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Kalliope CTI 4.7.2-b139
*************************** Product requires a KalliopePBX V4Minimum firmware version: 4.7.15 Kalliope CTI Pro license requiredfor CTI features Kalliope CTI Phone license required for Softphonefeatures *************************** KalliopePBX® in your pocket!Please refer to KalliopePBX® wiki for configuration steps andrequirements: KCTI mobileapp permits to access a subset of KalliopeCTI Pro functions:phonebooks and CDR, launch phone calls with click-to-call, answer acall directly from the mobile device, unconditional forward andmuch more. KCTI app offers a perfect integration with mobiledevices, for example, users can import the mobile phonebookcontacts and merge them with Kalliope’s ones. Functionalities: -Access to local, shared and personal phonebooks - CDR -Click-to-call - Integrated Forking to Mobile - Incoming callsnotification - Extensions’ BLF status and presence - Unconditionalforward - Mobile phonebook integration - CTI Mode: Single clickDISA and Callback services - Softphone Mode: Softphone clientfeatures enabled