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Nokia Home Cam - Video & Air Quality Monitor 1.5.3
Nokia Home is an elegant HD camera with environmental sensors tostay connected to your loved ones while making your home ahealthier, safer place.It offers a cutting-edge way to access toyour home from anywhere using your Android Phone/Tablet.Nokia Homeis also able to browse through the Home diary to review all theevents which happened during the last 48h.By using the free NokiaHome Cam app, you can easily: • Instant access to your home fromanywhere: HD video, 2-way audio, 130° wide angle, clear nightvision, zoom ePTZ x4 and nightlight• Never miss a special moment:motion and noise alerts in your interactive diary• Build ahealthier environment: advanced environmental sensing of airquality• Simple and intuitive connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth andEthernet cable
Z Launcher Beta 1.3.8-Beta
From Nokia, a re-imagined way to use your Android. Adapts to you.Launches anything in one second.Throughout the day, Nokia ZLauncher is learning how you use your phone and promoting yourfavorite apps so you can get to them faster. The more you use it,the better it gets.IT’S SO SIMPLE*Scribble – Scribble a letter tofind what you want*Launch – Apps, contacts, or websites*Adapt – Itlearns to promote the right stuff at the right timeWHAT PEOPLE ARESAYING ABOUT Z LAUNCHER“Nokia just made the smartest Androidlauncher around” – Slashgear“Wonderfully simple and shockinglyinnovative” – BGR“A predictive Android launcher, that actuallylooks great.” – Venturebeat“Simple. Effective. Interesting. AndNokia.” – PhandroidThank you for trying out Z Launcher Beta andproviding your very helpful feedback.Since our original 1.0.0-Betarelease on Nov 18, we have made lots of improvements based on yourfeedback. Our latest update continues this trend with addition ofour most highly requested feature in recent months: support forstandard Android widgets. We hope you like it!Please be sure tovisit our FEEDBACK forum at and submit or vote onother issues or features you would like to see!
Nokia Smart Home 2.3
The Nokia Smart Home mobile application is used to manage the NokiaSmart Home Gateways G-240WZ-A andA-240Z-A. the smarthome functions:The Nokia Smart Home mobile application lets youcontrol smart sensors, lights, locks, and more to create a smarthome that simplifies everyday tasks and provides security andcomfort. Use the app to add new smart devices, allocate them torooms, create “if this, then that” scenarios and more.Managing theresidential gateway functions:The Nokia Smart Home mobileapplication enables you to monitor, and manage your new Nokiaresidential gateway anywhere in your home network. Use the app tomanage wireless settings, attached network devices, access control,guest access, and more.
Nokia ATLAS SubCO allows the technicians to work on WOs assignedthrough mobile!The most simple, Convenient, easy to Technician forchecking and updating WOs.Features:1- Able to view WO Information(WO reference number, site A code, customer, project, status, Nokiacontact, received date, accepted date, start date, and end date ofthe WO)2- Able to view Site Info (A&B) details (site name, sitecode, customer, zone, city, location, zip code, longitude,latitude, site address, site contact, and comment of the site)3-Acknowledge WOs and Set Milestones to be send to SubCo SPOC4-Exchange Documents with SDT through document management modulelike: Upload and download5- Add and Delete contingencies 6- ViewServices and their Items 7- Notification will be received in thefollowing actions: (SDT send WO to subco, Spoc assigned Milestones,Contingency, and WOs to technician, Spoc send text notification totech, Spoc delete all data of ATLAS from tech) 8- Able to WorkOffline after saving WO 9- Help is provided per page for guidance
Digital ONU 1.1.1
The Nokia Digital ONU mobile application enables you to monitor,and manage your new fiber access ONU or CPE models (G-240W-B,G-240W-A, G-240WZ-A, G-241W-A, F-240W-A) anywhere in your homenetwork. You no longer need to boot up your computer and login intoONU/CPE webpage to control your home network.You now have accessand management at your finger tips of all the functions you needfor your home network: Wireless Settings, Attached Network Devices,Access Control, Guest Access, and more. All you need to start is todownload our Nokia Digital ONU mobileapplication.
Nokia ATLAS SDT allows ROMs to view their WOs through their mobiledevices!This app offers the simplest, easiest, most convenient wayfor ROMs to check and update WOs.Features:1- View WO information(WO reference number, status, site A, site A code, creator,supplier, customer, project, description).2- View site information(A & B) and details (site name, site code, customer, zone,city, location, zip code, longitude, latitude, site address, sitecontact, and comment of the site).3- Acknowledge WOs and setmilestones to be sent to SubCo SPOC.4- Exchange documents withSubCOs through a document management module where you can uploadand download.5- Accept, reject and edit contingencies.6- Viewservices and their items. 7- Receive notifications for thefollowing actions: (SubCO SPOC Accepted WO, Rejected WO, SubmittedContingency in WO, and Attached Document to WO). 8- Receive helpguides per page.
Nokia FastMile Install App 1.0.90
The Nokia FastMile Installation App guides you to find the rightplace to install the Outdoor Modem, either by identifying the rightwall to attach the Outdoor Modem or to align a pole-mounted OutdoorModem accurately. The App also provides up-to-date localinformation of the Outdoor Modem to the Controller, such as exactinstallation location of the Outdoor Modem and the proposed tuningangle for the Outdoor Modem antenna.
Nokia FastMile Management App 1.0.50
The Nokia FastMile Management App offers an easy way formonitoringthe home network and managing the Indoor Router. TheAppfacilitates the configuration of Indoor Router configurationitems,such as Wi-Fi Band and 5GHz enabling/disabling. It alsomonitorsthe health state of the Outdoor Modem and indicatesrepairinginstructions, in case of problems (such as Outdoor Modemnot beingplugged in, operator’s network not being available orresponding)
Nokia Learning on the GO Beta
Nokia Learning on the GO enables a new learning experience onmobiledevices for Nokia employees. Immerse yourself incutting-edgelearning content like 3D holograms, Augmented Realityand 360videos. It is simple, scan a QR code, open your content andlearnwhat you need instantly. Interact with immersive content andengagethe connected world … on the GO!Nokia Learning on theGOdelivers:•Easy Access – A simple scan of a QR code and thecontentis immediately available to you and is accessible anytimeanywhere.•Flexibility – Nokia Learning on the GO supports acomprehensiverange of media type: from PDF to HTML5, 360° videocontent to 3Dand Augmented Reality. •Immersive Experience –Interact with yourimmersive content to spark up yourlearningexperience.
Nokia WiFi 1.600001.21
The Nokia WiFi app lets you to quickly setup and easily manage yourNokia WiFi Beacon units (purchased separately). Use the app in yourhome for quick insights to get the most out of your Nokia WiFinetwork. The first real time mesh Wi-Fi solution that allows youenjoy uninterrupted Wi-Fi speed and coverage throughout your home.The Nokia WiFi network is self-optimizing against interferences inreal time to avoid disruptions. You can do the following with yourNokia WiFi app: · Set up your Beacon units in just a few minutes ·Manage internet access for connected devices · Quickly create andshare a guest network · Easily check each devices’ connection speedin your network · Automatically update your network at scheduledtimes · Simple interface that shows which devices have connectionproblems We want to hear your feedback on how we can improve,feature requests, or general comments! Please contact us [email protected] Note: Nokia WiFi Beacons are sold separately,and the app will not work without the devices.
Digital Intelligence Mobile 1.1.6
New type of digital enterprise experiences supported by AI. The appmashes up insights, recommendations and actions with AI augmentedhuman decision making.