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Adventure of Musa Super Bloomix 1.1
Get all your skills ready because you will need them for sure.Don’t worry It is not a game for girls only but boys can play aswell. Before we discuss the story of the game we want to take theopportunity to say that we are not responsible of any misleadingand that we have nothing to do with musa the cartoon or the game.The character is just a fan art made by our friendInesWinxEditions. so just enjoy it.If you are tired of looking forgirly free games that deal with little princess and fairies, thenyou are welcome to musa the winx princess.Story of musa bloomixlost fairy:Our hero, bloomix musa, was looking for her friends thatwere kidnapped by the giant devil inside the cave. That is why youneed to help her get back all of her friends, robe flora, layla,daphne, bloomix, and bring them back to the club.Show us how farcan you go and how much power items you can gather. Would yourather use help or can you do it all by yourself. Prove that youhave skills.Features of musa the winx fairy:★ This free game is aplatform for all ages that challenge everyone. ★ It is very easy toplay, but difficult to master. Lets see what you can do★ Greatsounds of nature cave and scream. ★ Spirit of old school classicgames. You will enjoy it.★ Great design and amazing 2D graphics.You will get involved.★ 3 different difficulties. Chose the one youwant★ dozens of challenging levels. Can you handle them all.★ nonwifi games.Disclaimer:Please notice that we are not responsible forany misleading and that we have nothing to do with the cartoon orthe game of musa of the club winx. Our charcter is made by ourfriend.
Super Princess Luna Adventure 1.0
This app is not affiliated with princess luna MLP The tv show inany way, shape or form. Ride with awesome friends like TwilightSparkle , Pinkie Pie , Rainbow Dash , Rarity , Fluttershy andApplejack be theultimate runner Pony.Tap screen to make Cute LittleTwilight Run princess luna Run jump and avoid obstacles.Features ofTwilight princess luna run:+ thrilling and fun running Cuteprincess luna + frenzied, addicting and fast game experience+ easygame to play with one-touch controls+There are a lot of levels andmore coming .+ beautiful, stunning and smooth graphics+ great musicand intense sound effects+ small APK file size to download in shorttime.princesse luna MLP run is stranded in many worlds. HelpTwilight Sparkle , Pinkie Pie , Rainbow Dash , Rarity , Fluttershyand Applejack running through world and temples and try to collectall Blue crystal.Run for your life and escape all troubles andobstacles go to Collect Blue crystal, explore different areas andrun along cliffs, traps and barriers.How far can you run? Can youbeat the leader-board high scores?Go now to Test your treasuretrapping skills !Play and Have fun .It's a new crazy game againfrom princesse luna run.Help your favorite character TwilightSparkle , Pinkie Pie , Rainbow Dash , Rarity , Fluttershy andApplejack to collect the Blue crystal. Just run as fast as you canand pay attention to directions, it will be helping you overcomethe obstacles.Enjoy the new funny and crazy adventures in Twilightmy litle pony run world.It's easy! just keep running and jumpingand have fun.How to play?Jump and run as fast you can.Collect thecupcakes.Wanna have fun? princesse luna run is the right game foryou, get it now for FREE!Warning: This application is for fansonly. We are not affiliated with the original creator of princessluna MLP. All drawings are submitted by fans and just foreducation. Please contact us and tell us immediately if you haveany problems! Thanks for your reading and use.
woodii super Adventures woodpecker 1.0
woodii super woodpecker Adventures Game is cool Jump and Runaddictive constant old fashioned arcade wilderness enterprisediversion! woody Super woodpecker Adventure Game is a super greatenterprise and incredible side-looking over arcade platformer. Stepby step instructions to play woody Super woodpecker Adventure Game:• To move the Super woodpecker tap on right or left on the controlcushion! • Press Jump-catch AND right or left to run; squeeze Jumpand B together for a higher and more extensive bounce! • PressB-catch to make Super woody interesting woodpecker bouncing! •Click down for dodging or on some tree stumps to get to a rewardlevel! • Super woody super woodpecker swimming: press A-Buttonnumerous circumstances to swim higher ... discharge your fingerfrom catch to go down! Highlights of wooddi super woodpecker WorldAdventures Game: • 4 diverse astonishing universes • +50delightful, very much outlined and testing levels with expandingtrouble • 8 great manager battles (furious scorpion, unsafe creepycrawly, honey bee golem and crocodile supervisor) in 8 distinctchâteaux • Over 20 extraordinary, incredible energized foes, forexample, crocs, frogs, bugs, snails and some more • Addictive,exciting and testing wilderness enterprise hit • High determinationdesigns - awesome blend in the vicinity of 2D and 3D illustrations• Old school hop and run stage/snags sprinter • Classic platformerfor children, youngsters and grown-ups • Side-scroller gameplaywith simple amusement support cushion controls • Easy and allowedto play - difficult to ace • Classic wilderness retro running andhopping experience • Retro arcade music and outdated sound impacts• Many catalysts, extra levels, shrouded squares and extra things •Simple and Intuitive amusement control through retro controlcushion like on comfort recreations • Special woody superwoodpecker shocks covered up in destroyable squares and blocks •Amazing gameplay reminding to retro great diversions Appreciatethis pristine woody Super woodpecker Adventure Game For FREE,Download Now! *** woody Super woodpecker Adventure Game isextraordinary compared to other freshest arcade amusements ThisSuper woodpecker Game is truly addictive for young men and youngladies , kids and adultes your feeling of this amusement is trulyimportat for us please leave an audit .
BlueGirl And RedBoy 3 2.3
Same the game about Red boy and his lover (Ice girl) , who go withhim, is a adventure game for two players.BlueGirl And RedBoy 3 gameis a simple puzzle game .BlueGirl And RedBoy 3 is one of the mostaddictive and entertaining free game ever made with great gamequality, download now and experience the joy of jumping the hurdlesthrough the amazing world of fıre and water ! One of the mostaddictive and entertaining jumping and adventure game ! And it'sfree!Red boy & Blue girl is an breathtaking easy control game ,so start playing !!! It's an addicting and very fun to play withyour frind or your lover or your friend.get a big scores and dareyour friends , NOW !GREAT GAME FEATURES:- Nice character red boy-Nice character blue girl - Always support .All levels are updatingfrequently- Classic gameplay from web