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Food Adventure 1.0.10
★ Descriptionfood of destinydespicable me Chicken Food to take away your senseThe Four Cats : The flying cats Luca and hisfriendsTenten(mechanic), Coco, and PopoLuca's adventure with Tenten's airship!Provide food to food box at various points in town to move on tothenext stage.Requires a certain amount of food to food box toclearstage.Upgade food with Coco's Magic Freezer to develop the type andamountof food. It will help to clear stage.★ FeaturesSimple game & controls for everyoneHow to play : Touch left side of screen to move. (up&down)Touch right side of screen to throw foodAdorable characters and UI graphicsGive coin after a certain period of time constantlyUpgarde food with Coco's Magic FreezerThrow various food in challenging stagesPhysics-based gameLoad food in Popo's score truck, compare score withyourfriendsEnjoy game with continuous updates (stages & food items)