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Besties - Make friend & Avatar 4.91
Happy world of Bestfriend with cuteavatar!A 3 second connection social game making and designing avart,making friend, and playing fun mini gamesMake a Bestfriend right now ♥@ Avatar games & dress up games[ Character maker ]Create an avatar of my ownThe adorable avatar of my own that I want to keep in my mini pokemoves anywhere at one touchand makes cute actionsHurry up and meet the lovely mini avatar[ Decorating games ]Pretty outfits and items at regular updatesDress up like a prince or a princess and challenge for the stylerankingI am the model! I am the fashion star[ Fashion Game ]Decorating gamesPlay special gamesMake friends app Besties@ Make friends[ Bestfriend games ]Get to know new friends on cool events launching every hourTalking and minigame all this for free !- Send message and giftsPresent beautiful costumes and fortune in a loving message to myfriend@ Avatar Talking[ Free Talk]100% live free TalkJoin when you're lonely or bored@ Casual mini games[ Multiple multiplication game ]Who's the best? Who's the fastest?Shoot for the 1st with fast calculation and fast action[ Zombie game ]Survie from the zombiesor infect others after becoming a zombieZombie or human, it's up to you** Tab on quest to check it out@ Rank systemFair competition with friendsWhile enjoying dressing character, Talking, and playing gamesVoila ! High rank with ease !Do you need someone right now at your side?Do you need healing?Do you want to meet a new friend?Easy, Quick, Fun!Come on in, free game Besties♥Love and place Besties worldLP games♥'이용약관''개인정보취급방침'
러브 캣맘 - 고양이모으기 네코키우기 ~ 냥 ~★ 0.3
고양이협회가 끊임없이 시에 요구한 끝에 드디어!! 길냥이 보금자리 고양이급식소가생겼습니다~이제 그 곳을 포근하게 꾸며줄 당신이 필요해요!"배고프다냥""심심하다냥"냐옹 .. 냐아옹 ... 네코 .. 네코 ~ 미야오 ~~길냥이를 부탁해요 ! 캣맘 , 캣대디 ~길거리에 살고 있는 길냥이들에게 따뜻한 안식처가 되어주세요 ~그리고, 고양이들과 함께 힐링하고 가요 ~♥--------------------------- 방법--------------------------------하나,맛있는 음식과 장난감을 사다놓으면 ~어느새 귀여운 고양이들이 찾아와요 ~(단, 냐옹이들은 아직 당신이 어색해요!..고양이가 보고싶다면 음식과 장난감을 두고 어플을 껐다가 잠시후에 다시 찾아와 주세요 ^^ )둘,당신을 심쿵하게 만드는 고양이가 찾아왔나요?깜찍한 재롱을 부리는 냐옹이를 누르면 앨범을 채울 수 있어요 ~누가누가 어떤 냐옹이가 당신의 사랑을 듬뿍 느끼고 갔을까요?당신을 찾아온 야옹이들의 깜찍한 모습을 모두모두 모아봐요 ~ 고양이 모으기 ~~ 네코아츠메 ~(앨범 고양이 모으기는 추후 지속적으로 업데이트 됩니다. ^^)셋,배부르게 잘 놀고간 고양이들은 각자의 보물을 두고 간대요 ~고양이들에 보물을 무엇일까요?그 보물로 더 재밌는 장난감을 많이 사다주세요 ~~♡----------------- 러브캣맘 추후 업데이트 --------------------1. 재롱추가 ~고양이들의 귀여운 재롱이 추가돼요 ~당신이 야옹이들에게 사랑을 듬뿍 주면 당신의 말을 듣고 행동해요 ~고양이돌보기 게임 ~2. 고양이 꾸미기길냥이들을 좀 더 예쁘게 꾸미고 싶나요?곧 다양한 악세사리가 업데이트 됩니다.당신의 손으로 더욱 귀엽게 꾸며주세요 ~3. 다양한 장난감 ~사줘도 사줘도 계속 사주고 싶은 채워지지 않는 당신 맘 알아요 ~그래서 준비했다! 더욱더 다양한 장난감이 업데이트 돼요 ~4. 레어고양이 ~특정 조건에서만, 특정 시간에만 나타나는 고양이가 있어요 !러시안 블루나 페르시안 , 먼치킨 , 스핑크스 같은 희귀고양이가 올지도.. ~5. 새로운 보금자리 ~당신이 고양이들을 꾸준히 돌봐주고 키우기 해주면 ~ 해준다냥 ~★시에서 또 다른 방을 만들어준대요!고양이 다방 ? 고양이놀이터 ? 고양이카페 ? 고양이다방 ? 고양이다락방 ? 고양이 다방 ?곧 출시됩니다. ♥어서놀러오라냥 ~~ ☆----개발자 연락처 :nildollchat@gmail.comFinally! After a catassociation is required at the time of constantly Gilnyangyi nestsoup kitchen cat's broken ~Now you're going to need to decorate the place snugly!"I'm hungry meow""Bored pieces of silver." Kitty cat ... cat ... Nya ahong ... Mya Oo ~ ~ ~ I'd like to gilnyangyi! Kaetmam, Cat Daddy -Please for those who live on the streets gilnyangyi is a warm haven~And, Healing with cats and go ~ ♥--------------------------- How --------------------------------One,Release buy delicious food and toys -Come suddenly find cute cats -(However, you are still nyaongyi'm awkward! ..If you want to see the cat off the app with food and toys pleasecome back soon ^^)Two,Cats make simkung you have you come to know?When the bill is a cute jaerong nyaongyi can fill that album~Who is Who got what nyaongyi you feel a lot of love?Look at all the cute look of yaongyi collect all the cats come tocollect you ~ ~ ~ ~ Neko Arts Tome(Album cat collection is constantly updated with the future.^^)Three,Cat playing well call between times they're being put theirtreasure -What a treasure to the cat?And pick up a lot more interesting toys to the treasure ~~ ♡----------------- -------------------- Reobeukaet like futureupdates1. Add jaerongCan I Add jaerong of cute catsYou give lots of love to act yaongyi I hear your words ~Cat care Game ~2. cat decoratingWould you like to decorate more beautiful the gilnyangyi?Various accessories will be updated soon.Please decorate more cute with your hands ~3. Various toys ~Buy me something that does not fill even want to continue to buyBuy me know you like it ~So ready made! Can I update more various toys ~4. Rare cat ~Only under certain conditions, I have a cat that appears only at acertain time!Russian Blue and Persians, Munchkin, rare cat-like Sphinx come.5. The new home ~Haejumyeon grow steadily giving you to take care of the cats meow ~★ ~ makesHe gave create another room in the city! Cat Cafe? Cat playground? Cat Cafe? Cat Cafe? Cat attic? CatCafe?Will be released soon. ♥Welcome, Nyan play ~~ ☆
Crossy Zombie - Agent Deadman 0.1
croosy zombie is free to play, but you canalsopurchase some items within the game for real money.The town was at peaceBut, the virus has been unleashed from subway untothevillageWhen your hometown is overrun by the zombiesThe world is taken over by the walking dead surfers aroundwhodevourany living thing they catch or hit, and whose bite isinfectioustoall humans including students, policemen, doctors,timberman,workers & etc.My family decided to try again to escape.Will you help us?
