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Navigator GPS - Route planner & Live traffic 2.0.8
This application will allow you to navigate quickly and easily.Thanks to its easy and intuitive control panel with large buttonsand clear graphics, navigation will be no frills and within reach.Features Free Navigator: ★ Speaking and navigation will startautomatically ★ Write to reach your destination ★ Address Book(Save All Addresses You Want) ★ Home button (travels quickly home)★ POI (save your points of interest) ★ Your voyages will be savedin history ★ Search favorite addresses and history lists ★ Choosebefore you enter your destination if you are browsing with:  AUTO, FOOT, or PUBLIC MEANS ★ Avoid highways and tolls★ More than 25 languages ​​can be set ★ Share your paths with yourfriends Do not waste time with the usual boring navigators,entrusted with something simple but effective. Excellent for use incars, for those who want to keep their hands on the wheel. You cansave your Offline Maps by going to the 'Offline Areas' menu. Pleasenote: Any problem with Location, Abnormal Arrests, Map Stop orInternet use is not due to this app. Free Navigator does not useany "Google APIs" Google Maps ™ and Google Voice ™ must beinstalled to work.
Deleo - Combine, Blend, and Edit Photos 155568

*** From the creators of Shapical and Crystallic, featured onGoogle Play in 90+ countries ***
 Deleo is a perfect union ofelegant and intuitive tools that lets you create blended,superimposed, double-exposed photos, remove unwanted objects fromyour photos, add more details and special effects. Here's how itworks — in six simple steps:

 1. Select — Start by choosing thetwo images you will be working with. You can also pick a solidcolor, or load a photo from Unsplash.
 2. Cut out — Circle thearea of your foreground image that you want to keep. 3. Place— Position your foreground layer by dragging it across thescreen. Pinch and rotate to adjust.
 4. Refine — Erase anyareas you want removed. Use brush to undo.
 5. Adjust — Makecolor adjustments on the background and foreground so they blendseamlessly.
 6. Share — Save your work and share it withfriends.

 Also included in Deleo is Unsplash, an industry-leadingphotography community with a large collection of beautifulhigh-resolution photos that you can use in your edits. If you wantto create beautiful photos, but feel overwhelmedor intimidated by the complexity of other programs or otherphoto editors, try Deleo, a powerful yet simple tool for combiningphotos, used and loved by professionals and enthusiasts alike.80189610df
Decibel Meter(Sound Meter) 50.2.0
This application in realtime shows current value of sound volume.The main indicator shows current sound volume value and givingshort explanation of it. Also there is digital value indecibels(dB) in the bottom part of screen. You are on the concertof the famous heavy metal band and wonder, the noise decibels atthe moment? Use the sound meter, and figure out, are the soundeffects still harmless to your ears! You are going to have a quietevening and bothering not to wake up your baby, sleeping the nextroom? Check out with the db meter, whether you are not too loud!The noise measurement application will come in handy in varioussituations: on the party and the lecture classes, entertaining withfriend or arguing with your ex-wife. Make the sound test for fun orwhen it is needed with the help of ours soundmeter! The mobileapplication was designed to easily turn your device into theprofessional sound measure instrument. After downloading it andinstalling to your mobile phone, you will get the access to thenext options in the menu bar: ★ Decibel meter, which register thenoise level, from zero to hundred and twenty dB, including 4spectors: quite (0-35 dB), speech (35-65 dB), noise (65-100 dB),danger (100-120 dB). Check, how loud are you, watching the soccergame, do you cross the mark in 60 db, when your team lead? ★Frequency Weightings mode, helping to track the different groups ofnoises, can be registered with the sound pressure meter. Want totake part in the spl competition? Check it out whether it ispossible with the appropriate tool; ★ Calibrate tab allows you tointeract with the noise level meter and influence on it, adding orsubtracting dB. Test the tool and make adjustments if you thinkthey are necessary! The sound level meter application is not justabsolutely free, but also very easy in use and have a welcomingdesign. If you find yourself in a situation, when you need to trackthe noise level, warning about the maximum allowable level ofsound, just use the Decibel Meter. In addition to the main optionsin the menu bar of the noise meter you will be able to rate theapplication on the Google Play. We appreciate your reviews andalways want to become better! In the settings tab you will be ableto write to us directly, check our website and get in touch withthe privacy policy agreement. The Decibel Meter supports Englishlanguage. Pay your attention: the quality of the sound measurementdepends from the opportunities of your device and can varies ondifferent mobile phones!