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SecureVPN Free Internet Access, IP Address Changer 1.0.9
Neiss Jody
You can not access some sites or applications. Your phone isblocked on some popular sites around the world, so how can accessthose sites? It's simple with our application of IP address changer& Wifi Internet speed booster. The application of SecureVPN IPlocation finder & unblock sites browser allows you to unblockproxy, change IP and VPN of a phone like a user in that countrywithout having to worry that the service does not provide IPaddress access to the Internet. Also, when using the application ofIP location changer & saved Wifi password viewer, you can alsoWifi booster easy connect, test Wifi speed and protect Wifi.Features of the VPN free Internet access app IP changer The VPNprivate Internet access application provides VPN unlimited of manycountries around the world proxy browser unblock sites on acomputer. In less than 30 seconds, you can fake IP addresslocation, connect to the VPN proxy server and change my IP addresson my phone. Change global VPN to easily access the desiredcontent. Show IP address The application of auto proxy VPNconnection & Wifi protection app will show my Wifi router IPaddress and device information. Wifi booster signal boost Speed​​up your network with just 1 touch, you can enjoy surfing the web,watching movies without worrying about lag. Internet speed testSpeed test of download & upload speed and ping, help youdetermine the network connection status on your device. Wifiprotector VPN You can enjoy access to restricted websites, withcomplete peace of mind about the security and privacy with our VPNproxy unlimited application. You do not need to worry about lesssecure Internet access or stealing user information. Highlights ofsecurity app to protect Wifi & boost Wifi speed ✔ Secure VPNone click ✔ Free VPN proxy without registration or login ✔ Unblockwebsite, easily access foreign websites ✔ Free Internet access withunlimited time ✔ Secure Internet access, you do not need to worryabout unsafe connections ✔ 100% privacy with lite VPN app ✔ Do notrequire root, unlimited bandwidth ✔ Boost Wifi connection quicklyThis is an application of light VPN & the best Wifi signalstrength boost that overcomes the VPN firewall, changes the IP,overcomes all geographical distance quickly and boost Wifi signalstrength professionally. You can access restricted content, protectprivacy and many other benefits. Experience the global Internet onyour phone with our free VPN & web proxy app now. Do not forgetto rate 5 * uk VPN app to support the developer.
CPU Phone Cooler, Cool Down Phone Temperature 1.3.0
Neiss Jody
You use the phone for a long time. You like to watch movies, playgames on the phone. These are the reasons make overheated phone.But do not worry. Our app will clean and cool down phone rightaway. We provide the smart booster RAM clean and CPU cool downapplication with the efficient cooling mechanism, which cool downCPU cell phone up to 7%. The cooling master phone coolerapplication will scan the CPU to find out the cause making phonefor cooling overheating phone quickly. Let's explore the featuresof this smart CPU cool down app with us! Features of the app of CPUcooler to cool down the phone temperature: - Scan the CPU to findout the cause making phone hot to phone booster speed up andcleaner - Clean and boost and cool down phone with just one touch -CPU temperature cooler monitor in real time - Memory booster RAMoptimizer - RAM booster and junk file cleaner - Save battery powerlong time - WiFi booster signal boost - VPN private internet accessunlimited - IP changer How CPU cooling master phone cooler appworks: - Monitor real-time temperature and find applicationsheating phone - Warn users, give a list of heating applications -Cool down your phone and memory booster and cleaner - Phone cleanerand optimizer with phone booster and cleaner function - Show CPUheat cooling result - Clean junk files and boost my speed - Memorybooster RAM clean up Advantages of the phone heat cooling app: ✔Cool off the phone overheat immediately by clean up phone memory ✔CPU temperature cool down to 7% ✔ Support shortcut to cool thephone with a touch ✔ Detect applications heating phone for a fewseconds ✔ Simple interface of phone overheating cooling app, easyto use clean up phone space ✔ Phone temperature cool down app isfree ✔ Is the power saver app to save power battery ✔ Boost WiFisignal strength ✔ Change VPN location and change IP address free ✔Free app to clean my phone and speed up Using the phone for a longtime is a common cause of CPU overheating phone and junk filecleaner, which reduces the phone's lifespan, leave you to feeluncomfortable when holding a hot object. Therefore, our phonecooling app was born to give users the best experience with theirphone. You can enjoy surfing the web, watching movies, playinggames for hours without worrying about overheating phone, ourcooling phone temperature app will help cool your phoneimmediately. Our phone cool down app is a battery saver app forextra save battery charge for long time and a VPN changer. With thedesire to bring the best products to users, our development team isconstantly innovating and improving the free CPU cooling apps. Ifyou have any requirements about the app, leave a comment below, andwe will accept your contributions for phone heating coolerapplication development. And do not forget to share the phonebooster speed up and cleaner app with your friends so they can alsocool the phone quickly, easily. Please rate 5 * CPU freezer app tosupport the developer! Note: This app uses Accessibility services
Volume Booster for Phone, Headphones Sound Louder 1.0.0
Neiss Jody
Welcome to Volume Booster 1970s! Sound high & better quality,have you ever tried it? Welcome to our app to make volume louderfor a more realistic, vivid sound experience than ever before. Ourhigher volume for music phone application will help you boostvolume up on your speaker on your cell phone with just 1 touch. Youwon't wonder how to make your phone volume louder anymore. Use thebest product, listen to to the most quality sound, our VolumeBooster 1970s app to increase music volume satisfies 2 abovecriteria. Moreover, our booster sound louder & music louderapplication is integrated the Visualizer in an amazing song playerwith no internet, so just download the application to boost volume& play music offline on phone right now. Highlights of volumelouder app: 1. Volume Booster For Phone ✔ Increase volume louderspeaker easily and quickly ✔ Increase volume on phone with just 1touch ✔ Sound increaser for video, media, notify, call, alarm ✔ Donot change the sound after making volume loud to super loud ✔Simple interface of ringtone booster to make the sound louderapplication, easy to enhance speaker volume ✔ Small capacity, quickinstallation of sound booster for headphones & sound louder app2. Equaliser And Bass Booster ✔ Professional Equalizer amplifierfor best quality of sound ✔ Bass booster equalizer high quality ✔Music equalizer hd sound ✔ All in one bass booster equalizerdownload free music for my phone ✔ Simple interface, easy tocontrol sound 3. Music Player With Visualizer ✔ Vintage musicplayer MP3 2018 with Visualizer ✔ Audio players with high equaliser✔ Realistic and lively sound with equalizer hd music player ✔ Freemusic player with volume boost app 4. Sound Modes ✔ Media: Listento music with more vivid sound when using this mode. ✔ Game: Enjoytrue sound while playing the game ✔ Meeting: Turns off the soundonly to turn on vibration ✔ Night: All sounds will be off, soundalarm will be triggered ✔ Message: Sound notification when messagearrives With less than 30 seconds to install the application ofmusic enhancer make the volume louder, you can increase the volumeof your phone or immerse yourself in melodious songs by musicplayer Visualizer. No more annoying when listening to music,watching movies in the small volume, now you can enjoy clear,realistic sound after increasing the volume with our music volumelouder application. Especially with the gamers, the sound will comealive as you are the character in the game. Moreover, the soundenhancer for earphones application will not change the equalisersound after maximizing the volume. Hope you enjoy and recommend ourmusic volume for headphones app to your friends. If you have anyrequirements about the booster sound super loud app, please leave acomment below so we can improve sound increaser for music playerwith music player Visualizer to meet the needs of every user. Donot forget to rate 5* app with volume up and down button to supportthe developer!
Antivirus & Security With App Locker Phone Cleaner 1.0.7
Neiss Jody
You need to kill virus and malwaré on your phone, you want cleanjunk files and boost my speed. You need a solution to batery saver.These needs are all inevitable for smartphone users, and our antivirus protection application will help you solve those concerns.Not only that, the anti virus remover application also has manyuseful features such as cool down phone temperature, WiFi scanner,lock application to protect privacy, speed up the game. Do youthink that one anti virus security application that can do that?Then believe it, because this is a multi-functional free antiviruskiller strong application that can meet all your needs. This iswhat our junk and virus cleaner application can do. Please find outmore! Features of the app 1.Quick scanner: detect threats that harmthe device 2. Advanced anti virus scanner high speed: deep scan todetect viruses in all files in the device 3. Junk Cleaner: cleanyour machine and free up machine memory 4. Free WiFi scanner: scanWiFi network speed and check security, boost WiFi signal strength5. VPN: Change IP address through nearly 20 different countries 6.Power saver: stop applications running in the background thatdrains the battery 7. Phone cooler: optimize the cooling processwith just 1 touch 8. Super Optimizer: 1 touch to optimize theprocess of phone cooling, battery saving, WiFi boosting 9. Applocker with password: use partern password to lock applications inthe device, protect your privacy 10. Notification management:select applications that receive notifications and notificationsthat will be stored in this section, so you do not miss anyinformation. 11. Application management: enables/disablespre-installed applications in your device and uninstalls downloadedapplications. 12. Game booster: select game to accelerate, help youplay game without lagging 13. Ignore list: If you add applicationsto ignore lists, those applications won’t be scanned App Highlights★ 13 features are integrated into one compact clean boost killvirus application ★ Advanced antivirus for your phone technology,detect threats to the device in seconds ★ Remove 100% junk files toclean and free up machine memory ★ Fast WiFi booster signal boost ★Save battery life then help battery life extender ★ Protect yourprivacy with lock apps for apps, absolute security ★ Accelerategame in just 3s ★ Change IP to easily access many websites aroundthe world ★ User-friendly interface of phone cleaner and optimizerapp, easy to use ★ Small virus cleaner free application capacity,fast loading ★ Virus killer virus scanner and remover free Makesure you find it hard to find a fully functional phone cleanervirus remover application like our app. Do not waste time findingthe perfect application because it's right here. Download now toexperience the useful features of the cooling master phone coolerapplication. If you have any comments on the product, leave acomment below. The product development team values ​your ideas forproduct improvement. And do not forget to rate 5* to support ourefforts! Note: This app uses Accessibility services