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Pixel Art Maker 2.2.5
"Pixel Art Maker" is a drawing tool for pixel art like a 8-bitretro game. ◇ Easy to use You can draw a pixel art soon afterLaunching the app. ◇ Import a photo Pixelate a photo ◇ Create ananimated pixel art. First draw a pixel art, copy it, and then drawa animation. Feathers: • Draw a pixel art of 8 x 8〜256 x 256 pixelsize. • Change Color pallet(limited to 32 colors which includetransparent color). • Zoom the picture to draw. (you can pinch inand out your pixel art with your two fingers.) • Load and savedrawing data. • Load pixel art from a image file. • Enlarge theimage up to 2048 x 2048. • Save the picture as png file. (Save at(SDCARD)/dot/YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS.png) • Send the picture to anotherapp. • Edit and Export an animated gif (If the canvas size is 128 x128 or less, an animation is up to 256 frames. For larger sizes, itis up to 64 frames. )
読み上げ「ゆっくり棒読みトーク」 2.0.2
文字を入力するとその文字を読み上げるようなアプリなの。 ファイル連携で音声をメールで連携もできるの。 ゆっくりしていってねっ!◇さわりの説明 ゆっくりとか棒読みとかいわれる声で日本語を読み上げるアプリ ◇なにができるの? い.入力した文章の読み上げろ.読み上げる声の種類の設定(19種類) は.読み上げるスピードの設定 に.読み上げる音程の設定 ほ.棒読み音声ファイルの他アプリ連携へ.棒読み音声ファイルの保存 と.棒読み音声ファイルの動画での保存 ち.抑揚なしで棒読み ◇どんな場合に使うの?い.声が出ない時の会話に。 ろ.自分の口でいうのがはずかしい時に代わりに///は.さみしいときの暇つぶしのために、ひとりぼっちでおしゃべり に.ゆっくりかわいいよ、かわいい ほ.その他、レビューで教えてください。◇ファイル保存の場所Androidで音楽とか動画とかダウンロードのフォルダーがあるフォルダーにboyomi/というフォルダーが作成され、そのフォルダーに保存されます(SDcardのフォルダと言われる場所)。 音声ファイルは、  bym_年_月日_時分_秒.wav というファイル名で保存されます。動画ファイルは、  boyomi.mp4 というファイル名で保存され、ファイルが既にあるときは上書きされます。(棒読みをラインで使いたい場合は、一旦動画にして利用できると思います。) ◇許可が必要なパーミッション ①ネットワークへのフルアクセス 広告の表示と動画作成時に動画作成サーバへの接続のみに利用しています。 ②USB ストレージのコンテンツの変更または削除 ファイル連携時に音声ファイル(wav)の作成、音声ファイル(wav)・音声動画(mp4)の保存にのみ使用しています。◇音声合成ライブラリの著作権 本ソフトは(株)アクエストの音声合成ライブラリAquesTalkを使用しており、その著作権は同社に帰属します。営利目的での使用は該当ライブラリの使用ライセンスが必要となります。◇音声動画の保存について Lineで利用できるように、音声動画を作成できるようにしました。 Line内から動画を選択できると思います。ひとつ、制限がありまして動画作成時には音の長さの最大がが少し短めになってます。 (動画作成時のサーバー負荷対策のため) It's anapp, such as read the character you can type a. Cooperation alsocan e-mail an audio file in cooperation. Ll Yukkurishiteittene! ◇ description of touch Application that you wish to read aJapanese voice that he did Boyomi such as slowly  ◇ What canyou? Stomach. The reading of the text that you entered Filtration.setting of the type of voice that reads out (19 types) The. settingof speed read The. Setting the interval to read Ho. Other Apps ofBoyomi audio file To. Save audio file Boyomi With. Save Video ofBoyomi audio file Blood. Boyomi without intonation ◇ is it used inany case? Stomach. in conversation when I have lost my voice.Filtration. Instead when embarrassed to say in your mouth / / /The. For kill time when lonely, and chat all alone The. I'll prettyslowly, cute Ho. Other, please tell me in a review. ◇ location ofthe file storage Folder called boyomi / is created in the folderthere is a folder of downloads such as music videos such asAndroid, (where is said to be the folder of the SD card) that willbe stored in that folder. Audio files, . wav bym_ year _ month _time _ seconds It will be saved in a file named. Video files,boyomi.mp4 File is named, it will be overwritten when you alreadyhave a file. (I think that you might want to use on the lineBoyomi, to be able to use in the video once.) ◇ permissionauthorization is required Full access to ① Network It uses the onlyconnection to the video server to create video creation and displayof advertising. Delete or change the content of ② USB storage I'vebeen used to create an audio file of (wav), only to save the audiofile (wav) · audio video (mp4) files when linking. ◇ copyright ofspeech synthesis library This software you are using a voicesynthesis library AquesTalk Co. Akuesuto, the copyright belongs tothe company. Commercial use will require a license to use theappropriate library. ◇ about saving audio video Made available tothe Line, It is now possible to create a sound video. I think to beable to select a video from within the Line. One, the maximumlength of the sound has become a little short in the video when youcreate if there are restrictions. (Because of server load measuresof video creation)
Pull up Mole 1.91
A long time ago, there was a place called Mole Land. In this land,moles lived in peace. However, enemies came from outside to invadeMole Land. "Escape!" Moles must escape from Mole Land. Let's pullup moles! ----- Instructions ◇ 1.Main game. Pull up moles to savemoles in Mole Land. 1.1.How to pull up a mole. ・touch the body of amole. ・Move up your finger on the screen, and pull the mole up!Note: ・Touch the mole and move your finger repeatedly and fast, ifyou can't pull up the mole 1.2.How to find a mole from the ground.・Shake your device if there are no moles on the ground, and a molewill appear. 1.3.Shop Buy the following items with your Mole Coinsto upgrade each. ・Sunglasses Moles appear faster. ・Potatoes Thenumber of moles on the ground at a time will increase. ・EarthwormMoles you have never met may appear. Note: ・You can upgrade itemseven more after you defeat enemies on the mini game. (Each itemwill go up to level 30.) Also you can buy Mole Coins with an In-AppPurchase. ◇ 2.Mini game. Call moles to defeat the enemy. 2.1.How toplay ・Push a mole button repeatedly, and moles will appear from theground. ・Touch a mole and move your finger up on the screen. A molewill fly to the enemy and attack! Note: ・Pull up moles after molesappear to the end. ・Moles appear again after they attacked theenemy.
Car Parking 2015 Free 1.01
Car Parking Action!Various 40 stages is available.Easily you candrive the car, because the screen is rotated by the car direction.Practice car parking! Have a good drive!◇How to playStop the sportscar within the white lines by a time limit.Move your finger on thescreen to drive the car.