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Deal To Be A Millionaire 1.4.3
How to become a Millionaire? Very hard in the real live but noteasy in the: Deal To Be A Millionaire. You must think carefully togive a good answer for each round to get the biggest money as youcan. The main target gets 1 million dollars. NEWBIE GUIDE: - Thegame has 16 identical sealed boxes. - There are 16 boxes on thewings each containing an amount of money between 1p and $1 Million.- At the start of the game, the player selects a numbered box atrandom. - The player’s aim is to sell that box back to The Bankerfor the most amount of money possible. -The independent adjudicatorloads and seals all the boxes. No one but the independentadjudicator knows what is in the boxes. - In the first round, theplayer must choose five boxes before the first offer from TheBanker. - The Banker places his opening offer into the capsule. Ifthe player successfully predicts the opening offer (within 10%)they gain a one-time use of the Offer Button, which can be pressedat any time during the game. When pushed, The Banker mustimmediately call to make an offer. - MC asks, “Deal or No?” Theplayer must answer, “Deal” to accept the offer or “No Deal” todecline the offer and carry on. - Four boxes are opened in thesecond, third, fourth and fifth rounds, followed by the questionfrom MC. - If you decide to “No Deal” you will continue in thisfashion until only two boxes remain. - If you accept an offer bysaying “Deal”, the game is still played out in exactly the sameway, in order for the player to see what they could have won ifthey’d carried on. - When the last two boxes remain, The Bankerwill give his final offer. If you say “No Deal” you will then gothrough to the final box opening in live play. Now you know therules make sure you download play the game and give us your commenton the Facebook page:
Idle Snakes VS Balls 2.4.1
Idle Snakes VS Balls are a super fun game of your free time.1 - Tapthe ball to earn money and kill the ball.2 - Sumon snakes tosupport you attack balls.3 - Upgrade snake level to increasedamage4 - Call stronger snakes5 - Control snakes by a tap on thescreen.6 - Boost damage, time and money to make your snakesstronger.Enjoy the endless Idle game.
Millionaire Or Ten Million Dollars 1.0.4
To Be A Millionaire Or Win Ten Million Dollars is very fun game foryour free time. GAME MODES1 - To Be A Millionaire2 - Win $10MillionHOW TO PLAYTo win the game you need to give 14 to 15 correctanswers out of 14 or 15 questions depends on the game mode.Downloadand enjoy the game!
Million Drop 1.0.3
Million Drop is very fun game. You have 1Million Dollar or 10 Million Dollar at the beginning of thegame.GAME RULES:1 - Pass all 8 questions in the game and bring your money to yourhome.2 - Make sure always have 1 answer don't have any money bet.3 - Only 1 right question. All another money bet on the wronganswer will be dropped.4 - Have 2 supportsa: Remove 1 wrong answer by sponsorb: Add more time: Use only 1 time in the game.5 - Have 2 functions:a: Stop time to get final answerb: Reset money to bring all money back your table.GAME MODE:1 - 1 Million Dollar: Easy mode. The maximum you can win 1 MillionDollar with the normal question.2 - 10 Million Dollar: Hard mode. The maximum you can win 10Million Dollar with the hard question.NOTEAll money here is not real money. You can't take it in the reallife. This game improves your knowledge and brings super fun timeto you.Give us your comment if you love this game.
Triệu Phú Hay Tỷ Phú - Trieu Phu Hay Ty Phu 1.1.2
Chào mừng các bạn đến với trò chơi trí tuệ: Triệu Phú Hay Tỷ Phú.Trò chơi với hai mode chơi hấp dẫn: 1 - Triệu Phú: Bạn cần chiếnthắng 14 câu hỏi để chiến thắng mức thưởng 100 triệu và trở thànhtriệu phú trí tuệ. 2 - Tỷ Phú: Trận chiến với những câu hỏi khókhăn hơn rất nhiều. Nhưng phần thưởng của nó lại vô cùng hấp dẫn: 1tỷ đồng. CHÚ Ý: Tất cả các mức thưởng trong trò chơi không có giátrị thật ngoài thực tế. Trò chơi giúp cho bạn nâng cao trí tuệ bằngcách chinh phục những câu hỏi hóc búa. Nếu bạn yêu thích trò chơivà chất lượng của sản phẩm. Hãy gửi cho chúng tôi những lời bìnhluận của các bạn. Chúc các bạn vui vẻ.
