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Quick Calculator 1.0.1
A free, clear and quick calculator.Supported Languages: English,中文FEATURES:★ Real time calculating, you don't need to click "equal"button.★ Expression syntax highlighting.★ Cut, copy and pasteexpression.★ Support square root, power, Trigonometric, Exponentialand Hyperbolic functions.★ Three different skins (still keepadding) and convenient skin control panel.★ Can custom round off tothe specific decimal places (default 4th, the max decimal places upto 323th if disabled).★ Auto recording Expression, you can go toprevious or next step, or view history.★ Be able to calculate some"informal expressions", for example:  normalexpression ==> informalexpression  0.2*0.4/0.5 ==> .2*.4/.5  50%*60%*70% ==> 50%60%70%  -((0.23%)%)% ==> -.23%%%  (-1.2)*(-3.4)*(-5.6) ==> -1.2*-3.4*-5.6  1%*sin(50%)*cos(30%)*(20%) ==> 1%sin50%cos30%20%  1.1*(-2+6.5)*(-7-1.1)*5.3 ==> 1.1(-2+6.5)(-7-1.1)5.3  8*(-4)*cos(-30.1)*tan(50.2) ==> 8*-4cos-30.1tan50.2★Quick expression calculating. Calculate an informal expression with5,000,000 characters on Aspire One AOA150 netbook only takes 0.695seconds. For more info about this test, visit: