Nedama Masoft Apps

com.gopla.catchpets 1.0.3
Nedama Masoft
Think step ahead! Try to catch all pets! It is not just a game ofluck! Success depends much more on strategy than on luck. The foxis smartest so first train your skills catching stupid pigs andrabbits. Tap on hexagons and they will fall down. Your aim is tosurround pet.
com.gopas.fury 1.0.4
Nedama Masoft
Be quick and watch around! Crazy bears attack your hero from fourdirections! Hungry and extremely dangerous. All you have is yourwooden club and your fast reaction. - old school pixel graphics -different locations to fight - addicting gameplay - onlineleaderboards
Infected tower 1.0.2
Nedama Masoft
You are in big trouble! Blocked by the zombies in a high buildingwith no chance to run out! The only way to survive is to reachhelicopter which is waiting on the roof. Make your way to the topof the building through many floors full of hungry zombies.Darkness and locked doors on your way!