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Weight loss by the «X» method: no diets, easy! 3.3.0
"Weight loss by the «X» method" is a book No.1 from the author thatgoes by nickname "Mysterious lifehacker" (photo is real). CONTENTSOF THE BOOK: Part І: myths, truth, experience and conclusions.Author’s note (notice: this is important!) 1. Energy value of theproducts: our stomach has been compared to a furnace! 2.Celebrations? Dates? We may eat everything and don't put on weight,only if... 3. Don't eat after 6 p.m.? Idiocity of a "sect ofbiorhythmologists". 4. Diets are EVIL, split meals are EVIL. 5.Beware of cold or you risk gaining weight! 6. Weight increaseswithout any reasons... Why? How to act? 7. After quitting smokingwe gain weight... because we move less. 8. Stresses, depressionsand their impact on our weight. 9. Why is it, when we exhaustourselves with physical exercises, we don't lose weight? 10. Why dowe come back with excess kilos after vacation or holidays at theseaside? 11. Why the "easy methods to lose weight" don't helpalmost anyone. Analysis. 12. What doesn't help for sure. Uselessways and methods to lose weight. Part ІІ: the «X» method v.3.0(simplified). 1. History of the «X» method creation. 2. The essenceof the «X» method. 3. Mystery of our organism. What do dietitianskeep still about? 4. How to lose weight with help of... plainwater. 5. Ways to boost metabolism. 6. Motivation. Common methodsdon't work? Let's use uncommon :) 7. Secret weapon. Start burn fatfrom the first minutes of training. 8. Secret weapon No.2. ALLthose who tried are thrilled! 9. The rule of 1 minute: very useful,if one small detail is considered... 10. Training without training!11. You may absolutely replace hard training with... simply onerelax exercise! 12. How to pump up stone-like abs lying on sofa.13. Bingo! Sfondare! 14. Weight stops dropping. How to overcomethis obstacle. Method of "impulses". 15. Peculiarities of losingweight from diabetic patients and those over 30. 16. Principle oflosing weight by the «X» method. 17. Hot to get rid of droopingstomach. 18. Life hacks and useful tips. Part ІІІ: old, new andunpublished. 1. Strong drinks. Do they help to lose weight? Some ofthem do! 2. Wholesome food, from which you will not lose weight,but, on the contrary, gain weight. 3. The best fitness is... 4.Weight loss by the blood type: there is a rational core... butnothing more. 5. Dietary supplement for weight loss: unfortunately,this is 100% fake. 6. Yoga. Will it help to lose weight?.. 7. Doyou wish to lose weight as comfortable as possible? Umph... Prepareyour money :) 8. Announcement of a new (paid) section, "How to loseweight doing almost nothing" UPD. May 2018: LATEST version of themethod describing by previous experience has been added – "How tolose weight doing almost nothing" New information will be publishedin a book as a last, ІV section (with paid access). It may both beused as a separate method of weight loss and server as an effectivesupplement to an old one. In this book you will find surprisingdiscoveries and stereotypes busting. You will find that: -calculating calories of the products in hopes to lose weight isalmost useless; - diets, split meals are not only useless, butharmful practices; - the heavier physical activities are, the lessweight you lose, etc. You all probably checked that any "easymethod to lose weight" usually turns out to be a lie, or is farmore complicated that the ordinary diets. New lifestyle, mealpatterns, diets and fitness – these all are not easy methods ofweight loss, remember that! Weight loss by the «X» method isprobably The Laziest Method to Lose Weight among those you happenedto read. Calorie and point counters, food diaries, tables ofproducts that one may and may not eat – you may easily throw allthese into the dustbin, you won't need them anymore! CONTACT theauthor at: