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Likewize - Dare to compare? 1.03
Likewize is an anonymous social platform in which you can easilybrowse or add any question you seek answers to. Now you can getreal answers to intimate question you always wanted figure out, butwas too embarrassed to ask! The app gives you access to "intimate"and unique information about dilemmas you tend to face whenreaching different crossroads in life and helps you reduceuncertainty in these domains. It is the quickest way for anaccurate self-evaluation which helps you define better your ownself and abilities. Likewize uses crowd-source methods to getanswers and presents the gathered information in a clear quantified‘bottom-line’ way.Why use Likewize: - AnonymousAnonymously ask anyquestion on your mind! Now you can ask intimate question withoutfeeling exposed. - Bottom-line answersGet clear quantified“bottom-line” answer- User friendlyIt’s a quick, simple, userfriendly tool for a self evaluation that helps you define betteryour own self and abilities - Get access to “intimate” and uniqueinformation- Share questions with your friends.- Crowd sourcemethodseasily reach out to countless users and get lots of answersto unique questions- Reduce uncertainty in different domains thatbothers you- Gain access to many different interestingquestionsCheck out lots of questions other people are interestedabout.
NEVER LOST is a social app for backpackers, enables travelersaround the world to contact people like them who travels nearby,get to know what's happening around them right now and share theirtrip experience. NEVER LOST is not just a new way to experiencebackpacking - It's a real home for backpackers.