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com.medengage.clinical 6.12.1d
★ Drug database prepared by Physicians & Pharmacologists. Theapp contains 2000+ molecules and 10K+ brands. ★ Largest academicnetwork for Physicians, Surgeons, and Medical students. Awarded # 1app for Doctors by GSF-NDTV. Highest rated medical app ★ Share andlearn from clinical cases ★ Largest Point of care references -Guidelines and Journal updates In addition, we have coverage of Keynational and international medical events like APICON 2016, PEDICON2016, CSICON, IRIA Radiology Conference, RSNA, DERMACON etc.Interesting, challenging and peer reviewed Clinical Cases and ImageChallenges updated weekly. ECG ( EKG ) tutorials, Xray Slides,Radiology cases every week. The app is Open & Completely Free -No subscriptions, No In App purchases, No Advertisements Getuptodate information on drug list and drug interaction. We alsopublish updated from IADVL , ASOG , DERMACON 2016 * MCQs that helpyou to be come a better Doctors * Updates and Latest new in thefield of medicine. * Peer Reviewed with a strict editorial policyto make sure the content is uptodate and error free. An editorialand curation team of over 120 Doctors. Clinical Cases are the bestlearning tools for Doctors and Medical Students. Daily Roundspresents you clinical cases in a Journal like avatar. These casesare carefully curated by a team of 120 Doctors. DailyRounds hasClinical Cases that matter to your practice....Not just the rarestof the rare ones ! The cases are chosen by the Editorial team basedon five criterias : (1) The case Presents a diagnostic, ethical ormanagement challenge. (2) The case Highlights aspects of mechanismsof injury, pharmacology or histopathology that are deemed ofparticular educational value. (3) At Least 30% of cases are CommonClinical Scenarios (4) The case was managed based on latestevidence based guidelines (5) Comprehensively evaluated cases withno open or missing links. Also get recent information on drug listand drug interactions Have fun with clinical cases!
Radiology Rounds
Radiology Rounds Radiology Rounds is an app for Radiologists andResidents to share and learn from clinical cases. This app is meantonly for Board-certified Radiologists. You can upload and sharecases with your fellow Radiologists. You can get "Thanked" for yourcontributions by your colleagues. Share your *MRI *CT *PET *USG*ECHO Ask fellow Radiologists for "second opinion". You can easilyupload your own cases and ask for second opinions from the fellowRadiologists. The recently added library hosts latest guidelinesand quick reference topics.
Anaesthesia Rounds with Calculator 6.10.1a
* Now Calculate accurately & quickly with #1 AnesthesiaCalculator Created by Top Anesthesiologists * Anaesthesia Rounds isa speciality focused app from the creators of DailyRounds (TheHighest rated medical app). Anaesthesia Rounds has connected andcontinues to connect anesthesiologists across the world.Anaesthesiologist from all walks of life share interesting cases,ask for second opinions, offer suggestions and keep themselvesupdated through the app. The app is completely free but it requiresthe login for full access. There are NO advertisements, in-apppurchases or subscriptions. App Features: Continuously growingdatabase of interesting cases from across the world:Anaesthesiologists from across the world contribute interestingcases that they come across in their clinical practice. They mayjust want to share the cases or want opinions from fellowanaesthesiologists as well. The cases promote discussions and alsohelp them in management. • Medical calculators: Quick checker forall indices • ECG: An elaborate ECG database with interactive ECGdemonstrations • Latest News: Latest happenings in the field ofAnaesthesiologist • Latest Journal Updates: Up-to-date journals •RxPlan: A management plan for commonly encountered conditions •Drug Database: The best and most up-to-date drug database withadditional features like practice insights, brand names and cost. •Vaccines: Latest information on vaccines • Regular Q&ASessions: To stimulate thinking and to make better doctors • Casesfrom Other Specialities: A place where doctors can access casesfrom other specialities in DailyRounds • Quick References: Latestguidelines and updates • Clinical Pearls for Ward Rounds: Usefulbedside pearls for better management of patients
com.marrow 5.9.4
An evidence-based online platform for NEET PG with QBank, Testseries and Video Lessons. Marrow for NEET PG: #QBank Edition 3.0 »26,500 new pattern MCQs arranged topic wise. » Only repeat &high yield MCQs. » Over 60% strike rate in recent exams. #Videolessons » 700 videos covering all subjects.  » Only India’stop medical teachers. » In-depth teaching with focus on concepts.#Test series » Largest pan-India test series. » Live All-India rank& results. » 12/20 NEET PG Rankers had ranks within Top 20 inMarrow Mock. *************************** India’s biggest facultyline-up for NEET PG - Exclusively on Marrow Edition 3.0! Anatomy -Dr. Ravi Raj, M.D. Physiology - Dr. Krishna Kumar, M.D.Biochemistry - Dr. Rebecca James, M.D. Microbiology - Dr. ShivikaSethi, M.D. Pharmacology - Dr. Ranjan Kumar Patel, M.D. Pathology -Dr. Ila Jain Khandelwal, D.N.B., M.N.A.M.S., F.I.P. ForensicMedicine - Dr. Akhilesh Raj Jhamad, M.D. Comm. Medicine - Dr.Mukhmohit Singh, M.D. Ophthalmology - Dr. Rajarathna Thangavel,M.S., D.N.B., F.I.C.O. ENT - Dr. Manisha Sinha Budhiraja, M.S.,D.N.B. Psychiatry - Dr. Mohan Sunil Kumar, D.P.M. Anesthesia - Dr.Rama Krishna Chaitanya, D.A., D.N.B. Radiology - Dr. Mayur ArunKulkarni, M.D., D.N.B. Dermatology - Dr. Malcolm Pinto, M.D.Medicine - Dr. Rakesh S Nair, M.D., D.M. Orthopedics - Dr. AbbasAli, M.S., D.N.B. Surgery - Dr. Rohan Khandelwal, M.S., M.R.C.S.,F.I.B.D. OBG - Dr. Sakshi Arora, D.G.O. Pediatrics - Dr. Singaram,M.D. *************************** What makes Marrow special? »Concept-based learning. Focus on high yield and repeat topics andMCQs. » Solve MCQs rather than just reading them. » Makes you examready. » Error-free & evidence-based. » Retain 30% more of whatyou read. » Be part of the largest Pan - India NEET PG & SStest series. » Prepared by India’s most loved medical teachers& top rank holders. » Learn using the most popular and trustedQBank for NEET PG. » Create your own MCQ set using Custom Modules.