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City Elite Sniper 3D 1.1
Here you will need to clear your path of his true sniper rifle froma variety of enemies, go through a bunch of missions in the hills,jungles, mountains, deserts and various cities including New York,London, Paris, Venice and Tokyo. Destroy the terrorists, criminalsand other people interferes with normal life in Russia, America,China, Japan, France, Great Britain, Kenya and Mexico. Then youwill travel to 9 circles of hell with the crowds smaller, butmonstrovya diverse, ranging from earthworms and zombies, endingmosquitoes and flying demons. At the end of each round you willhave to expect a unique boss (including the devil himself). Fortheir destruction it requires special tactics. But the passage ofeach round, a new hellish weapon. As you progress through theprimary weapons will continue to be a sniper rifle, but apart fromit you will come across machines, machine guns, shotguns, grenades,rocket-propelled grenades. But in the case if you get tired ofshooting the enemies, we have reserved a solid arsenal of bladedweapons: one-handed and two-handed swords (including katana)chainsaw (chainsword), axes, hammers, axes and others. In the lastcircle of Hell you will so the same is subject to the magic pizyva.For the destruction of the most powerful monsters or hardprogtivnikov you will be offered a range of military equipment:helicopters, tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnelcarriers and so on. Mission and also vary according to purpose: aset of points for the most difficult shots, the most destruction ofenemy troops, silent destruction of the target (preferably withoutthe destruction of the other characters), the destruction of theconvoys, and other diversions.