아기 고양이키우기 - 귀염폭발! 합치기게임 1.01
비둘기 쫓던 법도 모르던 아기 고양이 키우기 !마냥 귀엽기만 하던 아가냥이 합칠수록 점점 자라나요~염색도 하고 꾸미는 법도 배우고~밥도 먹고 목욕도 하고~마법냥으로 성장하기도!우아한 공주냥으로 성장하기도! 본격성장게임 !꺄~ 바라만 봐도 심쿵! 엄빠미소가!!귀여운 냥이들이 당신을 기다리고 있어요!♡----------- 방법 ------------------하나, 고양이 상자를 눌러 고양이들을 입양시켜주세요~시간이 지나면 고양이가 상자를 뚫고 나옵니다.둘, 합치기게임 두 손가락으로 딱! 같은 고양이를 합쳐주세요~ 에볼루션 게임셋, 새로운 고양이들을 만나며 도감을 채워주세요~ 고양이모으기 게임 즐겨봐요~넷, 진화게임 즐기기 어렵나요? 갖가지 아이템들을 이용하면 더욱 쉽게 키울 수 있어요!상점을 클릭해요. Evolution게임 !------ 추후 업데이트 ---------1. 고양이 재롱 추가고양이들의 귀여운 재롱이 추가돼요~여러분이 야옹이들에게 사랑을 듬뿍주면 고양이는 당신에게 보답할거에요!본격 고양이돌보기게임2. 고양이 꾸미기고양이들을 좀 더 예쁘게 꾸미고 싶나요?곧 다양한 악세사리가 업데이트 됩니다.당신의 손으로 더욱 귀엽게 꾸며주세요~3. 새로운 고양이 추가비둘기 쫓던 고양이 키우기 사냥냥 !쥐 쫓던 고양이 키우기 미키냥 !잠자는 고양이 키우기 쿨쿨냥 !내가 치료해줄게냥! 의사냥 ~다양한 매력의 고양이들을 곧 만나보아요~4. 레어고양이특정 조건에서만 특정시간에서만 나타나는 고양이가!합쳤는데 전혀 다른 고양이가!!과연 어떤 고양이가 찾아올까요?곧 출시됩니다.♥어서 놀러오라냥~☆사람을 키우고 싶다면!!단짝게임으로 놀러오세요~즐겁고 다양한 멀티게임과 진짜 친구만들기는 덤!----개발자 연락처 :nildollchat@gmail.comRaising pigeonsjjotdeonlaw moreudeon kittens!Did I grow more and more like a sweetheart who combine onlycatscute ~Dyeing and decorating learning law degree ~Bob is also a bath and ate ~Also grow magic meow!0 shares also grown sharply meow! Real growth game!Kkya - baraman simkung look! Eomppa a smile !!Cute cats are waiting for you! ♡----------- Way ------------------One press box Please let the cat adoption cats ~     Over time, the cat comes throughthebox.Two, merging the game just with two fingers! Please merge themlikea cat - Evolution gameThree, cats, meet new illustrated book, please fill in the cat ~~Look collecting favorite gamesFour, did evolve difficult to enjoy the game? With all sortsofitems you can grow more easily!     Click on the store.Evolutiongame!------ --------- Future updates1. Cat Add friskCan I add a frisk of cute cats -You have plenty of love to give Nyanko cat'll reward you!Authentic cat care games2. Cat decoratingDo you want to decorate the cat more beautiful?A variety of accessories will be updated soon.Please decorate more pretty in your hands ~3. Add a new catRaising pigeons jjotdeon nyangnyang four cats!Mickey Mouse jjotdeon raise Nyan Cat!Raising Nyan cat sleeping snoring!I'll treat meow! Doctors Nyan ~Meet the cat's upcoming spy wide appeal -4. Rare catThe cat appears only in a certain time undercertainconditions!The sum chyeotneunde no other cats!You will really find any cats?Will be released soon. ♥Come Come play Nyan ~ ☆If you want to raise people!Come hang out with good friends - the gameA variety of fun multiplayer games and is making a realfriendbonus!