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Natural Cycles - Birth Control
Natural Cycles is the only certified birthcontrol app in Europe and so much more 💜 It's the app thatgives you the knowledge to get to know your body and trulyunderstand how your cycle works.Backed by clinical research it has been shown to be 99% effectivein perfect use and 93% effective in typical use.*The app is subscription based, see below for pricing plandetails.More than 500.000 women are using Natural Cycles, join them andget to know:○ How your unique cycle works○ When you are not fertile○ When your period is coming up and you can expect PMS○ When your ovulation is detected and predicted○ When you are at risk of getting pregnant and need to useprotection (e.g. condoms)More great things about Natural Cycles:✔ The only certified app for contraception in Europe✔ Backed by clinical research✔ Teaches you the science behind your menstrual cycle along thewayNatural Cycles Pricing Plans:To use the app you will need a two decimal basal thermometer. Goahead and sign up for our Annual subscription for 79.99USD andwe will ship a thermometer right to your doorstep free ofcharge. With this plan you will be charged in full, once peryear.Sign up to our Monthly subscription and pay 9.99USD on a monthlybasis. You can also try out our Free trial version for one month.Both of these options do not include the Natural Cycles two decimalthermometer.Precautions:○ You must be over 18 years old to use Natural Cycles○ Natural Cycles does not protect against sexually transmittedinfections (STIs) in any way.○ Natural Cycles informs you whether and when you can becomepregnant. Abstention or protection (e.g. condoms) are required onred days to prevent pregnancies.○ As a birth control, Natural Cycles may be less suitable if youexperience irregular menstrual cycles as predicting your fertiledays becomes more difficult and you will get an increased number ofred days. For birth control, it is ideally used by women withfairly regular and ovulatory menstrual cycles.Want to learn more about Natural Cycles?► Visit the Natural Cycles website► Instagram► FacebookFor US customers only: Natural Cycles is only certified for birthcontrol in Europe. In the US, Natural Cycles is intended to be usedfor fertility monitoring.* E. Berglund Scherwitzl et al. Perfect-use and typical-use PearlIndex of a contraceptive mobile app. Find the article here