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In Truck Driving Games : Highway Roads and Tracks 1.2
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Are you crazy for truck racing or car racing games? We offer you amost wanted traffic racer game. Cargo truck Master 3d is new toptrending truck racing game. This truck racing game offer you atruck drifting and truck driving opportunity. In this car cityracing game you are going to grab the drag racing and truck drivingexperience with your speedy racing truck. This city racing game istop truck racing and car driving chance for xtreme racing rivals.Traffic racer challenge is basically a contest of racer trucker intruck tunnels. In this self drive car racing contest there are manyracing cars and trucks such as 4x4 racing hilux truck, euro cargotruck and hill climbing trucks. This fast racing game is a drivingtest of your rush traffic racing skills. This city traffic racingtest sharpen your real truck racing and carx drifting skills. Makesure your racing skills can face all the deadly challenges on theasphalt truck road . This Real Truck Racing Rivals 2017 gameincludes multilevel modes such as traffic racing, velocity racingand digger racing. Every multilevel mode has its own deadlymissions. Enjoy the heavy truck racing game in indian highwaystraffic. Experienced the world's most eye catching and satisfyingtraffic racing adventure. Download this Street Racing Mania 3dtruck racing game and start enjoying fast racing with deadlydrifting vr cars and monster trucks. This indian highway speedracer game is for those who love fast war truck racing and driftracing in deadly asphalt roads. In this super fame and fortunebattle trucks racing mania lot of army trucks or military trucksare ready for you. Show your offroad drifting experience along withyour mountain mad max racing skills. Face the hill climb challengeswith different racing cars, pk truck and cargo trucks. Gain pointsfrom daring tricks and collect coins to upgrade your cowboy racingtruck and reach even higher distances without hitting the luxury vrcars. Drive the fastest monster truck cars on the planet in CargoTruck Master 3d racing game. It will test your velocity racing andsmash racing skills in traffic street mode. This nitro car clash ofracing game make you the best truck racing driver in the world.Compete with other truck race rivals in exciting multiplayer modeand become the king of the leaderboards. Real Truck Racing Rivals2017 allows you to drag a racing nitro car and heavy cargo truck onindian highway. Show some real traffic stunt while driving racingcar among traffic rush in highway racer mode. Get the real racingchallenge and become a real highway legend by driving your sportscruiser truck on highway with nitro booster and crazy speedyengine. Drag a offroad cargo truck on indian highway gives you asimulation of real formula racing. Become a traffic racer bywinning the real racing battle on indian highways with indiantruck. Off road cargo pakistani trucks are difficult to drive butyou can handle this up hill truck duty with perfect driving skills.Off Road Cargo Truck Racing is thrilling mission pakistani game.You will enjoy different environment like snow falls, bumpy roadgame experience in this 3d monsters truck battle. Your duty is todrive the transport truck carefully, use truck navigation systemfor hidden routes. In this super 3d truck driving game you willdrive the heavy transport cargo in thrilling hill drivingcondition. In Euro City Truck racer you can enjoy city drivingeither steering wheel. In addition, you can switch on/off autospeed option for eliminating the gas pedal in this super truckdriving game. Download this endless clash race game of 2017 withthe speed racing fun and become the no.1 driver in Crazy TrafficRacer Competition. Features: - Designed to look good on lowresolution and high resolution devices (incl. tablets) - Real turbosound when you upgrade your engine - Real experience of Off roadcargo truck driving - Most realistic heavy truck physics feel likereal truck driver.
