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脫衣撲克(SPEEDver) 1.0.0
萌萌系列?片遊戲決定版「?衣撲克」高速登場!這次在學校的教室裡用傳聞中的SEXY GAME來和青梅竹馬的金髮美少女「安娜塔西亞」進行對決。☆贏了遊戲獎賞當然就是‥♪即使是初學者也能輕易上手,請?一定要挑戰看看?。Meng Mengseries? Film version of the game the decision "? Clothing Poker"High Speed ​​debut!The classrooms in the school with the rumors of a SEXY GAME comeand childhood blonde girl "Anastasia" duel. ☆Of course, is to win the game rewards ‥ ♪Even beginners can easily get started, please? Sure to challenge alook?.
相片加工 1.0.0
照下來的照片能?輕易地「塗鴉」「剪下」來加工。然後就能直接上傳到FACEBOOK上?!輕鬆簡單就能加工的APP登場!徒手就能塗鴉跟剪下,隨著?的創意讓加工的方式變得無限大!Photos canbephotographed? Easily "Graffiti" 'Cut' to process. Then youcandirectly upload to FACEBOOK on?! Easy and simple processing ofAPPcould debut!Graffiti can be cut with hand with? Creative ways to becomeinfiniteprocessing!