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Cat of the Day
Cat lover? No need to read any further justinstall the app :) But just in case you want some more info:Cat of the day gives you new cats to view every day and you canalways swipe back to view your old cats!-Click the star to favorite a kitty-Share a cat via social network and you can see how many peoplelooked at the cat you shared-Change how many cats you get per day.-Sort cats by (All, Favorite, Most shared)-Tap once to hide the menu bar-Tap twice or pinch to zoom-The Kitty Counter shows what cat you're viewing-The Shared Kitty Counter shows how many people viewed a cat youshared-The Kitty Bank accumulates cats until you're maxed out. Afteryou're maxed out you need to view your new cats before you can getmoreThis app is perfect for animal and cat lovers!
Doge Value Checker 1.0
Quickly figure out the value of doge.