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Norton Clean is a cleaner app that will help you reclaim storagespace on your Android device by cleaning junk, removing residualfiles & optimizing memory. Don’t have enough storage to takemore pictures or install apps? Norton, the world's leading cybersecurity software provider, now sweeps your memory cache andstorage clean of residual and junk files to remove clutter fromyour Android device and help speed up performance. Install NortonClean app cleaner and memory cleaner to remove junk and free upmemory space: ✔ Clean and clear cache ✔ Identify and remove junk,APK, and residual files ✔ Optimize memory space ✔ Manage apps andget rid of bloatware-------------------------------------------------- NORTON CLEANFEATURES & CAPABILITIES ✸ Cache Cleaner ◦ Helps clean residualcache system files often left by uninstalled apps to free upAndroid phone or tablet disk space ✸ Junk Remover ◦ Storage cleanerhelps analyze, cleanup and safely remove the junk files that takeup your memory and storage space ✸ APK File Remover ◦ Helps removeobsolete Android Package (.apk) files (many of these files arelarge) that are manually installed via the Android PackageInstaller to reclaim phone or tablet storage space ✸ Residual FileRemover ◦ Delete cache and residual files to free up phone, tabletand SD card storage space ◦ The junk-creating behavior of millionsof apps has been analyzed so that Norton Clean can intelligentlyand efficiently hone in on its targets (cache and residual files)with amazing accuracy ✸ Memory Optimizer ◦ Perform a clean sweepremoval of junk files that waste memory space and compromise deviceperformance ◦ Norton Clean is a junk remover for your cache andtemporary files, and even lets you identify and remove apps yourarely use – helping to reduce clutter and reclaiming memory tostore new apps, photos and videos ✸ App Cleaner ◦ Clean cache forindividual apps ✸ App Manager ◦ Uninstall bloatware, unwanted, orbackground apps ◦ Receive recommendations for removal of rarelyused apps [1] ◦ Move apps to your SD memory card-------------------------------------------------- SYSTEMREQUIREMENTS Android OS 4.1 or later-------------------------------------------------- LEGAL [1] Thisfeature requires Android 5.1 or later With this service you receivethe right to use Norton Clean for the specified service period,which begins upon initial installation and activation. Thisrenewable service includes protection updates, as availablethroughout the service period, subject to acceptance of the NortonLicense Agreement included with this product and available forreview at features may be added, modified or removed during theservice period. Norton respects the privacy of our users andcarefully safeguards personal data. For more information: FREE MOBILESECURITY & ANTIVIRUS Be sure to also download the FREE versionof Norton Mobile Security for antivirus protection to help preventbad apps from damaging your phone and stealing your information: