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Airport Control 1.4.2
Play role of airport manager and control airport. Control wholeairport traffic with your finger tips. Simple to play just dragplane to their destination and manage chaos of airport your way.Best way to Kill Free Time. This game also test your brainmultitasking ability. - Land plane, service, pump fuel, PassengerBoarding, Take off. - Earn Money, Upgrade your service stations. -Lots of Levels with different difficulties. - Endless Mode - HDGraphics - Different Maps - Environment Effect - Google Playservice: achievements and leader boards.
Life of Floppy 1.1.4
Life of Floppy is a classic bird controlling game. Life of aFloppydepends on your talent of tap and swipe... Its all about howlongyou can keep floppy alive with your tapping and swipingtalent.Floppy has special power to make your each flightinteresting.Advance controls make game more interesting to playandchallenging. Controls: - Tap : Fly - Swipe Forward and Hold:Activate Flight Control - Swipe Backward : Slow Down - Swipe Up:Become Invisible - Swipe Down : Drop Down(Dive). Features-Beautiful Graphics - Advance control Tap, swipe up, down ,left,right. - Floppy has 18 different avatars. - Detail statistics-Leader board and Achievements