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Super Cleaner Booster – Space Cleaner & Optimizer 1.2.9
Super Cleaner Booster-Space Cleaner & Optimizer, professional& powerful cleaner booster tool with space cleaner and speedbooster, helps clean junk files, free up memory and storage space,boost your phone to make phone faster, making it the best junkcleaner, RAM booster. Super Cleaner Booster keeps your deviceclean, safe and fast, making your device running like new!Is yourphone being laggy and lack of enough space to download favoriteapps & game? Too many junks on your device? Super CleanerBooster is all-in-one cache cleaner, memory booster that optimizesbackground apps, clean caches and junk files, boost phone speed.Download Super Cleaner Booster to enjoy faster phone speed and getmore space on your phone!Super Cleaner Booster-Space Cleaner &Optimizer Highlights:-Junk File Cleaner: Clean junks on your deviceto save space-Space Cleaner: Remove residual junks to reclaim morestorage-Phone Booster: Optimize space and speed up phone-CPUCooler: Cool down phone temperature-App Manager: Uninstall uselessAPK to save space-Battery Saver: Close background power-drainingapps to save power-Notification Cleaner: Quite annoyingnotifications-Game Booster: Boost game speed for smoothgameplaySuper Cleaner Booster-Space Cleaner & OptimizerFeatures:🚀Junk File Cleaner:Remove junk files such as system andapp caches, useless APK files, and residual files. Free up storagespace on device for better usage🚀Space Cleaner:Clean up the uselessphotos, music, documents, apps and other big files to reclaim morestorage space and speed up phone🚀1 Tap Booster:Free up memory(RAM), speed up your device and save more battery. One-tap featurespeed up phone by stopping background apps from auto-starting.Boost phone speed and improve performance overall🚀CPUCooler:Analyze CPU usage and stop overheating apps to cool downphone temperature with one tap🚀App Manager:Automatically detectrarely used apps, and uninstall, batch uninstall unnecessary appsto save space🚀Clean Duplicate Photo:Find the similar photoseffectively and remove the duplicate ones to reclaim more SD cardstorage.🚀Game Booster:Clean your phone memory to get speed boost.Super Cleaner Booster helps kill background processes to boostgame. Automatically boost games by 60% when launching to enjoysmooth gameplay experience🚀Notification Organizer:Intelligentlyblock and remove redundant notifications to keep your notificationbar clean and organizedContact us: [email protected]
AppLock – Privacy Guard & AppLocker 2.18.30
AppLock, best privacy guard, app protector and applocker, is asmart app lock app!AppLock, powerful, fast and safe lock!AppLocklock the most private apps, gallery, messages and any apps with PINlock and pattern lock, giving your phone all-around privacyprotection with safest & fastest applock app password lock.AppLock, your best applock and gallery lock app for android device,lock Facebook, WhatsApp, Gallery, Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat,Contacts, SMS, Gmail, Settings, and any apps you want to lock, hideand encrypt private & sensitive photos and videos with passwordlock and pattern lock with free app lock for apps. With applockprivacy protection, your phone privacy is well-protected, no onecan snoop around your private apps, gallery, and messages, mess upyour phone settings. AppLock, a must-have privacy guard &applocker!AppLock-Privacy Guard & AppLockerHighlights:►AppLock:-Lock social apps: AppLock can lock WhatsApp,Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Line, Wechat and Messenger.No one can peep at your private chat anymore!-Lock shopping apps:AppLock can lock Amazon, eBay, Farfetch, Net-A-Porter, and games.Prevent kids from buying unnecessary items!-Lock work related apps:Protect your important files and information safe!-Lock Android payapps: AppLock can Google Wallets, PayPal, Amazon Payments, andAndroid Pay. No one can buy anything without your permission!-Lockphone settings: AppLock can lock system settings like Wi-Fi,Bluetooth, and Data. No more worry about phone settings got messedup by children!-Lock Play Store: AppLock can lock Google PlayStore. Prevent children from buying unnecessary apps andgames!►Gallery Lock: Lock gallery. Hide and encrypt private photosand sensitive videos behind PIN & pattern lock. No more worryabout privacy got peeped by intruders!