Noobware Apps

Street Crosser 1.1
To cross or not to cross…Have lots of fun as you try to cross the street safely. Helpgrannycross and get bonus points. And of course, make sure you getthesuper chicken powers!Challenge your friends by sharing scores in this friendlyandstylish retro pixel game.And remember: if you are going to cross, do it with style!
Cheese Please 1.1
Cheese Please, Strategic Puzzle GameofSurvivalPuzzle fans will love this game. Easy to play yet difficulttomaster, this simple and entertaining game will keep you hookedforhours!How far would you go for a slice of cheese?Lola, the adorable and crafty mouse, would go throughextremelengths for just a few nibbles. The objective of this gameis toguide Lola through various mazes to help her find herfavoritefood: cheese. Move across mind-boggling traps and movingelectricwalls to snatch a few bites of delicious cheese in thisextremelyaddictive game.This charming game is equipped with visually appealinggraphics,a mysterious yet playful soundtrack, and easy to usecontrolsmaking this game fun and challenging for all ages!________________________________FEATURESEXCELLENT GRAPHICSExplore and have endless fun with Lola through colorful mazes andarich, graphic environment.LEVELS APPROPRIATE FOR ALL AGESIt doesn’t matter how old you are. With a wide variety oflevels,this game is playable and challenging for all ages!ENDLESS STAGES, LEVELS AND CHALLENGESWith 60+ (and more to come) levels you won’t be able tostopplaying. As the game evolves, its complexity increases, makingitplayable and yet challenging at the same time. Your questforcheese is endless and Lola’s hunger insatiable!