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Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast 332434
Battle the legions of darkness as otherworldly anti-hero ‘Eddie’ inthe #1 EPIC dark fantasy RPG. Collect, power up and evolve iconicchampions, form the ultimate fighting team then battle your waythrough amazing worlds, defiant dungeons and spectacular arenas.Ascend your warriors into legends, defeat giant bosses, vanquishvile demons, rebuild our heroes shattered soul, defeat an ancientevil and save the universe! Join the battle today Trooper and takecharge of destiny... COLLECT AND COMMAND Collect powerfulcharacters from over 400 heroes across multiple classes. Gatherbalanced teams of Warriors, Magus, Sentinels, Gunners, Assassinsand more to vanquish your enemies, then recruit them to your ownteam! UNLEASH INCREDIBLE POWER Our Anti-Hero comes in many shapesand forms, each featuring their own unique set of powers andabilities, including; Cyborg, Mummy, Trooper, Pharaoh, Killer,Vampire, Viking, Samurai, Hunter, Doomsday, Gangster and many more!ENTER THE PvP BATTLE ARENA Gather your forces and conquer all in abid to beat the best. Build out the most powerful team and rulesupreme as you conquer other players and climb up the leaderboards.It’s a fight for death or glory with special prizes available foreach ranking tier. Indulge yourself in one of the best PvPexperiences available in the RPG genre. BATTLE WITH OTHERS IN CLANSTogether we are stronger. Join or form a clan and team up with likeminded players. Some battles are best fought with others and inclans you will find strength, comrades and ultimately Freedom! DEEPSTRATEGIC PLAY Make big decisions and equip your champions withpowerful talismans to aid them in their battle. Power and rank upto build incredible skills, monstrous attacks, powerful healing,devastating specials and more as you engage in epic RPG combat.Winning means making the right choices, building teams that workwell together and taking charge. EPIC CAMPAIGN STORY Immerseyourself in an epic dark fantasy narrative that weaves its waythrough 5 massive Worlds, 100’s of levels and multiple dungeons.Created with the help of award winning Hollywood writers andfeaturing powerful cut scenes, prepare to embark on a tale of trulyepic proportions. ENJOY MASSIVE BOSS FIGHTS Defeat fearsome bossesfor rare and legendary loot. Take down the Lord of Light, conquerthe Dragon King, slay the Wicker Man and reign supreme in countlessboss battles designed to test your team to the max. GLORIOUS 3DARTWORK Legacy is an experience unlike any other, providing consolequality graphics featuring incredible detail. Marvel at thousandsof unique attack and skill animations as you battle throughhundreds of best-in-class RPG environments. HALLOWED BE THY GAMEFeatures the incredible music of Iron Maiden, with an epicsoundtrack especially prepared for the game. NOTES: - IMPORTANTMinimum requirement: 768MB Ram, 1GB+ recommended - Minimum AndroidOS: 4.1 or newer - Minimum screen resolution: 800x480 -Recommended: Android device manufactured in 2014 or newer -Requires online connection to play Why is Iron Maiden: Legacy ofthe Beast free to play? We want every Iron Maiden fan and everymobile gamer to be able to enjoy our game! You can fully enjoy thegame without ever spending a penny! Battle it out and earn everyelement of the game through sheer victory on the battlefield, orspeed up progress by purchasing Ironite in the Vault. Havingtrouble? Contact us at Before youdownload our game, we would encourage you to review our PrivacyNotice and Terms of Service” available on our website. PrivacyPolicy: Terms ofService: FACEBOOK TWITTER VISIT OUR OFFICIAL WEBSITE FORMORE IN-GAME SCREENSHOTS ©2020 IronMaiden Holdings and ©2020 Nodding Frog Limited