, to take care your security and privacy 4. Gesturessupport, swipe up/down, pinch in/out, two fingers gestures 5.Double tap screen gesture support 6. 🔔 Unread counters for SMS,missed call, email; Also support all apps' notification reminder(notifier) 7. Quick context popup menu when long press icon inlauncher desktop 8. 🔐 Lock desktop support 9. Search apps or webright away from launcher 10. 🚀 Built-in useful tools: Torch,Battery saver, Cleaner etc 11. Weather and news in launcherside-page 12. Various search bar style: pixel launcher style,native style, enhanced style 13. Circle/round icon pack, oreo iconpack, Android 8 icon pack build-in 14. OO Launcher Pro supportNight Mode (dark theme) 15. OO Launcher Pro support Dock backgroundconfiguration 16. 🔧 Many many options to make your launcher as youlike, such as: - Grid size, icon size selection - Many transitioneffect - Show/hide search bar, dock, status bar - Ability to editicon and icon name individually - Fixed/float wallpaper - Desktopicon label shadows option - Muti dock pages Note: - Android™ is aregistered trademark of Google, Inc. This is not official AndroidOreo launcher - Oreo is a registered trademark of Nabisco, Inc. ❤️If you like OO Launcher Pro, please give us a rate to encourage us,thanks a lot !