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Bobby Shoots: Endless Shooter 2.6
Nerd Jock
The bad guys have finally figured out how to use parachutes, and itis your job to stop them! Bobby Shoots is an endless shooter whereif you miss a shot, you spend about 2 seconds reloading (dependingon your weapon). I know, logic amirite. If you shoot enemiesmultiple times in the air, you get more points. If you killmultiple enemies with one shot, you get more points. If you get ahead shot, you slow time. With bad guys coming at you from alldirections with increasing speeds, it is up to you and yourreflexes to save the day.Shoot your way to blazing glory and watchyour enemies tumble to the ground in dramatic slow motion. Farmpoints and credits (or just buy them with real money) to get biggerand better guns so you can hold em off for even longer and earnbragging rights amongst your friends as the one who can keep yourcool the longest.