Naxeex Publishing Apps

City Crime Driver 1.1
Real race on the real cars.True competition, every secondmatters.Hard tasks and great rewards.Be number one or rust on theroadside.There is only way you can survive in the city full ofcriminals and gangsters.Drive faster than others!To earn cash youwill have to complete hard tasks on time. Be first or getnothing.Cool criminal life simulator with different tasks on supercars.Be the fastest on land and in the air.And if you wantsomething extreme than try the tank race!City crime driver. Be thepro today!
Vegas Crime 2.4
Huge city with tons of quests and great rewards.. Wide selection ofmelee and ranged weaponry. Simple controls and tutorial. Militaryvehicles with heavy weaponry on board (tank and helicopter). LasVegas streets are drowned in crime. City thefts, murders around,gangsters push drugs. You are the rookie theft who wants todominate them all. Fearless criminal, who’s only dream is to get tothe top of crime world. Steal cars and ram other bandits andcitizen. If you’ll manage to survive in this madness you’ll getaccess to the best weaponry in the gun shop.
Robot Swat 1.2
Half human, half robot. Cyborg cop simulator.Navy soldiers,escaping prisoners, helpless victims.Total urban chaoseverywhere.You’ve been created as a true support in police everydayroutine. Now you are taking the lead role in solving the criminalsituation of the whole town. All the bandit fractions gatheredtogether and joined their forces to destroy you.You’ve the right tojudge and execute without proves. Aim and shoot your enemies forthe sake of citizen. Don’t let those gangsters, rubbers, killersget away from the punishing hand of the law!
Mars Man Survival 2.0
Outer space survival game.Angry elite forces.Vast world toexplore.Mars has become one of humanity colonies and now by greedyhumans.You are an adventurer, looking for profit on this hostileplanet.Survive the attack of droids. Experiment with futurevehicles. Explore the atmosphere of planet with yourjet-suit.Whether there will be war or order on this planet dependson your actions.
Bear Hell Night 1.0
Action fps game.Excellent 3D graphic and special effects.Dynamic combats vs many enemies.Wide range of lethal weapons.Cute cute bears. Hey, they are everywhere. Hell bears floodedthecity! They spit acid, crumble you with machetes, their clawsarestrong as adamantium, and sharp as razor. They come out to huntatnight. And you, too. You are a bounty hunter. Get bonusesafterheadshot enemy. Buy at the store the latest weapons and stopthesecreatures. It is necessary to kill a ten of each type andtheirbosses come out. Dispose of them and city will be clean.
Agent John Brown 1.0
Follow the thorny path of a trader, who's got fired from work.Tryto survive while robbing a bank. Meet fierce yakudza members, mafiaand drunkards who are ready to kill you for a loaf of bread. Dodirty job for gang members and try not to be caught by cops.Don'tforget your girlfriend. She is in troubles and needs yourhelp.Avenge your boss and make him pay for his deeds. Find a way toget rich and take control of all local business.Action packed RPGwith different quests and great rewards.New large city toexplore.Hours of entertaining and fun gameplay are waiting for you!
Jetpack Hero Miami Crime 1.4
* Smart AI for more intense combats. * Grand selection of weaponryat local guns shop. * Special tasks with extra profit rewards. *Police spec forces fear you most. You are the worse dream of localjustice and gangsters. You are a fearsome creature, half human halfsomething else. Fight for your lust of action and blood. Choose thebest ways to crush your enemies. Go up in the skies and feel thefreedom above the city drowned in crime. Be the almighty city crimenightmare.
Vampire Night Soul 1.0
• Crazy acrobatics in the air.• Demonic powers granted to you as amember of vampire clan.• Endless citizen to convert.You don’t fearof crypts and cemeteries. Darkness and cold are your comfortablestates.You have got the strength of centuries running through yourveins. Unleash the true power of vampire clan by leveling your heroto the top level.Not only humans but also all the monsters fear ofyou.Bring the total madness in a small town.Let the Vamp VillageHollidays begin!
Walter Fall 1.0
Modern Superhero simulator.-Dynamic gameplay with lots of fightsand multiple storylines.-Best 3d visual effects and realisticcombat animations.-One of the tribunal squad members. The WalterFall!Smash your enemies with tidal waves.Unleash the brute force ofocean.Prevent criminal rise in the city and don’t let them hurthelpless citizen anymore.You are the only hope people have now sodon’t hesitate and rush into the fierce combat with everything yougot!Be the hero today!
Fly Robot Swat 1.2
Elite forces confrontation.Special tricks and modern explosiveammunition.Great weaponry selection.Tactical fight maneuvers andjet pack suit upgrade.Welcome to the city of future where crimelevel is to high to feel safe on the streets. Special governmentorder game freedom to the local military scientists. That’s howyou’ve been born. Half robot. Half human. Tactical soldier elite.Flying paratrooper of the swat squad.You bring law and justice onthe city of crimes.Destroy all the gangsters no matterwhat.Entertaining gameplay In this flying super robot combatsimulator.Be the hero this city needs.
Urban Hacker 1.0
Dynamic adventure game.Modern cyber features.Special tricks. Hackand manipulate stuff.What is the most powerful weapon of nowadays?You know for sure. It’s your portable console in your backpack.Youcan hack anything. A car. A wallet. A local bank account. You areeverywhere and nowhere. No one can stop you or even find you if youare careful enough.So go ahead. Stay online. Break firewalls anddefense systems, play with different stuff as a toys. Steal cashand become the star of the cyber crime world!
Gangster Cat 1.0
Tons of entertaining tasks.Dynamic combats with specialcat-fighting style!Cool animations and effects.Hidden secretsaround the map.The greatest criminal the whole world is talkingabout. Gangster cat!Curiosity killed the cat they say?But try tofind the hidden treasures around the city and you will understandthat satisfaction brought it back.Some of them are somewhere near.Waiting for you to find it with your furry paws! Tom gun, bazooka,laser rifle? Collect the insane firepower.Live the 9 lives ofstreet gangster cat!
Stone Giant 1.9
You got brand new magnificent character: • Check his unique skills• Find out all advantages of transmutation • Explore the Big cityand smash all your enemies! The rock gave you explosive superpower. Now you are usual guy with unusual abilities and no onecan’t stop you now! Neither the police, nor the army, nor thegangs, nor the rest. Help or punish, become an evil destroyer or amighty savior for citizens… Just walk, run, jump, beat, buy,strike, steal, drive, crash, rage, turn, smash, throw, attack,explode, play and enjoy it. Download the game and start maximumoverdrive by your stone fists!
Flame Man 1.0
Our new awesome exclusive in your hands:• Real spitfire! Don’tforget that fuel is limited. Search it with a pile of other weaponsin the shop.• The Big City living its own life is open to you.Crowds of enemies and no one can hide from you, fireman!• Passquests, earn money and experience. Improve your skills and buy newthings in the store. Among other things, you can find here new suitor a good vehicle.-Who are you, the insane in the gas mask? Forwhat did you come? Do you bring a terror or a redemption?-I’m anangel on the wings of fire and I’m bringing the new spicy actiongame from Naxeex! Start criminal pyromania now!Let the City burnbrightly in flames! Like a torch, like a candle, like a lamp! Bigsmoke!CAUTION! Don’t get burn! Really HEAT! Very HOT!!! 18+
Energy Joe 1.4.190
• Try yourself as the live wire man and save your City fromgangsterism! • Open world and realistic physics. Charge up andrush! • Own base with garage, arsenal and auto park are availabletoo! • Just carry out tasks, get cash and gain experience! Youbecame a stun gun after an accident. Voltage jump gave you power,now you need to choose what to do with this energy. We suggest youuse it for a benefit of citizens or something…do you want to be achampion? Conduct electricity toward your enemies, spray shock waveon the streets like true Zeus! Lighting without thunder! Stealelectricity from streetlight quietly like a real superhero! Fightthe criminals.Drive cool cars. Unlock and buy secret weapons. Shineon anyway!
Flame Hero 1.4
Start the lighting with our new free hot action game: • Uniquesuper power – your arms are splitting fire flames, so you got yourstamina line not only for sprint, jumps and kicks. • Big urbanlocation – the island city, save it or burn it to the ground. • Winencounters with bad guys by any means: burning, fighting, shootingor total annihilating! • Go to the store to find resources for itor just buy here a new sport car, if you got enough money, gems andexperience. The most dangerous superhero is here! Strong red flameis burning inside you like a torch, the light on a natural fuel soto say! Just a bright flash and only ashes remain after yourenemies! Besides all this, you could amuse yourself in other ways:ride on a tank, swim, shoot rockets and arrange a real madness. Butbe careful with your fire balls! Don’t get caught by police, armyor firefighters, fireman! And remember: better keep children awayfrom the screen!
Jetpack Rider Gangster Terror 1.0
Those are not just words. You are a flying hero. The city’smostfearsome and powerful hero. All the local criminals knows youandtremble in fear.Evolve as a city hero. Power up your skillbyeliminating your foes. Make crazy stunts in the air andbringvengeance to all the gangsters and mafia members. Stylishcriminalkiller simulator. Tons of different outfit to match yourmood.Explosive weapons arsenal. Real flight with jetpack!Don’tforgetthat police forces are against your methods. So don’t getcaught.
Hell Driver 1.1
Cool stuff in shop. Different outfit for any situation. Crazyweaponry selection. Supercars waiting for you. Mad tasks for a madhero. There is no limit for a mad man with a flame thrower.Challenging fights in a city full of innosent citizen. Get out ofpolice chases. Complete quests for local gangsters. Feel free toget all the hot stuff in shop.