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TRBOnet™ Mobile Client 2.3.52
WHEREVER YOU ARE - STAY CONNECTED! TRBOnet's Android Mobile Clientsolution is an application that emulates the regular console anddelivers the most important dispatch information to the user'sAndroid-based device. It helps to interact with 2-way radios,Android devices and Dispatchers using voice and data via Wi-Fi orthe Cellular Data network. The solution also enables personnel andvehicle location tracking on the mobile device. FEATURES: PTT forTransmit and Receive Group and Individual Calls Dispatcher CallsDevice-to-Device Individual Calls Emergency Alarm Call Alert GPSPositioning Text Messaging Job Ticketing Also added support of theexternal PTT buttons (Sonim X7 and Motorola LEX L10 MISSIONCRITICAL). REQUIREMENTS TRBOnet Enterprise 5.2.5 or higher Androidversion 4.4.1 or higher.
GALLIA Rise of Clans - Match 3 1.1.4
The land of Gallia is conquered by the Roman Empire. RebelliousGauls try to start a revolt against Caesar and roman legions. Takethe lead of the revolt, and your name will make it into history! ADruid named Neocomix will be always near you. He will prepare magicpotions and come up with destructive conjurations. Their skillfuluse and accuracy of your catapult during the clash will make Romanssurrender the village and seek safety in flight. Don’t spare stonesfor the victory! Show Caesar that one tiny but angry Gaul iscapable to win the entire Roman war. Game capabilities: ✔ + 500GOLD ✔ NO ADS ✔ This game is based on real events – the GallicWars. ✔ Combination of the best ideas – Match3, Bubbleshooter,Catapult ✔ Colorful graphics and sound effects. ✔ Several gamemodes are possible: arcade and time limit. ✔ Various effects,bonuses and combo! ✔ More than 75 fascinating levels. ✔ Players’ratings for watching friends and competitors. ✔ Game graphics isadapted for all types of screens, including QHD. ✔ Support fortelephones and tablets. Social networks: Twitter: FaceBook:
Slick Climb - Tree climber! 1.4.0
Wanna be on top?Swipe on the tree as fast as you can to climb as high aspossible. Be careful, you need to avoid angry squirrels (collectacorns for it), beetles and birds!Climb higher, survive longer and never give up! You're strongerthan timber!Who is the Best Climber in the World? Challenge your friends inthis addictive climbing game!Twitter: climbing games - it is not hill climb, this is a small timekiller game with funny climbing man!
Slick Climb Pro: Bad squirrels 1.4.0
Wanna be on top? Swipe on the tree as fast as you can to climb ashigh as possible. Be careful, you need to avoid angry squirrels(collect acorns for it), beetles and birds! Climb higher, survivelonger and never give up! You're stronger than timber! Who is theBest Climber in the World? Challenge your friends in this addictiveclimbing game! Twitter: Tree climbinggames - it is not hill climb, this is a small time killer game withfunny climbing man!
Flying in Clouds 1.1.0
The sky plane adventure is starting! Flying in Clouds invites youto an endless flight runner games you have never seen before!Flying in Clouds is an atmospheric airplane simulator game. Fly inthe cloud tunnel and collect as many stars as you can to buy newplanes and upgrades. Open mystery bubbles to get some specialrewards! Use all the planes from your hangar. The game uses yourdevice's accelerometer to track your plane direction or you can useleft and right side of the screen to touch and fly. Become an aceand show your skills in the sky. Be the best cloudy surfer!
Commando ZX
Commando ZX is a great shooting gameinspiredby famous retro game "COMMANDO" released in 1985 by Capcom.Commando ZX is a run & gun action game. The playertakescontrol of a Special Forces Soldier, who starts by beingdroppedoff in a jungle, and has to fight his way outsinglehandedly,fending off a massive assault of enemy soldiers. Youstart out with3 lives and every next enemy area you'll receiveanother life.Your soldier is armed with a light sub-machine gun (whichhasunlimited ammunition) as well as a limited supply of handgrenades.Your soldier can fire his gun and throw grenades in any oftheeight directions that he faces. Unlike his submachine gunbullets,grenades can be thrown to remove vehicles, and explosionsfrom wellplaced grenades can kill several enemies at once.In the Commando adventure, there is a more powerful machinegunupgrade, bulletproof vest upgrade and various perks. Also,youmight be interested in a variety of medals and badges,militaryranks and much more.Commando ZX is a first port on Android devices of the cool 8bitretro game "Commando". Original commando games versionswerereleased for various consoles Atari, ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64andetc.
TRBOnet™ Watch Mobile 1.1.69
Watch is a client-server application which allows you to monitoraradio network remotely, thus eliminating the necessity foron-sitesvisits and significantly reducing travel costs. Watch willshow youall RDAC alerts coming from your MOTOTRBO repeaters. Ifsomethinggoes wrong with your radio system, you will receiveannotification. Required Watch server version: and above.
TRBO.SOS 1.1.200
Once installed on your Android smartphone, the app allows the userto send an alert to the operator when needed. The software has asimple and clean User Interface with large programmable buttons.Along with a distress signal, TRBO.SOS sends information to TRBOnetabout your location. Your smartphone will continue sending itslocation, which makes it easier for the dispatcher to track yourmovements until help arrives. Features • Requests To Talk • TRBOnetcalls (PTT type) • GSM call (common phone call) • First Aid alarm •Emergency alarm • Fire alarm • Police alarm • Incident Reporting(photo + description) • Lone Working - Check-In Timer • ManDownDetection • No Movement Detection • Shake Detection • Locationtracking in Alarm mode • Enhanced push notifications (High-prioritynotifications bypass the mute mode)
TRBOnet™ Communicator 2.0.033
TRBOnet™ Communicator for MOTOTRBO™. Easy to Configure. Easy toUse.Display extension for Text Messaging and File Transfer.Features •TMS parameters configuration at start • TX/RX Textmessages via theradio • File transfer via the radio channel • Chatbox(correspondence history) for every certain contact • Textmessagesdelivery status • Custom contact book • The ability tocopy contactsfrom the radio • Private, Group and TRBOnet Servercontact types •Auto-reconnect to radio • Signaling andpush-notifications •Adaptive user interface for all smartphone andtablet screen types •Minimal application size Minimalrequirements: DP/DM4000 Seriesradios and above.