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NewsDog Lite - India News 2.3.7
NewsDog is the SMALLEST India news updates app that keeps youinformed of daily news from Republic of India in a most efficientway. It brings you millions of latest news updates from more than1000+ top media, such as Hindustan Times, Hans India, VishwaGujarat, India TV, Your Story, International Business Times,presenting you the most relevant top Hindi news updates. There arevarious news types, such as Bollywood news, auto news, movie news,sports news, such as cricket, entrepreneur stories, politicalviews. Everything you need is right in NewsDog! You will be updatedwith top news, trending news, breaking news and latest news updatesin all India news categories.Power-packed featuresREAD OFFLINE NEWS -No Internet? NewsDog got you covered.Enjoy reading offline news from our India live news app!NEWS VIDEOS Videos in the news articles are nowavailable!In THE NEWS MODULE. Easier to stay tuned with current majorevents: Find deals on Jio here!NEWS IN HINDI - India’s best news app now also in Hindi!Enjoy the Hindi news!हिन्दी में समाचार - भारत की सर्वश्रेष्ठ न्यूज़ एेप अब हिंदीमें, हिन्दी समाचार का अब खुल के आनंद लें!LOCAL NEWS & WEATHER FORECASTS - Find live local newsand timely weather alerts. Just select your city and VOILA.BOOKMARK - No time to read news now? Just bookmark thearticle. Bookmarked articles are saved and read them later will notrequire network.COMPREHENSIVE - Various news categories: sports news,entertainment news, auto news, horoscope news, education news,business news, lifestyle news, technology news, health news, localnews, political news, world news and more. You won’t run short ofIndia news to read.REAL-TIME NEWS - NewsDog covers English news & Hindinews and event updates 24/7 with zero delay. You can get Modikeynote app related news, Modi policy news and also know where tofind cash and rich-cash ATM nearby.PERSONALIZED NEWS - NewsDog can analyze your preferencesfrom your browsing habits, and selects the most relevant andinteresting top news for you from millions of daily news. The moreyou use NewsDog, the better it will get to know you and serveyou.HOT NEWS - Star news and photos from around the world areprovided by our news gallery!UNLIMITED VIDEOS - Latest cool and funny video news. Thereis never a boring moment with NewsDog.INSTANT NEWS SHARING - Share India news with your friends onFacebook, WhatsApp, Twitter in just one tap.NEWS SEARCH ENGINE - Search and reach your favorite newsarticles instantly.NEWS SOURCES - Hindustan Times, Hans India, Vishwa Gujarat,India TV, Your Story, International Business Times, News Track Live… This leading India news app gives you daily news and live newsupdate from thousands of newspapers, media houses andwebsites.With all the features, reading news with NewsDog is fun andaddictive! Download NewsDog today and stay updated with the latestnews around you! For questions and suggestions, please contact usat WhatsApp (+917292051036).