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Impossible Fish 0.3
Noma Games
In Impossible Fish, you are a small fish in trouble, help him toavoid the obstacles by jumping through them.Get a high score andcompare it with your friends on Google Play Games.Will you be ableto get the gold medal?
Clash of Arrows 1.09
Noma Games
AIM, SHOOT, DODGE! Don't let an arrow reach you or you will havelost!Clash of Arrows is an addictive same device two players gameto challenge your friends in a battle with bows.Get 3 medals to wina match.More in upcoming updates:-New maps that affect thegameplay.-New characters with special own abilities.We appreciatesuggestions to improve the game or solve possible bugs.
Galactic Warrior 1.04
Noma Games
Hard action game and incredibly fun, for all those who loveschallenges and pixels. Galactic Warrior is a fast paced action andArena style, where you must defeat waves of enemies to obtain gold,armors, and... ¡Reach the glory! FEATURES: - 10 skills (pasives andactives) that you could buy and upgrade. - Get armor parts tocomplete it and upgrade it. - Upgrade your sword as yout getexperience. - Defeat Final Bosses in each Arena. - Beutiful PixelArt. - Fun to play. All warriors looking for action are welcome tothe Arena!! Contact us: Website: Twitter: Facebook: