Naughty Cat Studios Apps

Farm Freedom -Fun match game 1.1.5
NO!! The last of the potatoes has also come tolife! What’s going on? All the crops have come to life and areattacking all the animals! The farm is under attack!It’s time for all the farm animals to summon their courage andunite as one. All of their special skills will be needed to savethe farm! Let's fight for Farm Freedom.---------------------Game Features---------------------@ The uniqueness of continuous match-3 game-play.@ Hundreds of challenging levels.@ Variety of boosts to spice up game-play.@ Bright and colorful art style with incredibly cutecharacters.@ Fantastic in-game music and sound effects.@ Compete with your friends so the fun never ends!Key word:free, farm, game, gummy, jam, harvest, cookie, top, pet, mania,swap, land, drop, plant, war, puzzle, match, smash, vs
Flappy Bee 1.0.01
Flap the bee's wings to fly... to freedom.HOW TO PLAY:--Fly by tapping to flap the bee's wings like flappy bird.--Avoid the tree stumps.--Try to get the highest score you can and collect all 6medals.
Farm War 1.0.4
Welcome travelers! Come follow Leo on hisgrandjourney around the farm and use your wits to unlock levels,helpyour animal pals improve the farm, and let them see how bigandwonderful the world really is! As you journey through the worldofFarm War you'll even find yourself in the realm of the evilveggies;can you help defeat them? Non-stop fun awaits!• Cute animals with their own distinct personalities andrichlydetailed expressions that you'll fall in love withinstantly!• Traditional match-3 gameplay, easy to master!• Hundreds of levels just waiting for you to experience;updatedwith new levels regularly!• Special boosts for maximum fun!
Fruit Splash 1.0.10
Connect and collect in… Fruit Splash!You’llhave a blast linking together lines of adorable fruit!Climb the Great Tree and collect delicious fruit. Hundreds oflevelsare just waiting to be beaten!Plenty of game modes and a variety of game elements combine tomakeone seriously fun experience in Fruit Splash!- Climb the Great Tree and use your wits to keep unlockinglevels.See who can climb the highest!- Adorable little fruits that all have their own personalityandfacial expressions that you won’t be able to resist!- The connecting game play is easy to learn, but you’ll have tobeready for a challenge if you want to master it!- Connecting super long lines is great fun, and there arepowerfulboosts to help you pass difficult levels!Please Note: Fruit Splash is free to play, but some in gameitemsrequire payment.
Restaurant Sisters 2.4.1
2 broke girls have started managing a burgerrestaurant, come give them a hand!The sound of the cutlery, the smell of the kitchen; it's likeyou're really in your very own restaurant! It all belongs to you,our new restaurant manager.You'll be able to make the most delicious and popular meals around,all done in the world's most luxurious and top-grade kitchen. Youcan even serve customers personally, and if you're lucky you mighteven run into a few celebrity patrons!Want to build your own long-lasting and successful brand, all fromscratch? Come play Restaurant Sisters, and don't forget to bringyour friends!Features:* Cooking various dishes step-by-step* Serving customers one-by-one* Delivering meals to different places, such as a school and achurch* Dishes never get burnt or rotten
果凍愛消除 1.3.1
嚮往自由!這是天性,也是果凍們的願望!可愛的果凍們要進行一段偉大的冒險——逃齣冰箱,避開貓咪,去到廣闊自由的世界旅行!三消遊戲,不同體驗!多種遊戲糢式將在您的旅途中一一呈現,可愛的果凍給您清新的遊戲體驗。遊戲特點:——————————————————————————————————————————————- 果凍逃脫,貓咪攔路,用您的智慧帮助它們通往自由吧!- 色綵鮮豔的各式果凍,給您賞心悅目的消除體驗!- 傳統糢式易於上手,精巧關卡設計等您挑戰!- 爽快消除給您歡樂,強力道具讓您不再苦惱!- 上百個關卡給您不同的歡樂體驗!- 我們承諾定期更新,更多更快樂的世界讓您與果凍一起探索!Yearning for freedom!Thisis nature, but also their desire to jelly! Cute jelly were tobe aperiod of great adventure - to escape the refrigerator, awayfromthe cat, go to the vast world of freedom to travel!Three elimination games, a different experience! Variety ofgamemodes will be presented one by one on your journey, lovelyfreshjelly to your gaming experience.Game features:----------------------------------------------- Jelly escape, cat highway, use your wisdom to help them tofreedomnow!- All kinds of colorful jelly, giving you eliminateenjoyableexperience!- The traditional model is easy to use, compact design, the levelofyour challenge!- Readily eliminate give you joy, strength props so you nolongerworried!- Hundreds of checkpoints give you a different experiencejoy!- We are committed to regularly updated, more happier letsyouexplore the world together with the jelly!
Pet Oasis 1.1.03
Have you ever thought about just quitting your job and running awayto chase your dreams? If you’re not feeling particularlyadventurous right now, that’s okay; you can start a new journey inPet Oasis instead! Together we can respond to a call for help froma childhood friend, and pursue our greatest dream: opening a petpark that’s filled to the brim with nothing but love for our animalcompanions! I’ve had a dream ever since I was a kid: that I’d beable to provide a home for every furry friend I came across. If youshare my dream, then it’s time to start playing Pet Oasis! Rebuildthe old pet park and lovingly craft a new home for your petfriends, taking care of them and making them a permanent part ofyour life. Give them love and watch them grow. Game features: -Complete levels and get rewarded with stars, then build yourperfect paradise. - Match all kinds of colorful objects, with manydifferent kinds of matches you can make to help you complete levelsfaster. - Love and care is put into every building, so you canbuild your very own dream pet park! - You’ll come across differentcharacters on your journey, adding more variety to your experience.- Play at your own pace. No matter when or where you are, you canjust whip out your phone and enjoy the endless pleasure of PetOasis.