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Mutant Spider Superhero Battle 1.2
The new thrilling title within superherogames.The earth is attacked by some mutant villains and we don’t knowabout them, they are destroying everything and especially they arekilling innocent people without any reason. Us army couldn’tcontrol them, they are from another world and with mutant powersand we don’t have that kind of technology that’s why they aremoving forward continuously with any resistance and if they seesome resistance they are blowing it. I think they came here justnot for killing but I think they came here with the goal of rulingthe earth but how can they do such kind of activity what we didwrong to them, that’s why there should be more resistance againstthem to stop them otherwise they will kill all of us and rule theearth. One of our scientists has made a formula that will convertyou in mutant spider hero and then you will have also mutantpowers. This is the only way to stop them with the mutant powersstop them and kill them to save the earth.Amazing adventure is waiting for you!Mutant Spider Superhero Battle is a RPG game with full of actionand fighting. Your ultimate goal is to protect the city at anyprice by killing them all. Be Brave and save the earth.There are multiple levels and missions in this game speciallydesigned for action games fans. Some levels specially designed forfighting with evil mutants and rescuing people from the darkforces. You are the only protector of the city and you have to savepeople at any cost.Be a spider hero and save the world!And now you will be able to enter the new world of movie andheroes. Amazing quests, unlimited power of superhero, fighting forjustice are waiting for you!Game Features:Action packed 3D game with elements of RPG.Great selection of weapons, vehicles and quests.Realistic 3D physics and visual effects.Tunable graphics quality, view distance and traffic density.In game tutorial.Stunning and Intense Fighting Gameplay!Many mutant enemies to fight with!!High Quality 3D Graphics and Brilliant Sound Effects!Amazing Fighting Animation, Punches and Kicks!Superb City Environment!Simple tap and touch controls.Simple addictive levels.