In Car Driving Games : Extreme Racing on Highway 1.0.4
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Are you ready for the new jumbo driving challenge of driving dutygame on Indian highways? We offer you a top most wanted trafficracer game. In Car Driving Games : Extreme Racing on Highway is newlatest and top trending high speed car driving game. You have toplay many car racing and car parking games on city traffic roadsbut this Racing In Car 3d : Highway Traffic Challenge is one of thetop rated addictive game. This super nitro car driving game youhave to learn driving and drifting skills with highway road rules.Play this real racing simulator and prove that you are a real cardriver and traffic racer. This car racing adventure game for thelovers of real car racing and fun car games. In this pedal to themetal offline game your goal is to drive a modern luxury carcarefully, collect the golden coins and reach to the end pointwithout hitting the oil tanker and cargo trucks. You need to drivefast and furiously because the time is short and target is far. Youhave to drive the modern car carefully through different asphaltroads in city and bumpy highway roads. There are some dangerousKorean & US bombs on highway road. Avoid colliding with thoseKorean vs US bombs. If you collide these nitro bombs then yourluxury sport car will be destroyed. There are multiple levels andimpossible missions to complete in this car driving game. Blow yourmind and play this world class car driving game for fun andadventure. Extreme racing on highway speed racer game is an actionpacked and car racing game. Race through the heavy traffic onIndian highway and overtake the fast speedy luxury vehicles aroundyour crazy sport car. Play the most exciting and most wanted carracing game with your friends and car racing rivals. Drag and driftthis supersonic car & feel like a real car driver around theworld. Do not hit the cars, cargo lorry trucks and bus around youotherwise your game will be over. This top rated fast racing cargame is a driving test of your traffic racing, parallel parking anddrifting skills. This city traffic racer supersonic racing gamesharpen your real car racing and car drifting skills. Make sureyour racing skills can face all the racing challenges on theasphalt road. This In Car Driving Games : Extreme Racing on Highwayincludes multilevel car modes such as traffic racing, velocityracing and free ride highway racing. Enjoy the most wanted speedycar racing game on Indian highways traffic. Drive the fastest highspeed cars on the earth in high level traffic car racing game. Itwill test your velocity racing, traffic racing and smash racingskills in heavy traffic mode. This super nitro car clash of racinggame make you the best car racing driver around the world. Competewith other car racing rivals and traffic speed racers in realextreme multiplayer mode and become the king of the racing cars.Extreme racing on highway allows you to drag and drift a racingnitro car on Indian highway. Show some real traffic stunts whileovertaking the car racing rivals among in traffic highway racermode. Get the high speed real racing challenge and become a realhighway racer by driving your sports cruiser car on highway withnitro booster and crazy high tech speedy engine. Drag speedy car onindian highway which gives you a simulation of real formula racingexperience. Become a most wanted traffic racer by winning the realracing battle on Indian highways with Indian vs Pakistani rivals.These high tech super speedy cars are difficult to drive but youcan handle this nitro booster car with perfect driving skills. Thiscar racing game is Pakistani car racing game. Download this endlesscar racing game of 2017 and become the no.1 driver in highwaytraffic racing simulation. Game Features: - Enjoy high tech fasttraffic racing action without Wifi - Compare scores with friendsand racing rivals all around the world - Good for mobile and tabletdevices - Multiplayer racing in car vertigo race
Prado Car Driving - A Luxury Simulator Games 1.3.5
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There are many categories of games in this simulation world such asracing, parking and prado driving as a taxi. The concept of thesedriving and parking games has become boring in this racinggeneration. After launching the 3d modern prado car adventure inthis racing world, we brought you a unique idea in the world ofmodern furious taxi parking games. This Prado driving game is thefast high speed simulator adventure. Are you ready for the newjumbo driving challenge of this crazy modern taxi game? If Yes,then try this ultimate simulator of prado car. You have to drive oncity traffic roads and impossible tracks of indian highway. In thisluxury 4x4 prado parking game you have to learn real driving andclassic parking according to the highway road rules. Drive thisuphill taxi simulation and prove that you can test any luxury pradocar like a real limousine driver in this racing world ofsimulation. This chain of limo car parking is the best trafficdriving game in the modern taxi world. It’s a top trending parkingadventure for the lovers of euro land cruiser jeeps and real pradostunt driver. Drive this ultimate modern prado car and experiencethe thrill of driving Pakistani SUVs in furious taxi hill racechampionship. In this burning of wheelz prado with motorcar inhighway game, your goal is to drive on bumpy roads with prado carcarefully and drop the passenger on his station place. You need todrive this city prado fast and furiously because time is short.Drive this taxi prado carefully on asphalt roads and bumpy highwaytraffic. Use your best driving and parking skills and achieve theminds blowing height of speed racing legends. There are somedangerous time bombs on bumpy highway road. Use your paralleldrifting and champions driving skills to avoid these clock bombs.If you collide these bombs, your prado will be