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CCC Practice Test 1.0
App for Clear CCC Exam Easily. CCC is a Govt oriented coursebyindian govt for upgrade technical skills of indian peoples.Curseconsists fundamental of Computer Syllabus MS-OfficeMS-WordMS-Excel MS-Access MS-PowerPoint MS-Excel InternetNetworking etcIf you like this app please share and rate it
CBSE IP : Informatics Practices 1.0
This App contain Notes for All 11th and 12th students of CBSEBoardAll chapters are covered in very simple and easy UI. So anyone caneasily prepare and revise complete syllabus of IP.
C Programming Complete Course 1.0
In this app we provide you Complete Tutorials for C Language.withthis app you can easily understand programs and their Logic.alltopics are covered in very simple language. so you canunderstandall topics easily. Topic Covered : Introduction of C IFElse SwitchFor, While, Do While Array Function Structure PointerFile Handlingetc Expert Support is Also available If you like thisapp pleaseshare
Tally Complete Course with GST 2.0
In this App we provide you Step by Step Tutorials for Tally withAskby Expert Facility Practice Sets Step by Step TutorialsPractice SetSolution GST Tutorials Shortcut Keys Tips and Trickfor Speed upTally Working in Tutorial Section etc.
Machine Learning 1.0
This App provides students best Materials for MachineLearningAlgorithms and Code Topic Covered : 1. Linear Regression 2.K-meansClustering 3. SVM 4. Naive Bayes 5. KNN 6. Decision TreesProjectalso Available
Python Best Tutorials 1.0
This App is designed for Every Student who want to learnPythoneasily topics covered Installing Operator Variable LoopConditionClasses etc. Projects are also available in this app ifyou likethis app please share
Data Structure Using C 1.0
In this app we provide you Best Tutorials for Data Structure forBTech, BCA and Other Students Topic Covered : Linked ListStackQueue Tree Graph etc Programs for all Topics with ExpertSupport
Excel Complete Tutorials 1.0
Topic Covered : Basic Features Advance Features Pivot TableDashBoard Formula Macro User Defined Form Demo Loop If Else WhileSuband Functions Array etc
Advance Excel with VBA 1.0
In this app we provide you Concept of VBA in Excel forcompletedevelopment. Using this app you can learn Advanced Excelwith VBAwithout any Help. Topic Covered # Macro # Variables # ifelse #Loop # Range # form etc.
Republic Day Status 1.0
This app is designed specially for Republic Day Status and SMSforShare your Friends and also set your Status of Social Network
C++ for CBSE XII 1.0
App Contain all the topics of CBSE Board C++ XII SyllabusC++Revision Tour Object Oriented Programming Classes andObjectsConstructor and Destructor Inheritance (Extending Classes)DataFile Handling Pointers Data Structure Linked List, Stack andQueueDatabase Concepts Structured Query Language BooleanAlgebraCommunication Technologies Sampe Papers with Answers
Blue J Complete Course 2.0
In this app we provide Complete Tutorials for BLUE J (Java)forStudents Topic Covered : Programs Tutorials Solved Last YearPapersetc
Word Tutorials 1.0
The App Design is User friendly and it can provide you step bysteptutorials. Topic Covered: Document formatting How to createbookletDocument collaboration Clip art Ms word Letterhead andtemplateMulti page document Word options Word shapes Mail mergeDocumentformatting How to create booklet Document collaborationClip art Msword Letterhead and template Multi page document Wordoptions Wordshapes Mail merge Get Started with MS Word Basics of msword LearnMS word word Ms office word Word learning Easy to learnword Easyto use word Word course Free learning Learning appLearning fromhome Word from home word table Ms word learning MSWord Full Course- Complete platform to learn MS Office Wordsoftware in easy way.user can learn from anywhere anytime.
Railway Exam Preparation Complete Guide 1.0
In this app student can prepare all subject required forRailwayExam Subject Covered : GK History Geography Current AffairsSciencePolitics Important Question in this we provide you ModelPaper andTrick to learn Maths and GK Easily if you like this apppleaseshare
Best Status and Shayari 2019 2.0
In this App you will get all Selected Best Status for 2019. Youcanchoose and share also u can sms to all ur friends andsocialnetwork. Status Categories : Republic Day AttitudeBreakUpFriendship Motivational Funny Love Life Time Sad Cool etc.
Java using Netbeans 1.0
This app is designed fr learn Java easily with the help this we cover all core concept of java basic toadvance. topiccovered: class string Array Error Handling DatabaseConnectivicityCalculator Project etc
C Programming Test 1.0
App Designed for Test Your C Programming Skills for Crack ExamofVarious Companies for B.Tech, BCA, MCA and other StudentsofComputer Science In this App we Covered Output Questions ofCLanguage All Topics Like If Switch For While Array FunctionPointerStructure File Hadling etc If you like this App PleaseComment andShare your friends