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Up a Cave 1.09
Niko Pesonen
Up a Cave Guide your cube through extremely challenging caves withvariety of traps and enemies. Up a Cave is a completely free gamewith NO in game purchases. Jump and bounce off the cave walls toescape the cave. Up a Cave is a physics platformer game where youdash your way out of a cave while collecting gold and diamonds toboost the cube's stats. If you find a level too challenging or evenimpossible, you can always upgrade your cube to make things easier.Features: - completely free game! - intuitive and easy touchcontrols - 30 levels in three different worlds - upgrade your cubewith magnetism and shields - customize your cube with differentcolors and particles - variety of traps and enemies that challengeyou along your way out of the caves - if your time runs out,BEWARE! The Spikey Boss WILL take you out! Hint! It's not one ofthose impossible games. It's BETTER :)