destroyed. There aremultiple driving and impossible missions in this 3d prado cardriving game. Drive this fastest high speed prado car on the uphilltracks in this taxi street racing game and become the parkingmaster. This hill climbing race is a test of your velocity racing,traffic racing and smash driving skills in rush traffic and hillymountain mode. This super car race makes you a best prado car riderand new york cab driver around the world. Compete with prado carracing rivals & traffic speed racers in real driving mode. Showall your prado driving, limo drifting and jeep racing skills as ahighway traffic racer. Drive this new cruiser taxi and play withbuddies in world championship of prado racing. In this formula carracing championship, race with bullet train and become the drivingking in modern prado vs train competition in Japan. Fasten yourseatbelts and experience the highway driving adventure in Dubaisafari deserts and New York roads. In this prado taxi transportmania all kinds of 4x4 steam vehicles including compact cars,luxury land cruiser and new limo Prado cab are available for drive.You will be able to get entertainment of hours by playing thisprado taxi on your mobile device. This simulation of prado taxiincludes perks of real driving and parallel parking. It is a realimpossible taxi driving king game for all crazy racing simulatorfans. Download this prado taxi racing game of 2017 and burnout thestreets with super nitro booster. CRAZY PRADO TAXI FEATURES: -Smooth, addictive and realistic prado handling - Different luxurycabs are available (luxury prado, land cruiser jeep, SUVs pick upand limo cab) - Detailed traffic system: Bus, Oil tanker truck,Train and Motor Bike - Realistic modes available (city traffic,off-road hilly tracks and bumpy mud roads) - Offline gameplay noWi-Fi required. - Realistic vibrant vivid HD graphics - Dodge theoncoming train, bus and truck - Lightning fast swipe acrobatics ofprado. - Chase the time with super-fast prado
Police Highway Chase in City - Crime Racing Games 1.3
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Get into the action of fast police car with the simulationexperience of driving. Race around the city streets and driftthrough Dubai highway at top speed. Get into a robbery criminalcase game. Try this police highway chase in city and become aprofessional police cop. The theme of this game is to chase cityrobbers who want to loot the bank and escape from there. Your dutyas a police officer is to stop this bank robbery. Show thecriminals that there is a brave officer to stop this grand robberymission at any cost. Get yourself ready as a super cop and show thecriminals what you have gained in police games. The whole city isin fear, robbers are high professionals and they are executing arobbery without any fear of grand chase of police. You are aundercover police officer who can bring peace back to the grandcity. In this police wali game there is a mission in front of you,you have to stop this grand robbery in city. Chase the popularrobbers in streets of crime city. Your duty as a police officer isto keep the city highways a safe place by driving the most wantedcriminals and street robbers. During chasing mission, drive apolice car at high speed and make sharp turns on city roads. Mostwanted mafia gangsters and city robbers will try to outrun fromyour police car. Speed up the hot pursuit police car in endlesshighway and shoot the criminals. Go fast, hit the criminal cars andbreak the speed limit in this chore police game. Enjoy the ultimateracing of luxury police car. Highway traffic rush gives you theeye-catching traffic escape experience. Take the advantage ofendless busy road and shoot out the gangster’s car. Expressway andlimit less highways are filled with high-speed car, bus and trucktraffic. These public transport vehicles interfere with you whenyou hit the robber jeep. Only the best racers can perfectly dodgethe luxury vehicles on the road. Make sure your shooting skills canface all the challenges in asphalt tracks. Every racing place hasits own unique atmosphere and feeling. In this perfect racingenvironment, face the complex driving on the bumpy roads and becomea real racer of a police force. Drive a powerful police cop car onimpossible tracks and do extreme stunts. Drift, roll and jump yourpolice car, use the nitro booster and catch the bank robbers. Drivefast police car through the endless highway traffic and experiencethe life of police driver. This police car driving game offers youa fun of racing with criminal theme that will help you to becomethe king of the racers in city streets. Are you excited to getbehind the wheel of super police cars and race against the bankrobbers? Then try this police simulator game. Your high tech policecar is built with rapid fire machine gun. Shoot the criminals carwith this machine gun. You target is to catch the robbers. Make aplane and take a short cut turn from the bumpy mud road and blockthe gangster’s car. Drive carefully on hill climbing asphalt roads.Use your professional cop driving and racing skills. There are somedangerous time bombs on off-road tracks. Use your police cardriving training and avoid these bombs like a legend cop. Remember!If you collide these deadly bombs, your police Prado will bedestroyed. Complete the chasing mission and unlock the new fasterpolice cop cars like 4x4 jeeps and pursuit vehicles. Download thispolice highway chase in city game and do the biggest jumps andfastest drifts stunts. Accelerate the 4x4 police jeep and burn outthe top speedy highways. Game Features: 🚓 Huge selection of policevehicles 🚓 Real sound effects of police car siren. 🚓 Optimizedsmooth tilt, steer & swipe controls 🚓 Extreme highway pursuitstunt car driving 🚓 Drive on the streets of the city while chasingthieves 🚓 Police car race game suitable for kids, boys and girls 🚓Real cops vs thieves challenge. 🚓 Realistic car driving and chasingsimulator.
