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Split The Snake IO 1.0.2
Newsoft lab
In split snakes io world you must conquerasmuch land as you can and try to become biggest snake.Split,slithe, hit, smash, crash the snakes! Don't let other snakeshityour tail also don't hit your own tail otherwise you willbekilled. Download the Split the snake io game, enclose othersnakesareas to be the first and dominate the map!* Costomize your snake* Choose patterns* Play with strategy* Eat other snakes* Became the biggest* Dominate the map* Enjoy the gameplay
Double Ship iO 1.0.4
Newsoft lab
In Double Ship game, all have equal chancetowin, just smash your enemies!Even if your ship is tiny, you can destroy static objects togetmore score, level up and then upgrade your ship! But becareful,every ship wants to dominate so grab the joystick and startcrash,smash, hit and destroy others to became the most powerfulshipcaptain in doblons io world!60 Levels6 different upgrades, such as speed, damage etc...3 Ship types - Sniper, Machine gun and Avg.A lot of fun is waiting for you in doblons io game, so whatareyou waiting for? Grab your wheel and rule the ocean!
Worm War iO 1.0.6
Newsoft lab
Can you become the longest worm inwormwar?If your worms head touches another worm, you will die - the gameisover.If you force any one to run into you, then they will die,andyou will get more score!In worm war, you can win even if you're small. You can killanybig worm to grow big and get a lot of score!Download worm war now and start slithering! Good luck!
Total Battle Simulator 3D 1.0.11
Newsoft lab
Welcome to the tabs - epic combat strategygame. With fast-paced strategy total battle simulator game yourarmy will battle against enemy with one main goal - totally clashand destroy his castle and left no stone unturned.You can create you troops by touching the accurate ground position,and they will start battle, but before you need to be sure that youhave enabled spawn mode tabs.You can create army during the battle simulation. Totally accuratebattle simulator is the latest real-time strategy game that wontlet you to to be bored.Game Features:heavy_check_mark: Change between view and spawn tabs, battleaccurate simulator requires you to have enough money to spawntroops.:heavy_check_mark: Use mini map to see your and enemy’s army.:heavy_check_mark: Use multiple spawn.:heavy_check_mark: Use tabs battle simulator.:heavy_check_mark: Create and test unique tactics and choose thebest one.If you like les ragdoll games then this simulateur de batailleis definitely for you. Try this totally accurate battle simulatorthe game free!