NettMore Limited Apps

Science Sparks 10007.0.0
Science Sparks is full of fun science based activity ideas for kidsappropriate for preschool, early years, key stage 1 and key stage 2science.Find out how to make fizzy paint, remove the shell from anegg, make catapults, splatter patterns and much more.Ourapplication provides step by step instructions for a wide range ofsafe, educational and fun activities.
Caterlink Offers 2.0.0
The ‘Caterlink Offers’ app, bringing the latest food and drinkdeals straight to your phone. From long term offers to one offflash promotions, this easy to use app is a must have for those whowish to view our fantastic catering offers whilst on the go. Simplytap and redeem, but be quick, these amazing offers will not lastfor long! Download now, and start enjoying Caterlinks freshly madeproduce at a discounted rate!We use your location (if you allow it)to give you offers that are specific to your Caterlink site whenthey are available.
Tavistock Infant School 2.0.0
Easy access to Tavistock Infant School news and events. Links toeach of the year blogs. Tavistock Infant School was established in1972. The school is a non-denominational school maintained byHampshire Education Authority. Our motto at Tavistock Infant Schoolis ‘Achieving Happily Together’ and this reflects our desire tohelp your children to develop as individuals in a happy and safeenvironment. With your help, we aim to encourage and developchildren who are keen to learn, show resilience and become rightsrespecting citizens.
Goodenough College Offers 1.0.0
The ‘Goodenough College ’ app, bringsthelatest food and drink deals straight to your phone. From longtermoffers to one off flash promotions, this easy to use app is amusthave for those who wish to view our fantastic cateringofferswhilst on the go. Simply tap and redeem, but be quick,theseamazing offers will not last for long!Download now, and start enjoying freshly made produce atadiscounted rate!
CodeJam 2.0.0
The CodeJam app is used to share information with attendees aboutthe venue, the teams and the program.
Guillemont Junior School 1.0.0
Easy access to Guillemont Junior School calendar, newsletters andthe letters sent home.At Guillemont Junior School, our vision is todevelop confident, inquisitive and independent learners, bothchildren and staff who are: - Willing to learn by trying, knowingits acceptable to make mistakes, by challenging themselves and bysucceeding - Keen to learn and eager to try their best - Able toexpress themselves with confidence - Able to receive and to givefeedback positively - Willing to stretch themselves and theirthinking - Eager to make a positive contribution to theircommunity.
Centre4 Testing 5.0.0
Centre4 Testing registered testers canloginwith their email address and the password supplied to look atandapply for current Work & Cloud Testers projects. They canalsoflag leads and earn commission through the Centre4TestingAffiliate Scheme.This is a beta version so please let us know yourfeedbackprivately, rather than publicly downgrading the app, so wecanincorporate your valued comments in future designs.Thankyou!
Events By NettMore 2.0.0
Designed to help you get the most out of events held by NettMore
EMC Jazz 1.0.0
Members of the EMC Jazz band can indicate whether they are comingto rehearsals and performances
AlfaAid 1.0.0
Lists cars for sale at AlfaAid in Madenhead, UK.
Benefits Communication 3.0.0
Access your personal employee benefits informationsecurely.Includes : Employee MessagingTotal RewardStatementsAccount Details e.g. pension policy numbers and medicalinsurance membership numbersAccess to Discounted Shopping (subjectto approval by your employer)
Dev South Coast 1.0.0
A simple app to allow Dev South Coast members to suggest nuggetsfor future monthly talks.
NettMore 5.0.0
Enables NettMore customers to log bugs and view helpsheets andbusiness scenarios.
EMC BB 1.0.0
Allows members of the Earley Music Centre Big Band to see rehearsaldates and indicate whether they are coming or not.