Fruit Slice Shake : Fruit Cut Games 1.2.3
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Are you ready to blaze up the fruity adventure of all time? If youranswer is yes, then try this free fruit game and tap the fun offruit slicing on your device. We developed a new fruit game for youwhich is full of fruit cutting adventure and crazy slicing fun.This fruit slice shake has impressive gameplay which is especiallydesigned for the fans of fruit games. The theme of this free fruitgame is to slice the amazing 3d fruits as they appear on thescreen. Cut a fruits rapidly and find out a true ninja warrior inyou. Use your sharp finger like a shiny sword and cut the fruitsinto infinite pieces. Hurry up! Start the game today and chop thehasty fruits. Scabbard your favourite blade and experience thethrill of massive combos. Setting up the high scores in fanfavourite mode and become a master in fruit slicing games. Dodgethe falling obstacles and focus on fruit slicing. Fruit Slice Shakehas many unique features as compared to other famous fruit games.It's huge selection of blades and country flag kunai will amaze youcompletely. Select your favourite blade, swipe your finger on thescreen and cut the yummy fruits into several pieces. Fruit SliceShake is a new typical type of arcade game which is completelydesigned for ultimate fun and joy. The gameplay and controls arehighly optimized as compared to other fruit games. Slice all themoving froots and make a jug of fresh juice. When you fill up thejug then a glass of shake is made each time, which double up yourscores. After 6 glasses of juice are done then you will be equippedwith special power ups and defensive shield. Cut a fruits as muchas you can and unlock the advanced ninja blades. Slice a fruitsharply and give your scores a juicy boost. Use the massive combosof slicing on delicious frenzy fruits and test your ninja skills.This fruit game of 2019 allowing the player to test the brain andboost the concentration senses. Don’t be distracted and enjoy thefun of fruit splashing games. Try to slash many fruits at once andcatch a bonus points. How to Play Fruit Slice Shake Select yoursharp 3d knife. Tap to spin the ninja knife blade. Hold the 3dninja knife and drag your finger to cut the falling fruits. * Dodgethe obstacles carefully. It's time to play some incredible braingame just like Fruit Slice Shake and relax your brain. Enjoy thegreat hype of fruit games and become a fruit slice master. FreeGame Features of Fruit Slice Shake: * Tons of delicious andexciting fruits are available for slicing. * 60+ country blades areready to cut the fruits. * Eye catching effects with special powerups. * Offline fruit game with extremely funny levels. * Free toplay this fruit game and test your ninja skills. * Addictivegameplay with smooth and realistic controls. * 3D vivid graphicswith real sound effects. * Play without wifi and inetrnetconnection in any time. Get this FRUIT SLICE SHAKE and experiencethe thrill of Fruit Slice Master on your device.
Advance Police Parking - Smart Prado Games 1.2.2
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ATTRACTIVE PRADO PARKING GAME. Park a police car by dodging thehurdles on narrow parking tracks. Advance Police Parking is a brandnew driving and prado parking test challenge of new cop cardrivers. This cop parking game is especially designed for newbiepolice drivers to enhance their driving and chasing skills. Thetheme of this police parking game is matchless as compared to othercop driving and racing games. It has multiple parking levels whichare filled with swanky driving adventures. Select your police carfrom garage and then park a prado car at specific parking lot. Youmay have played many police car parking games but after playingthis prado car game you will definitely addictive to it. AdvancePolice Parking is a pack of hard parking simulation, which hasmultiple luxury vehicles for drive. If you want to become a realpolice car parker, then acquire this modern parking game. Get thispolice game from playing store and start your prado parkingtraining under the shadow of smart police driver. In this 3d policeprado car game, you are a classic police driver and your mission isto take a ride of luxury police sports car and then park a vehicleon police station parking lot. No doubt, you are a rookie policeofficer which has expert level of prado driving and parking skillsbut with the help of this police parking game you have a goldenchance to enhance your parallel parking skills. Drive a cop pradocar in multistorey parking plaza and then park at specific classicparking space area is an epic task. Remember!! don't rush your carwhile driving on city streets because narrow streets are full oftraffic hurdles and obstacles. If your auto collides with trafficcars, then your parking game will be failed. In this new policegame, you will learn about how to control and park a fast policecar in unpredictable parking situations such as parking a car on 2lanes of highway or at busy city street tracks. Drive your pradocar by using the steering wheel control and show some trickyparking stunts. Playing guide of Advance Police Parking Game: 1.Select your favorite prado jeep from highly advance vehicle garage.2. Use steering wheel to turn a prado car into right or leftdirection. 3. Press acceleration pedal to speed up the cop jeep. 4.Drag or touch a gear button to reverse a suv police car. 5. Tap onbrake button to stop a police vehicle. Attractive Car Parking GameFeatures: ✔ Realistic prado police car controls: hydraulic steeringwheel. ✔ 360° camera angle view for smooth and clear parking. ✔ 30+levels are available for smooth parking. ✔ Addictive and dynamicgameplay with HD vivid graphics. ✔ Realistic parking and drivingtrack. ✔ Multiple vehicles are available for parking and driving:luxury sports car, SUV prado jeep, offroad heavy vehicle. ✔ Playfree without internet package or Wi-Fi connection. ADVANCE POLICEPARKING GAME, BEST OFFLINE GAME IN SMART CAR GAMES CATEGORY.