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Kashif - Best Caller ID/Identify Unknown Caller
Kashif is the spectacular caller Id and a unique caller finder toavoid prank calls and identify any spam caller ID to make you saferwhile receiving any unknown calls. The dynamic phone book of Kashifand true caller finder, makes you the proud user of this nextgeneration app. This magnificent app is absolutely free of cost forall Android users and for the first time in Android family, Kashifhas brought imperial service for its loyal users, such asautomation of caller’s details, largest channel to access to thebigger half of the world. It has unique call log features,user-friendly interfere and first forward navigation system.Surprisingly, Kashif is articulated with artificial intelligencewhich can catch the unwanted and threatened calls in a blink ofeyes. Kashif gives you the unbelievable HD screen experience andthe astonishing themes to decorate your phone directory. “Kashif isthe best among the bests” ️👉 Kashif specialties: - Artificialintelligence to find caller authentication - Multidimensionalphonebook with gigantic database system - Unlimited connectivity tothe world - 100% free identification of caller ID - Collect thecaller info even if it is not your phone directory Features:Absolutely free Caller finder: Best caller ID app offers you asupreme and powerful caller identification privilege withinone-hundred-percent free of cost. The home screen of the app showsinformation of Caller’s name, images, and location when it matcheswith the source. Connected to the world: Through smart contactsearch, you can access to one of the world’s largest phone numberdatabases with a single tap of your finger. Kashif will open anavenue of more than 1.5 billion people and business around theworld for you. Unique call logs: Kashif has created amulti-dimensional call directory for its users. It shows thecomplete call log history of the caller. The different mechanism ofcall log system groups the calls which are in the same manner.User-friendly: The app has an excellent user-friendly interfacewith an exclusive phone book. Quick navigation, effortless firstforward access from one section to another, easy and smooth serviceare Kashif's first promise. Automation of caller details: oncecaller name matches with the source of phone book this app willfind the caller's name, location and image automatically. Existingusers review Kashif as the best call identification app withstunning screen features. Imperial service: Best caller ID uses theunique program to find the true caller. This application can searchthe person of another side of the phone by name, location andcommunication gesture like mobility or immobility. This motionservice helps the user to escape form wired environment. Artificialintelligence: The application can instantly figure out the spamcaller IDs as well as prank calls without considering the logic ofwhether the callers' name is in call directory or not. The appbuilds with dynamic phone book to find callers' identification. Aunique program of unknown number identification has made the appmore artificial. App Permissions - The app will ask to check outyour contact details - It will gather data from the internet, viewnetwork connection and also get the full network access Disclaimer:All information published in this application is information thatis made available from open sources or obtained with the consent ofits owners. Collected and published for easy access and search.
RobustVPN - Free Unlimited High Speed VPN 1.1.21
Easy to use, one click to connect VPN. Unlimited bandwidth andunlimited free trial time. *100% free VPN! High VPN speed! *Allowsyou to select more than 30 select countries. * Protect youranonymity, keep you safe from 3rd party tracking * More than 22countries to connect * Top server speed & reliability * Unblockgeographically restricted websites * No registration required, nosettings required * No speed limitation, no bandwidth limitation *One-click to connecting VPN * No root access needed * Encrypts yourinternet traffic * Speeds up your network browsing
Call Filter - Rings Important Calls 1.0.3
Call Filter is the exclusive convenient calling app thatfilters/silents unnecessary calls during your busy hour. This appis also an amazing contact manager call filter for Android devicesto help you overcome critical situations. When you are sleeping orspending a delightful time with your family or in a businessmeeting you need this call filter the most. You cannot blocknumbers of your friends and family or avoid their calls, however,in some cases, phone calls may create a disturbance. Check out whois calling you and also keep your phone always open for importantpersons. Remember this calling app call filter will only avoidlisted calls not block any numbers like ordinary call manager apps.Experience the brilliant unique features of Call Filter andconcentrate in your workplace and personal life. The ElectrifyingFeatures of Call Filter • Include numbers easily in the filter list• Get a Call History option to get the call details at a glance •Maintain the filtering for a specific time • Calls will be silentno call blocking • Verify the outgoing calls • Easy and smooth userinterference Add Contacts Manually: You can just search yourcontact list available in your phone or include numbers by yourselfmanually. This feature makes your task easier, you can now add yourpersonal contacts to the blacklist simply or even the unknownnumbers without doing any hassle. Provides The Call Log: This callfilter can become your contact manager as well, it offers a CallLog option where you will find all the details of the incoming andoutgoing calls. If you don’t want to miss any urgent calls or callsof your loved ones you should check out the log. Set The Time: CallFilter comes with various astonishing features and setting the timeis one of them. You can add numbers to the blacklist and the callsfrom those numbers will be silent for a fixed time. The best thingis you can manage the timing yourself, pick a suitable slot likewhen you are sleeping from 10 pm to 7 am and you will get no phonecall from your listed numbers on this hour. Silent Mode Will Be ON:Throw some numbers on your blacklist and this calling app willfilter them and if any calls come within your restricted time theywill keep silent by this app. That means it's not necessary toblock any numbers or keep your phone switched off. Sometimes animportant person can call you like your boss or any valuable clientand if you keep your phone off or silent they cannot reach you.However, with this excellent calling app, you can filter phonenumbers of your choice. Verify The Outgoing Calls:When you willtype and dial a number the app will show you all the details of theuser you are calling. This dialog is to ensure that you actuallywant to call or you are making any mistake. Ease Of Use: Get nocomplex features and use the app seamlessly, the app is made tokeep your precious time clam and it will maintain your good imageas we.
ReCall - The Call Recorder 1.6
Record any phone call you want and choose which calls you want tosave. Features:- Auto/Manual Incoming/Outgoing Call Recorder-Displaying contact name and photo- Play/ Delete recordings- Shareyour recording- Listen directly after call in After Call Dialogfeature- Control the recording while call in Call RecordingDialogNote: Some phones do not support call recording properly.This is due to capabilities of different chipset/CPU or Androidversion each brand/model have. Legal:Please check with local lawsrelated to call recording in your country