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NoteVault Crew! 2.0.26
NoteVault Crew! is a mobile construction resource tracking app thatallows users to log hours and headcount, and record equipment andmaterials used on the job site. General Contractors andSubcontractors can easily report who worked, and what materials andequipment were used right from their mobile device. Users can grouptogether Labor, Material, and Equipment entries into Shift Reportsand view summary production data in real time. Users of Crew! candownload resource preferences already created in the NoteVaultPlatform or enter new resources on the fly. Resources can be copiedfrom the previous day to the current day, saving time in enteringdata. All resources recorded in Crew! are displayed on theNoteVault Daily Report, along with notes and photos from theNoteVault Notes! App. - Resource utilization software that allowsyou to conveniently track resources in one place while on the jobsite. - Mobile app that acts as a project tracking system. -Identify log labor hours and headcount, determine equipment used,and track materials right from your phone on the constructionproject. - Leave the office behind with instant, mobile LMEtracking and reporting on-site. - Entries automatically appear inyour daily report along with your recorded notes from the NoteVaultNotes! app. - Easy integration with CSV imports to existing projectmanagement software, such as ViewPoint, CMiC, ConstructWare,Prolog.
NoteVault Notes! Construction Daily Reports 2.8.38
NoteVault lets you stay on job sites and still get yourconstruction reports done by recording all your notes. NoteVault isa daily note taking and professional communication software perfectfor recording your notes and observations with daily report output– Great for construction, contractor jobs, crew, and projects ofall sizes. NoteVault’s professional staff will log your speech intoword documents. Add photos to your log book and get daily reportssent to your team with our software platform for easy projectmanagement. Many of the top ENR construction companies areNoteVault customers. - NOTEVAULT IS PERFECT FOR - ConstructionProjects - Construction managers and teams will love the simple,easy functionality - Your construction team can easily submit notesand records, keeping the whole team on the same page - Constructioncrews can easily collaborate and share anytime Project Manager -Keep all important notes in one work log saved directly to the app- View when and where your notes were made Contractors andCarpenters - Take notes for every meeting and share them easilywith everyone on the team - Share your vision for your project, andeasily disseminate information between collaborators And Much More!