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Show Java - A Java Decompiler 3.0.6
A decompiler to extract the source code of an APK (android app),jar & dex file. Features • Select either CFR 0.138, JaDX 0.8.0or FernFlower (analytical decompiler) to use as the decompiler. •Runs directly on your android device • Select apk/jar/dex fromsdcard (or) from a list of installed applications. • Decompilesandroid resources (layouts, Drawables, Menus, AndroidManifest,image assets, values, etc). • Easy to use source navigator withbuilt-in media & code viewer. • Displays code in aclean-syntax-highlighted form with zoom & line-wrap. • Thedecompiled source can easily be copied from the sdcard (source isstored in show-java folder in the sdcard) • Share the decompiledsource easily with the built in archive + share mechanism. • Runsin the background • Ad-Free Pro version available through an In-Apppurchase Source Code This will be an Open Sourced project. Thesource code is hosted at GitHub Please read theLicense info before using any part of the code in any project.Reason's for Permissions • Internet - Automated bug reporting &advertisements • External Storage - To store the decompiled sourcecode and to have a working directory for the application Credits •A Big-Huge Thanks to Lee Benfield ( for his awesomeCFR - Class File Reader :D :D • Panxiaobo ( fordex2jar :) • Liu Dong ( for apk-parser • BenGruver for dexlib2. • skylot for JaDX. • JetBrains for FernFloweranalytical decompiler. License Show Java - A java/apk decompilerfor android Copyright (C) 2018 Niranjan Rajendran This program isfree software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under theterms of the GNU General Public License as published by the FreeSoftware Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at youroption) any later version. This program is distributed in the hopethat it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even theimplied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULARPURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details. Youshould have received a copy of the GNU General Public License alongwith this program. If not, see DONOT USE THIS APPLICATION TO DO STUFF THAT YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO DO.THE DEVELOPER (Niranjan Rajendran) IS IN NO WAY RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYMISUSE OF THIS APPLICATION.
Amrita Info Desk - AUMS & more 2.1.10
What is Amrita ?Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham or Amrita University isa multi-campus, multi-disciplinary research university in India.The University is accredited 'A' by NAAC and is ranked as one ofthe best research universities in India.What is AID - Amrita InfoDesk ?It is what the name suggests. Made to act as an Informationdesk to all Amritians, Alumni, Faculties and also those who wish tojoin this prestigious institution.What can it do ?1) Amrita UMSLogin:Easy login into the Amrita University Management System(AUMS) and view your grades, attendance levels and also downloadresources uploaded by the faculty. Also get notified if yourattendance levels go below 80% and when results are announced.2)GPMS Login:Easy login into the Gate Pass Management System (GPMS)and apply for day pass or home pass, view all pending pass status,and check out all the passes you have applied in the past3) Train& Bus Details:Get the timing and running dates of all thetrains and buses to Amrita.4) Amrita ExplorerTo explorer Amritacampuses near you using a social map that shows the positions ofall your friends inside the campus. 5) Course Details:The Subjectsand the Topics categorised Semester-Wise for the benefit of thestudents along with the names of recommended books andreferences.6) Important Announcements:Important announcements willbe sent as a push notification to all the users who have installedthis App.7) Amrita News:Be up-to-date with what's happening atAmrita. Be notified of news articles pulled directly from theAmrita Website.And many more ...Will this app work properly ?Thisapp has been tested to work without errors in the following devices:• Moto X• Moto G• Moto E• Motorola Atrix HD• Nexus 5• Nexus 4•Nexus 7• Nexus 10• Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1• HTC Explorer• SamsungGalaxy Y Duos• HTC Desire U• HTC One• HTC One V• Samsung GalaxyNote• Samsung Galaxy Note 2Why do you need these permissions ?Iappreciate that you have this question. Not many people check anapp's requested permissions before installing it.1) Call Phonenumbers - to call directly to Phone numbers listed in this app2)Read phone status & identity - To get the mobile number forverification (in Amrita Explorer)3) Your Location - To show yourposition on the map for Amrita Explorer and Get Directions option4)Read Google Service Configuration - For Google Cloud messagingservice and google maps API5) Full Network access - For connectingto the internet and updating data6) Run at startup - to make surethat the app's push notification service runs in the background soreceive important push messages7) Control vibration - to tell youabout the notifications8) Modify delete contents of the SD Card -For caching Google Maps Data (for increased performance)9) Accessextra location provider setting, mock location sources - To preventfaking of location in Amrita ExplorerThe copyright of the AmritaVishwa Vidyapeetham Logo belongs to Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham.Thisis an unofficial app. The institution (Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham)has no link whatsoever with this Application (or) it'sworking/maintenance.App Icon designed by Oxygen Team( andlicensed under GNU Lesser General Public License