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tolino - eBook reader and audiobook player app 4.10.2
Welcome to tolino and the new tolino app! Over 2 million eBooks andaudiobooks await you Discover an almost endless selection of booksin the eBook Shop of Thalia, Weltbild, Hugendubel,,bü, Mayersche, Osiander, Orell Füssli and tolino’smeineBUCHhandlung partner bookstores. You decide which tolinobookstore you would like to buy your e-Books and audiobooks from inthe tolino app. Your mobile library, everywhere, at all times Doyou want to read EPUB and PDF eBooks and listen to audiobookseasily and flexibly on the go? The tolino reading app provides youwith boundless reading and listening pleasure for your tablet orsmartphone at all hours. Simply download the tolino app free ofcharge, load it up with e-Books and audiobooks, and you willimmediately have continuous access to your digital library – evenoffline. 📖 Read eBooks with tolino – all functions at a glance: ✔Browse through reading samples (EPUB, PDF) from current bestsellersand new releases any time you like, e.g. by Jussi Adler-Olsen, KateMorten, Charlotte Link and many more ✔ Vary your reading settingsbased on your preferences when it comes to font size, font type,brightness, landscape or portrait format, and much more ✔ Browse inthe eBook shop of your favorite tolino bookstore with over 2million eBooks and audiobooks ✔ Safe your eBooks flexibly with thehelp of the tolino cloud, download them anytime and read eBooksoffline ✔Conveniently synchronize your reading progress, notes andhighlights thanks to the tolino cloud ✔ Organize your books inmanageable collections and synchronize them, for example, using thetolino eBook Reader ✔ Highlight passages in the blink of an eye andwrite personal notes right in the text of your eBook with ease ✔Search your eBooks for any words or text passages you wish usingthe practical search function ✔ Change the background color of youreBook in the blink of an eye while you read, e.g. from night modeto a sepia setting ✔ Read german books from public libraries (e.g.Onleihe) using the tolino app Literature to listen to – yourpersonal storyteller As old as time but never more up to date: welove stories and what we love most is having them read to us!Audiobook fans will also get their money’s worth with the updatedtolino app. Lean back and relax with fantastic audiobooks,enthralling radio plays and powerfully voiced readings. On your wayto work, while traveling, at yoga, in the bath or simply whilefalling asleep, the tolino app breathes new life into your booksand will take you to strange new worlds, word by word. The tolinoapp is also an excellent sleeping aid... Simply turn on the sleeptimer and let yourself be whispered to sleep😉 🎧 Listen toaudiobooks with tolino – an overview of the functions: ✔ Browse anddownload new audio dramas directly from the audiobook shop at anytime ✔ Free audio samples are available for many audiobooks ✔Convenient audiobook app with sleeptimer function, Night Mode andsimple operation in Car Mode ✔ Individually adjustable playingspeed for audiobooks (available on devices with Android 6.0 andabove) ✔ Flexible backup of audiobooks in the tolino cloud,download at any time and listen to audiobooks offline ✔ Sort youraudiobooks into manageable collections and synchronize them, e.g.with tolino webreader or other devices ✔ Free audio samples ofcurrent bestsellers and new releases, e.g. Anthony Bourdain,Catherine Steadman, Stephen King or Nora Roberts A unique tolinobenefit for all tolino readers Enjoy complete autonomy whendeciding which new eBooks & audiobooks to buy thanks to theunique tolino library link. Conveniently link the eBook librariesof different tolino bookstores and display all books and audiobooksin an overall library view. All of the titles in your tolino shopsin one app – saving room and providing a perfect overview of yourbookcase.