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Age Calculator 1.0.2
Noel Chew
This application allows you to calculate how long you have beenalive in this world!It can tell you precisely how many seconds youhave lived!With the app, you can tell the time duration to the nextbirthday or anniversary. You can save all the important dates suchas wedding anniversary and birthdays of your loved ones. You evensave your "first kiss" date and the app will calculate the rest foryou!The app also tells you brief horoscope details as well asChinese zodiac signs for any particular birthday.List offeatures:1. Calculates your age in general up to seconds2.Calculates your age in time units of years, months, weeks, days,hours, minutes and seconds3. Tells you your horoscope and yourpersonality according to it4. Tells you your Chinese zodiac signand your personality according to it5. Saves a list of importantdates for you6. Allows users to tell the time duration to anyupcoming important events conveniently7. Simple and nice design!8.Smooth user experienceDownload your age calculator now and find outhow old (or young) you are now!
GrabPopcorn 0.1.2
Noel Chew
THIS IS A DEMO APP.It serves to demonstrate the core features of anMVP version of an On-Demand service/product mobile app.This appcomes with the following features: 1. User authentication 2. Vendorand Customer View 3. Order detection with geo-location basedfiltering 4. Real-time vendor location update 5. Google Mapsintegration 6. Push notification for order status update 7. UserRatingPlease don't expect popcorn(s) to show up at your doorstep!
Date Calculator 1.3.2
Noel Chew
This calculator allows users to calculate duration between twodates (including time) easily. The duration is then broken downinto years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds. Userscan also calculate a date with reference from another date with aduration. Just key in a date and a duration, then select "plus" or"minus" to get the result. Other that that, users can calculate theresult of working days plus a particular start day. Users canchoose to exclude certain day of week in this calculation. Finally,user can also check out a particular date (including time) withreference to the year, quarter, month, week, day, hour and minute!Features: - calculates duration between two dates (can include timeoptionally) - calculates a date by adding/subtracting a durationto/from a date (with time optionally) - calculates working day +start day (option to exclude certain day in the week) - calculatesthe following information from a selected date: - week of year,week of quarter, week of month; - day of year, day of quarter; -hour of year, hour of quarter, hour of month, hour of week; -minute of year, minute of quarter, minute of month, minute of week,minute of day; - second of year, second of quarter, second ofmonth, second of week, second of day, etc - simple, intuitivedesign - smooth user experience - supports 12-hour and 24-hour timeformats Download your comprehensive Date Calculator with Timefeatures today! Please drop me an email for any feedback andsuggestion. [Other Names] Day Calculator, Work Day Calculator, WorkSchedule, Day Counter, Time Calculator By downloading andinstalling the app, you agree to our terms of use:
GST Malaysia Calculator 1.2.1
Noel Chew
A convenient application that provides a quick lookup service tohelp users check or validate company's GST number in Malaysia.Usingoffline database, users can do a quick search to check for thecorresponding GST ID's:- COMPANY NAME- COMMENCE DATE- GST STATUS.Aquick link to the Malaysian government GST website is provided inthe app to allow users to enquire more information.This GST LookupApp comes with built-in price calculator that allows users tocalculate price before and after GST. It also allows users tocalculate price after service charge with GST charges included.Furthermore, users can easily calculate price before service andGST charges by just a click of button!Users can use preferred GSTand service charge rates!Features:- Quick lookup for company'sbrief GST information based on GST number/ID- GST website link formore information- Simple calculator to calculate price before andafter service as well as GST charges- Allows change of GST andservice charge rates in Settings- Nice design- Smooth userexperience- Additional GST infographicsDownload your GST CheckerCalculator App today!Disclosure:This app is not affiliated with theMalaysian custom department in any way. All GST related data can beobtained from . The data does notbelong to the developer. This application only serves to provide aconvenient way to search company name based on GST ID using dataopen to public.
Random Food Picker 1.2.3
Noel Chew
It is lunch time, you and your colleagues are asking the samequestion again everyday. "What should we eat for lunch?" The groupended up wasting another 5 minutes making this decision.It isdinner time, you and your spouse are going for dinner together.Your spouse asks for meal suggestions and then he/she rejects allyour sincere food suggestions.It is time for dessert. You wantyogurt as dessert, but your spouse wants ice cream. You ended upeating ice cream, again.Have you faced any of these similarsituations? Fear not! This is the right app for you!This app allowsyou to add your favourite food into a saved list and checked thoseitems that you want it to randomly pick!Here is the list offeatures:- add/delete food choices- list of food choices will besaved- checked food choices will be randomly selected- neat randomselection animation with suspense element- intuitive design- smoothexperience- convenient share button to invite friends and familyfor mealsDownload your Random Food Picker today and stop asking"What to eat?" anymore!
GogoChat - Chatting on the Go (Unreleased)
Noel Chew
---- THIS IS STILL IN BETA ----GogoChat is a chatting application that allows you to chatwithpeople nearby.