Ball Breaker 1.0.0
Ball Breaker is the game for your free time. You control balls tobreak all blocks to win the game.HOW TO PLAY:1 - Slide down toshoot the ball2 - While the tile touches the white line. You lose.3- Slide and move to change ball direction4 - Press speedup toincrease 2x game speed.ITEMS:1 - Pluss: Add 1 more ball2 - Money:Add 1 more coin3 - Change direction: Change ball direction randomlyto increase the chance to kill block.4 - Horizontal attack: Attackhorizontal block.5 - Vertical attack: Attack vertical block.Easygame but fun to play. Enjoy the game.
Million Deal: Win A Million Dollars 1.2.2
Million Deal is brain puzzle game that you play with money. Youhave a chance to win up to 1 million dollars. Amazing!!! GAMEPLAY:1 - Game had 16 cases contain money with random value from $1 ->$1,000,000 2 - You pick the case for your self 3 - There 4 round ofpicking case: --- a: Round 1: Pick 5 cases --- b: Round 2: Pick 4cases --- c: Round 3: Pick 3 cases --- d: Round 4: Pick 2 cases 4 -Between each round, the Bank will offer you a value of money. Youmust answer Deal or Not. 5 - If Deal: You take bank money. 6 - IfNo Deal: You continue playing the game. 7 - At the end of the game.If you no deal any offer. Your case is opened to show your finalmoney in your case. You can win up to $1,000,000. Believe in yourcase. LOL Note: This is a game only. Money in the game doesn't haveany value in real life. LOL Enjoy the game.
Rainbow Candy Go 1.0.4
Rainbow Candy Go is lovely match 3 game for your free time.HOW TOPLAY:1 - Matching the same candy color with 3 or more than 3 candyto get a score2 - There are a lot of special skill to help you winthe game.3 - Every level had the target. Try to finish all missionto pass that level.4 - There 3 stars for each level. Get all ofthem to show you are the best player.SKILL:1 - Horizontal skill:break all candy in the same row2 - Vertical skill: break all candyin the some column3 - Boom skill: break all candy in 9 cells aroundit.5 - Ultimate skill: break all candy had the same colorselected.The Game with high-quality graphic, very nice effect wehope that you enjoy it.
Helix Down: Ball Jump On Helix Road 1.2.1
Roll the ball down the endless tower. Features - Endless towerdungeon - Easy to play - Challenging gameplay as you progress -Collect diamonds to buy different type of balls How to play - Tapto jump - Avoid yellow parts. - Collect diamonds. - Fall through 3levels at the same time will trigger special skill. Easy to play,addictive gameplay and a great time killer.
I Know It All 1.0.0
Do you think you know everything on earth? Challenge this game andsee for yourself!“I know it all” is a cool, simple yet addictiveword game where you "read" a series of pics that combine to createa word or phrase. Each of the two pictures represents one half of aword.“I know it all” features: - More than hundreds of differentchallenging levels. - Continue where you left. - No internetrequired! - No time limit!Enjoy the game. Enjoy the life.
Million Deal Emojis 1.0.4
Million Deal Emojis 💰💰💰 is a brain tickling puzzle game thatyouplay with money. The maximum prize is up to 1 milliondollars.Amazing!!! 😍😍😍 GAMEPLAY: 1 - Each game had 16 cases containmoney,range from $1 -> $1,000,000 2 - You pick 1 case foryourself 3 -There are 4 rounds of eliminate the cases: --- a: Round1: Pick 5cases to remove --- b: Round 2: Pick 4 cases to remove ---c: Round3: Pick 3 cases to remove --- d: Round 4: Pick 2 cases toremove 4- Between each round, the Bank will offer to buy your casewith asum. You must answer Deal or Not. 5 - If Deal: You take bankmoney.6 - If No Deal: You continue playing the game. 7 - By the endofthe game, if you have been going with No Deal, your case isopenedto show your prizes. You can win up to $1,000,000. Believe inyourcase. 😉😉😉 Note: All game money isn't virtual currency. It isnottransferable or exchangeable. 🤣🤣🤣 Enjoy the game!!