►Password & Pattern Lock:AppLock lock most private apps, hide sensitive photos & videosvia PIN lock and pattern lock. Choose your favorite way to protectprivacy security. Password lock has random keyboard. Much safer tokeep privacy security safe. No more worry about people peep yourpasscode. Pattern lock is much easier and faster to unlock apps.Hide draw pattern and make draw path invisible. Ensuresecurity!AppLock-Privacy Guard & AppLocker Main Features:-Lockapps with password, pattern-Lock private social apps -Lock systemsettings to prevent a mess by kids-Hide and lock private photos& videos-Lock Play Store to prevent children buying apps &games-Lock game apps to keep kids from addicted to games-Lock theapplication by positionAppLock use Accessibility Services to savemore battery power! Please enable it!AppLock, best privacy guard,app protector and applocker, is a smart app lock app!AppLock,powerful, fast and safe lock!AppLock lock the most private apps,gallery, messages and any apps with PIN lock and pattern lock,giving your phone all-around privacy protection with safest &fastest applock app password lock. AppLock, your best applock andgallery lock app for android device, lock Facebook, WhatsApp,Gallery, Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, Contacts, SMS, Gmail,Settings, and any apps you want to lock, hide and encrypt private& sensitive photos and videos with password lock and patternlock with free app lock for apps. With applock privacy protection,your phone privacy is well-protected, no one can snoop around yourprivate apps, gallery, and messages, mess up your phone settings.AppLock, a must-have privacy guard & applocker!Feel free tocontact us via: [email protected]
Brightest Flashlight LED Torchlight 1.0.8
Brightest Flashlight LED Torchlight instantly turns your devicesinto the brightest LED flash light and convenient tor light. Thesuper bright flashlight takes full advantage of the camera LEDlight and screen light. This powerful flashlight app provides flashalert for incoming calls. Never miss the important calls! It’s thebest flashlight in the world! The brightest & fastest flashlight app is totally free. Download now!Brightest Flashlight LEDTorchlight Highlights:🔦Brightest Flashlight: Instantly turns yourdevices into fastest & brightest flashlight🔦Fastest Flashlight:Light on startup. Fast to turn on/off flashlight🔦Free Flashlight:Powerful LED flash app for Android device, brightest flashlightthan normal flash & torch light🔦LED Flash For Calls: NEVERworry about missing any important calls or SMS🔦Easy To Use: Flashtorchlight app with fastest startup. Switch on/off the flashlightlike real flashlight🔦SOS Mode: SOS signal flash alert fordanger🔦Best Flashlight: Powerful, fast, simple and totally freeflashlightBrightest Flashlight LED Torchlight Features:💡PowerfulLED torchlight💡Light by LED camera light and screen light💡Autolight on when launching flashlight💡Stable light, flashalert💡Built-in SOS flash💡Flash alert when there are incomingcalls💡Call reminder with blinking flashlight💡Switch on/off likereal flashlight💡Easy-to-use interface and elegant designThe bestflashlight, brightest and fastest LED flash light app. Get itnow!If you have any question, feel free to contact us via:[email protected]
Gallery Lock – Hide Private Photos & Videos 1.0.3
Use this photo vault to hide photos, hide videos and lock privateapps.Gallery lock, photo vault look like simple calculator with thenaked eyes but has a powerful gallery lock behind it. Gallery Lockis an awesome privacy protection app to easily hide and encryptprivate photos, sensitive videos and lock apps behind password.Gallery Lock secures personal photo and videos by locking them downwith PIN password lock. It’s the best vault for hiding privatephotos and videos. With Gallery Lock, you can encrypt your photos,lock private apps to protect phone privacy!Gallery Lock locksphotos in gallery or sensitive videos. Hide pictures and videos toprevent others from snooping around your private data. Giving yourphone real-time privacy protection!Gallery Lock Feature Lists:►SafePhoto & Video Vault: Selected photos and videos will bevanished from Gallery and can only be viewed in vault with correctpassword.►Secret Gallery Locker: You can only view private photosand videos locked inside calculator photo vault by typing correctPIN passcode.►App Lock: AppLock can lock any private apps withpassword lock. Giving your phone all-around privacy protection,keeping snooper away from phone private contents►Direct PhotoSharing: Share private photos, sensitive videos and encrypted filesto social apps. ►Sync Photos & Videos: Private Cloud securelysync your photos, videos and private files across all your devices.No need worry about phone lack of space. Best space saver!►BackupPhotos & Videos: Backup your private files in Google Drive.Fear not your phone get lost or stolen.►Intruder Selfie: Captureintruders who try to snoop around your phone privacy.►DuplicatePhoto Remover: Clean similar photos to save phone storagespace.Gallery Lock-Hide Private Photos & Videos is privategallery vault app. Hide private photo, videos and lock private appswithout anyone knowing as gallery lock. Gallery Lock helps you toprotect your personal information. Gallery Lock focus on privacyprotection, providing the professional photo & video vault appto secure phone privacy.Note:Gallery Lock uses AccessibilityServices. Please find it and enable it to save more battery power!If you have any question with Gallery Lock, please contact us via:[email protected]